FreedomPop Intended International Expansion Through VC Funds

The FCC in early March 2016, fined Verizon Wireless for the insertion of a ‘supercookie’ without their customers’ consent. The supercookie was inserted into their mobile internet traffic. Through this ads from Verizon and other third parties after a customer’s identification by the supercookie could be delivered. Before this fine, Verizon had earlier allowed its customers to disable the ads program after a probe was initiated by the federal government.

T-Mobile a United States parent company of Deutsche Telekom gained $ 2billion in financing as it prepares for its 600 MHz auction that is scheduled to take place later in the month. It has been predicted that T-Mobile could actually spend well over $10billion on spectrum license during the auction. T-Mobile CEO maintains that the carrier would be vigorous during the auction. This is because it will seek to bid on the spectrum that has for long been outside the reach of Verizon and AT&T.

RootMetrics released a detailed comparison of cellular network performance market-by-market. This was done through taking measurements from the testing done on the company during the second half of 2015. The comparison revealed Atlanta as leading in available cellular performance, followed by Chicago which led in the first half of 2015, Indianapolis, Sacramento and Rockford. California, Omaha, New York, Nebraska, Lancaster and Hudson Valley were among the worst performing markets.

RCR Wireless through its weekly episode of Career Wrap interviewed Stephen Stokols, the CEO and co-founder of mobile virtual network operator FreedomPop. The interview can be found on, where Stokols provides an insight on how their business model works and the plans that the company has for the future and how it is able to survive in a highly competitive market. RCR Wireless also gave a detailed analysis of FreedomPop intended expansion. Mobile Virtual Network Operator runs on a cellular service that is provided by Sprint. MVNO has been instrumental in promoting domestic and international expansion plans.

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U.S. Money Reserve Helps a Nonprofit Fundraising Effort


Selling Coins And Honoring Sailors

The large coin seller U. S. Money Reserve sells many precious gold and silver coins. Recently, the company minted a commemorative coin honoring the lives of the men and women who died during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II. The 75th Anniversary of that event will occur later this year, on December 7, 2016.

A New Statue

As a component of this year’s Pearl Harbor anniversary events, the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit organizations, plans to erect a statue at the Pearl Harbor Memorial site in Hawaii according to a article. U.S. Money Reserve’s new commemorative coins relating to the Pearl Harbor attack helped to fund this project.

The Foundation President and CEO, a retired Naval officer, praised the commemorative coins as a fine tribute to members of the Greatest Generation. His organization appreciated the financial support provided by customers of U. S. Money Reserve.

A Timely Work of Art

The Lone Sailor pays a timeless tribute to the dedication of individual sailors who spent long periods of time at sea during World War II. It also seeks to pay respect to sailors serving on U. S. Navy vessels today.

The statue consists of 1700 pounds of bronze mounted on steel. The designer included metal from the U.S.S. Arizona as a part of the underlying base of the statue. During the early morning attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, warplanes dealt a devastating blow to the United States Navy, which had ordered many battle ships to anchor at Pearl Harbor, the home of the Pacific Fleet. Material for this article first appeared online at Yahoo.

Random Acts Of Kindness And Skout Online Networking

Skout just recently conducted a fascinating survey that was about how people perceive kindness in their lives. The basic principle behind their survey was to get an idea of how we as a society feel about doing or receiving random acts of kindness. The reason behind the survey was to celebrate the International Random Acts Of Kindness Week. Skout wanted to remind its users about this week of kindness, and they wanted to share with the world how kindness is still relevant and important in our busy lives. Even when we are busy and on our phones all the time we can still find a few minutes to be kind to a stranger. We’ll talk more about the survey results that we published on Uloop’s website, and we’ll discuss what it’s like to use Skout to make friends.

Survey Results Are In

The survey results were published on Uloop’s website in hopes that the rest of the world would see how important kindness is to all of us. Kindness makes us feel special. If you see a random act of kindness taking place in front of you, it makes you feel like doing something kind for someone else. We see it, and we want to be part of it. Kindness feels nice to do as well. Have you ever committed a random act of kindness for a stranger?

The survey from Skout indicated some interesting facts about our society that you may not have already known. The survey group consisted of approximately 2,700 individuals out of the millions of people that use Skout to network and make new friends. The majority of the people surveyed for this project were college students, so keep in mind how busy and possibly stressful their lives are when you read the survey results. The survey results showed that 93 percent of the users in the project had already done something kind for a stranger without planning it out.

About Skout

Skout is a great way to make friends and other relationships by using a simple application on your phone. It is available in the Google Play store for Android, and you can also get it in the Appstore for iPhone users. Join Skout, and promote kindness every day of the year with your thoughtful words and actions. Here’s the link to Uloop’s article about Random Acts Of Kindness Week.

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George Soros Apportions Blame As The European Union Moves Closer To Collapse

Since the first days of its establishment the European Union seems to have lurched from one problem to the next, particularly in terms of powerful leaders looking to force their will on the continent. In the 20th century, British leader Margaret Thatcher proved a thorn in the side of Europe, but her strong negotiating style pales alongside the issues currently being created by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Hedge fund icon George Soros has recently been providing his opinion on the crisis affecting Europe in an interview with his own Website, which explains the bleak future he believes lies in store for the continent.
George Soros has enjoyed a successful career that belies the difficult journey he embarked upon after surviving the Holocaust as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp. Soros has been providing his opinion on the current refugee crisis that is affecting Europe in a negative way by looking at all the angles of the problem, including comparing it to his own journey as a refugee to study in London and begin his financial career in New York. The European Union will face a major issue with rising debts and a population crisis being caused by the refugees flooding into Europe from Syria.

Russia has recently taken a lead in Syria, which George Soros believes has been a major miscalculation on the part of European and global leaders. The initial reasons for the Russian entry into the Syrian conflict remain unclear, but the need for a cautious approach in the fight against ISIS is tempered by the needs of Russia to avert its own financial collapse. Rising debts and European Union economic sanctions will combine to cause Vladimir Putin major problems in 2016 and 2017, which Soros fears the Russian leader will try to avert by driving more refugees into Europe.

The European Union is not only facing the issue of a rising refugee problem, but also sees the major nations of Europe looking to position themselves prior to the expected collapse of the single currency Euro zone. The British government are another cause for concern for George Soros, who believes a British exit from the European Union will occur and add to the economic woes of the continent. Soros explains British industrial leaders fear forcing the hand of the government and electorate in favor of the Union because of the backlash they could face if the planned referendum returns the expected no vote.

All these factors are combining in the view of George Soros to provide the perfect storm for an economic and social collapse within the European Union. Not only will Europe face the issues of collapse, but the shockwaves will negatively affect the global economy.

Scientifically Beautiful

What makes a plastic surgeon the best?
Doing research can increase a patient’s chance in finding the best doctor. The number one key factor in being the greatest, is certification.  Look for:
American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC)
The Joint Commission
American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF)
Medicare Accreditation

Texas has some of the brightest plastic surgeons this nation has to offer.
Austin Metroplex
Dr. Mahlon Kerr
Dr. Fred Wilder
Dr. Ashley Gordon
Dr. M. Scott Haydon
Dr. Caridi
Dallas Metroplex
Dr. Steve Byrd
Dr. Sacha Obaid
Dr. Denton Watumull
Dr. Vasdeve Rai
Dr. George A. Toledo
Houston Metroplex
Dr. Camille Cash
Dr. Paul Vitenas Jr.
Dr. Russsell Kridel
Dr. Steve Hamilton
Dr. Henry Mentz
Dr. Lisa Santos
Dr. Angela Strum

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden
Once a New York City doctor, Dr. Jennifer L. Walden relocated back home to Texas to offer her celebrity endorsed services. Dr. Walden is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, an active member of both, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She currently serves on the board of directors and is the commissioner of communications for ASAPS.

Aside from her many accomplishments, Dr. Walden has been mentioned in Bazaar Magazine as one of Bazaar’s Hot List: 24 Doctor on the cutting Edge. However, she owns her own certified Medical business and has been published in Texas Super Doctors for two years running (2014-2015). Dr. Walden’s medical practice offers spa treatments and surgery.

Yeonmi Park’s Tale of Survival and Finding New Hope

Yeonmi Park now enjoys life, living in Seoul, South Korea. She is in her early 20s and is already a well-known public speaker. When Yeonmi was 16 years old, she had lived a life that much of the western world only see depicted in a film. Yeonmi is a defector from North Korea.

Yeonmi was born in 1993, during the heart of a terrible famine and under the rule of the Kim dynasty. She lived in Hyesan with her parents and older sister, enjoying the modest life of an average North Korean girl. The Kim dynasty ruled the land with a hard fist, subjecting the country to great oppression.

“It was dark a lot,” Yeonmi recalled on Daily Mail. “There was, and remains, a single television station that is operated by the regime. We had no running water in our home, and we were often starving. We were once given a single bag of rice to feed three of us for an entire month.”

Yeonmi’s parents made the decision that the family would flee to China. Her father was arrested and imprisoned before plans were complete. Eunmi, Yeonmi’s older sister, fled before Yeonmi and their mother. The remaining two members of the Park family fled with the hired assistance of human smugglers, paid to guide them.

Yeonmi’s mother was extorted shortly after arriving in China. One of the guides threatened to reveal that the Parks were in the country illegally if Yeonmi did not have sex with him. Her mother intervened, offering herself in place of her 13-year-old daughter.

Years later, Yeonmi and her mother fled China. They made their way from China into Mongolia and from there managed to reach South Korea. The two since learned the true meaning of freedom and compassion.

“We did not know these things before leaving North Korea,” Yeonmi said on The Reason. “There are so many things that exist that we did not even have words to describe. We only knew what the regime allowed us to know. I grew up believing that Kim Jong-un could read my mind.”

Yeonmi wrote a memoir about her ordeal and speaks at human rights conventions around the world.




Bruce Levenson Supports Much More Than Basketball

It has been 10 years since Bruce Levenson engineered buying the Atlanta Hawks, a baseball team then owned by Ted Turner. He became the majority stockholder of the group that he organized to buy the team. He led the same group to also buy the Phillips Arena, the Hawks’ home stadium. Then they bought a hockey team: the Atlanta Thrashers. The group decided to sell the Thrashers in 2011. Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson is the Hawks team manager and is also on the NBA Board of Governors.

Back in 1997 Bruce Levenson was honored by being inducted into the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame. He once advised BIA Digital Partners, providers of private equity. He also started TechTarget, was on the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association’s (NEPA) Board of directors. They continue today as a private firm that has expanded into several industry and commerce sectors. New areas include energy, healthcare, computer technologies, telecoms, and mortgage banks. They are responsible for the mobile app GasBuddy.

Raised in a well heeled Jewish family in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Bruce Levenson worked as a reporter for the Washington Star to pay his tuition at American University. He graduated with a law degree. With his friend, Ed Peskowitz, he co-founded the United Communications Group (UCG). Their first effort was the production of the Oil Express newsletter. It covered the happenings and statistics of the oil industry. Along with this effort, they also bought some other newsletters. These they grew into the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), managed by UCG as a private oil index.

The US Holocaust Museum was founded by Mr. Levenson and he also contributes significantly to the Bringing the Lessons Home education program managed by the museum. Many youth, including from the city’s most disadvantaged, have benefited from this program to become knowledgeable museum guides. He is so committed to several Jewish causes because his grandmother was a Nazi Holocaust survivor of World War II. He is the primary support for the Jewish Federation, BBYO dor young Jewish-Americans, Birthright Israel, and the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute. He has also stepped up in his philanthropy to head up the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C., Hoop Dreams Foundation, and the Washington D.C. chapter of I Have A Dream Foundation.



Flavio Maluf Is The Man Behind Eucatex Success

Eucatex is one of the largest wood products manufacturers in the world. The company, which started in 1951, uses raw eucalytus as a staple of its products. Eucatex began its operation primarily producing soft boards. Shortly after its inception, the company started manufacturing tiles and panels. Within 15 years, Eucatex went international and began exporting its products overseas. As Eucatex continued to grow exponentially, the 1980s ended with the company exporting to over 50 companies and splitting into 4 categories: Forrestry, wood, metallic and mineral.

The man behind the company’s extraordinary success is Brazilian business magnate Flavio Maluf. After receiving a mechanical engineering degree, he took a job with Eucatex in 1987. Maluf worked with the family company in several different areas and quickly moved up the management chain. By 1996, he was the lead manager of the industrial section. By 1996, he uncle, who was also Eucatex’s president, invited him to become part of the executive board of the Eucatex Group.

After several years of success under Maluf’s guidance, he was named president in 1997. One of his first initiatives was to revamp the company’s image and begin a new line of products. By 2010, the international market had grown to over 100 countries. Eucatex launched an operation in Salto, under the leadership of Maluf. As Maluf describes it, failure isn’t in his vocabulary. Flavio has spoken up many times about education, but he’s also been called upon for analysis of major business dealings like chemical mergers.

Now that Eucatex has celebrated its 65 years in existence, the company continues to be a global leader. The company is environmentally conscious and manufactures in a way to preserve the environment. The company now employs over 2,000 people and has manufacturing operations in Brazil and Argentina.

Sisterhood in the Soap Kingdom–Queens of Drama

In episode one of Queens of Drama, veteran soap actor Lindsay Hartley comments on the lack of roles for older women, older meaning out of ingénue age range. She is visited by her Passions co-star Chrystee Pharris, who is tired of getting “sidekick” roles, as she has distinct and creative ideas about the types of roles she would like to play.

At a networking party, the two friends meet up with Instagram celeb Crystal Hunt, who rocked the screen in soap roles such as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light and Stacy Morasco in the hit soap opera One Life to Live. In both of these roles she plays a girl who is up to no good, and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She does not make a favorable impression on the two “Psssions” stars as she insults Lindsay about her going out for older character roles. This could be the beginning of a beautiful collaboration or the making of “frenemies” for life.

Once General Hospital and Las Vegas star Vanessa Marcil is added to the mix, the conversation takes a more constructive turn, with all of the women agreeing that there is a shortage of quality roles for women and that they have some ideas of the types of roles they would like to play. Vanessa confides that if a project is going to take her away from her child and her farm, it’s going to have to be fun.

After getting an audience with the big queen, Donna Mills, they have a table meeting attended by The Bold and The Beautiful star Hunter Tylo, at the request of Donna Mills, and the group realizes that this project may be more difficult than they thought to get off the ground. Ideas are pitched and squashed and emotions naturally begin to run high.

Not only is the premise interesting, but the characters drive this show with their range of personalities. Although Crystal has done tons of interviews where she refers to them as her friends as she introduces them to Vanessa. They have a common purpose and the strength of talent and experience to make a primetime project happen, the question is if their different styles and personalities will get in the way?

Crystal Hunt has also been on the big screen, in hit movies such as Sydney White, The Derby Stallion, and most recently Magic Mike XXL. She grew up in front of the eyes of soap fans, who are cheering for her and the other daytime drama favorites to succeed.  Crystal Hunt has a massive Facebook fan page following, and can be found interacting with her fans online.

There are only four soap operas left on television, and fans of this enthralling genre are excited to see soap actors back in the spotlight.

Ross Abelow’s Fundraiser to Help Save Homeless Animals

Diving head first into the new year is New York City lawyer, Ross Abelow, with his fundraising attempts to get homeless animals out of the frigid cold and into the warmth of the city’s animal shelters. On January 13th, 2016, Abelow started his GoFundMe campaign with the goal to raise $5000. During the winter months, the temperatures dip down to dangerous levels, with chances of wind chills making the ‘real feel’ temps unbearable. The money will not only give the shelters more assistance in getting these homeless animals into their shelters, but also lend a hand with expenses such as: food, medical care, blankets, and other items to make these vulnerable animals feel cared for and comfortable. Ableow’s ultimate goal will be to lower the number of animals left to defend for themselves on the streets and raise the number of animals kept safely in New York area shelters, preventing unnecessary animal deaths.

Ross Martin Abelow is no stranger to the New York City area. He completed his undergraduate degree at the State University in New York at Albany. Continuing on his education in 1989, he graduated from Brooklyn Law School with his law degree. Quickly after that he became licensed to practice law in New York in the year 1990. His career has since been centered on the practice areas of matrimonial law, family law, commercial litigation, and entertainment law. Now, after 26 years of hard work and defending clients, Abelow is now a partner at the law firm, Abelow & Cassandro, Llp.

Keeping a strong presence online, Abelow stays active writing legal articles for many blogs, as well as running his own personal blog that talks about financial and legal matters. In addition, Abelow regularly updates his other sites, like Facebook and Mashable.

Ross Abelow’s fundraiser is set up through the site GoFundMe. More in-depth information about the fundraiser can be found at its personal GoFundMe page. To get in touch with Ross Abelow for any questions about becoming a donor or any additional questions about the fundraiser in general, he can be contacted directly through the site.

More info about Ross Abelow:

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