The Ins and Outs of the SEC Whistleblower Law

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) realizes there is an invisible wall it must break through in order to uncover crimes occurring in the financial world. The invisible wall may be better referred to as the “code of silence” among those working in the financial industry. People do not talk about what happened outside of the realm of their job — even when what may be occurring is illegal.


The invisible wall is backed up by the physical walls used to create the many tall and impressive buildings in the financial industry. SEC investigators cannot exactly walk into an office and start looking about — at least not without a warrant.


The 2008 Dodd-Frank Bill was born out of the outrageous collapse of the housing market. On a seemingly nice fall day, people turned on their television sets to discover the stock market was collapsing. This was the result of a meltdown in the housing market.


Why did the market hit such a massive and surprising downturn? The trading of derivatives connected to “toxic loans” was being conducted by members of Wall Street. No, not everyone in the lending and financial world was in on the risky endeavor. Not everyone had to be. Enough people were involved with the situation to create a very scary situation, one that should have been avoided. The drafting of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill was intended to do just that.


In the text of the massive legislation was written laws related to whistleblowing. Two very important aspects of laws related to whistleblowing were created. One dealt with serving protections to those who come forward and the other focused on rewards. Both of these absolutely do give people who may know something about illegal activities a reason to come forward. Reward money definitely helps motivate people for sure. Understanding that repercussions may be prevented under the law does further assist those worried about coming forward to put their hearts and minds at ease.


Is the “average person” skilled enough to navigate all the complexities of the Dodd-Frank law? Likely, working with a SEC whistleblower lawyer would be a far better plan. This way, the process moves along much smoother and to a preferred end. An attorney is more than able of making sure all reward funds are processed as promised. Only a professional with the necessary experience is capable of performing as a solid representative in all legal proceedings.

All Four Of My Bathrooms Are So Clean Because Of Handy

Of all the places in my home that needed cleaning, the bathrooms are the most disturbing. I have some type of phobia when it comes to cleaning bathrooms, so I’ll clean every place in my house but the bathrooms. The bad thing is that I have four bathrooms, and I don’t want to clean any of them. I know that the work has to get done, so Handy is the company I chose to do the work for me, which was a great idea. When I go to the Handy website, I have to fill out information to let them know which rooms need cleaning.

The only rooms that I put for cleaning is the bathrooms, but I also let them know that there are four different bathrooms that need work. I had my first Handy cleaner come out to my home two days after I signed up for an account because that was my day off of work. The worker came out with all of their materials in hand, and they got right to cleaning the first bathroom. I needed the floors swept, the bathtubs had to be cleaned, the toilets needed cleaning, and I also wanted the baseboards cleaned as well.

I also let them know that the bathroom sinks were very important as well as cleaning the windows and mirrors in each bathroom. I know it was a lot of work, but the Handy worker left me speechless because she did everything she was supposed to and more. I used to see discolored grout, but she made sure to clean the grout on the tiles in the bathtubs, which was absolutely crazy to me because I knew that had to take some time. I knew that a tip was included with payment, but I wanted to give her even more because she did a great job.

I couldn’t wait for her to leave before I started leaving positive comments on the website, and I let her know that when I had cleaning jobs in the future, I wanted her to do it. I’ve chosen to use the Handy company alone for any cleaning services that I need, even if I only need my bathrooms cleaned. I’ve used other cleaning companies before that didn’t do half of the work that Handy did, and Handy has great prices as well, so they are my preferred cleaning service.


Shared Office Space: The Alternative Form Of Work

When people think about going to work, one of the last things they would think about is something fun and relaxing. The common image of work involves someone sitting at a cubicle wearing a short sleeve button up shirt and a tie while the boss is raging and threatening people with pink slips. This has long been the traditional image of the workplace. However, recent times has given birth to a new type of workplace called the shared office space. Shared office spaces are very different form the regular workplace. The atmosphere and the energy is completely different which makes it a lot better for people that are looking for success.


One example of a co-working space is Workville in NYC. This place stands out even among the other shared office spaces because of the setup they have. For one thing, they have a total of 3 terraces. They also have plenty of other offices that members could use. To make things even better, they are open 24 hours a day. This gives members a lot of time and luxury to do the work they need. People will also be able to focus on their projects with very little hassle. This is a night and day difference from any place that is used to work.


One of the most attractive aspects of the shared office space is that people do not have to put up with all of the issues that go on with the workplace. While shared office spaces are created for entrepreneurs and freelancers, larger corporations have also began to see the benefits of a co-working space. People don’t have to put up with all of the politics that go on in the workplace. They could just focus on the work they are doing and make even larger amounts of income from the companies that they are working with or starting up.

Geoffrey Cone Makes Sense of New Zealand

With the thousands of people who are flocking to the country on an annual basis, New Zealand has seen a huge influx of immigrants. This is a good thing for the people who move there, but they may be getting less than what they have asked for once they move.


People who move to New Zealand often move there because they think that they will not have to pay more in taxes since they live there. They have the notion that the taxes in New Zealand are lower or do not exist at all. This is not the case and is the main source of disappointment for people who have made the decision to move to New Zealand to be able to get what they need out of the country and out of what it has to offer. This is a major problem for people who have already moved there.


Geoffrey Cone notes that what is likely causing the confusion is the tax transparency that New Zealand has to offer. They do not promise people reduced taxes or a country that has no taxes but they do promise that people will be able to know what they will be paying in taxes ahead of time. They regularly publish tax records and information on brackets so that people can see. This list goes out on a yearly basis and is able to be accessed by anyone who wants to see it. It is published in English.


There are other options that Geoffrey cone offers for his clients. As a global attorney, he is confident in advising people of where they can live that they will not have to pay an exorbitant amount of money in taxes. He uses the regularly published tax haven list to suggest locations for people to move to when they are looking for a place that does not require them to pay high taxes when they make the decision to move to a different country. This is something that allows them the chance to do more once they get to that country.


The benefits that come with living in a tax haven are numerous and promote a great living situation for people who may not have the chance to do so otherwise. There are many great thing about living in a tax haven but Geoffrey Cone warns that people should make sure that it is something that they are willing to do. Most of the countries that are tax-free are not like the developed countries and they do not function in the same way. It may be a culture shock to some people who have never lived in an undeveloped or an underdeveloped country for tax purposes before.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel: A Pioneer In Dental-Related Sleep Disorders

According to an online article on, medical professionals have a clearer picture of the negative effects that sleep apnea has on the human body. The article mentions research that shows correlation between sleep apnea and many serious health disorders, such as heart disease and stroke. Experts are looking for better treatments for sleep apnea, says the article. Dr. Avi Weisfolgel, founder of Dental Sleep Masters, has done a lot of work in the problem of sleep disorders.


The article notes that of all the people who suffer from sleep apnea, 90% are undiagnosed. Dr. Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters to help diagnose and treat people with the disorder. Since it can cause serious health problems, Dr. Weisfogel and his team want to raise public awareness of sleep apnea, the article says.


Dental Sleep Masters works with family doctors as well as sleep specialists and sleep labs. It results in better patient care and opportunities in the medical sector. Dentists like D. Weisfogel join other doctors to help patients who suffer from sleep apnea, says the article. As more studies and experiments are done, better treatments will evolve. More dentists may be involved in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, the article explains.


There are new devices that are constantly being developed for sleep apnea. One that the article mentions is called THN Sleep Therapy, which was recently approved by the FDA for clinical trials. Patients are finding better alternatives to uncomfortable masks and noisy CPAP machines. Another therapy that has shown promise is upper airway stimulation. It was approved in 2014 by the FDA, says the article.


Physicians and dentists working together is an effective tool for patient care. This model, created by Dr. Weisfogel, is important for finding more solutions to sleep apnea, says the article. As more people are being diagnosed with the disorder, doctors and dentists will find that they have more business in their offices. They will be increasing business and help to the public, the article says.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in biology and psychology. He earned his dental degree from New York University College. His first dental practice was opened in 1999, Old Bridge Dental Care. He received many awards and accolades during his 15 years in the practice.


While he was doing dental work, Dr. Weisfogel was studying the relationship between dental health and sleep apnea. He started several companies that specialized in dental related sleep disorders. He founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 to do further research on how dentists and physicians can work together on sleep apnea diagnosis and treatments.

The Changing Face Of New York Real Estate

Building From The Ground Up

New York City hopes to get a head start and redefine the world of luxury real estate with a new generation of developers. New York City is experiencing a invigoration of its luxury real estate market as an entirely new generation of real estate buyers enters the market. Power developers are so enthusiastic that some of them, such as TOWN, are building entire neighborhoods from virtual scratch. Despite some declines in the real estate market this revival is almost certain to bring new life to the city. Nearly every sector of New York real estate is experiencing investment.



Taking Them To TOWN

There is no one more excited about the NYC real estate market than The power developer is set to dominate NYC apartments for rent with a stronger focus on foreign and millennial clients. TOWN aims to give these buyers what they want by targeting the neighborhoods these foreign buyers desire the most. Centers of New York art and culture, such as West Chelsea and its “Architectural Mile” where many of NYC’s most important builds are found. Focusing on key neighborhoods gives TOWN a leg up on its competition.



Predicting The Future

The investments TOWN is making are bets on the future of luxury real estate in New York City. Whether TOWN is selling NYC apartments for rent or revitalizing an entire neighborhood this develop is placing large bet on the future of New York. If things look up TOWN might just change the face of NYC real estate.

Better Business Bureau Awards Securus with a Formal Accreditation and Highest Rating (A+)

Securus Technologies has officially declared that it has acquired an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The technology giant obtained an A+ rating from the BBB. Securus’ Vice President of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, said that the firm worked closely with Texas-based Better Business Bureau to not only achieve their top rating (A+) but also obtain a formal accreditation.


The accreditation was voluntary, meaning Securus worked in close collaboration with the BBB to achieve the set standards such as:


  • Build confidence: earn the trust of clients by maintaining excellence in service delivery
  • Genuine advertising: follow the rules of honest advertising and selling
  • Be truthful: provide reliable information about products and services
  • Be accountable: openly disclose the nature, physical location, ownership status of business as well as its policies.
  • Honor promises: adhere to all formal agreements and unwritten representation
  • Immediate response: respond to market disputes with immediate effect
  • Protect privacy: safeguard sensitive information against mishandling and fraud
  • Embrace integrity: undertake all marketplace transactions, business deals, and commitments with honesty.

Commitment to excellence

In a bid to improve the quality of client service to about 25 million family members and friend, Securus incepted 220-seat national call center – the biggest in the correctional sector. This move allowed Securus to control how services are rendered to clients and enabled it to enforce BBB standards. In turn, the BBB accredited Securus for its achievements.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies achieves its foundational goal of serving and connecting by offering emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, as well as monitoring products. The Dallas, Texas-based premier firm serves over 3,450 law enforcement, government institutions, and correctional facilities. It also connects inmates to their families and friends through its exceptional telecommunication services. Through its corporate charity wing, Securus Technologies has instituted the Correctional Officer Memorial Fund, which will offer financial aid to grief-stricken families of non-administrative officers in correctional facilities who die in the line of duty.



Naomi Campbell is a success Beyond Modeling

Naomi Campbell is one of the most important figures in the history of modeling. One of the first five supermodels she was born in London and started posing for the cameras when she was just 15 years old. She has been on the covers of over 500 magazines and has worked as a model for such powerhouses as Prada, Burberry, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Valentino and countless others.

Besides having to overcome the many challenges that all young models face, such as fierce competition and fighting for big jobs, Campbell has had some challenges that others have not had to face. Still, she has gone on to win the respect and confidence of those in the industry and has had a very long successful career.

Naomi Campbell was the first black model to be o the covers of such respected magazines as TIME, French Vogue and Russian Vogue. Her career has encompassed roles on television and film and she has used her popularity to raise money for charities in South Africa and other countries. She started Fashion For Relief and hosted a well-received show in 2005 to raise money for Hurricane Katrina. Since then shows have also been held in New York, London, Cannes, Moscow, and Mumbai, raising millions in funds.
She has been a supermodel coach on a television show called “The Face,” in both the United States and the UK and has filled additional duties as the executive producer in the US version.

Campbell was born in South London. Although she never met her father, her mother was Jamaican dancer Valerie Morris. She grew up in Rome while her mother dancer and attended the Barbara Speake State School. She also attended the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, studying ballet as she was growing up. When she was seven years old she starred in Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” video.

In the years since that first job Campbell has written a success story that many admire.
She has earned respect industry-wide as an unspeakable beauty, generous soul and tremendous success. Her big heart has raised money for many causes and she continues to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

John Goullet’s Contributions to IT Industry

John Goullet is the chief administrator at DIVERSANT Limited Liability Company. Goullet is also a creative assistant who has helped the Information Technology industry by developing multiple extremely prosperous businesses. He initiated his career as an IT consultant before switching to the role of an Information Technology Personnel Account Manager. John Goullet later developed the Info Technologies Inc and became its company Chief Executive Officer. His dealings mainly focused on following IT client personnel requirements, the corporate IT environment, and how to match IT staff with work style, skill set, and consultancy personality.

His company was centered on extending its IT solutions to other additional IT companies all over the country. Mr. Goullet developed his organization to a multi-million dollar net worth within a period of five years, and this ranked his company among the highest private businesses earners in the whole of the United States. He would later partner with the DIVERSANT Inc. to form the DIVERSANT LLC corporate organization. DIVERSANT, LLC became the first African-American entirely dominated and certified high IT staffing Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, MBE. The company now presents the full range of assortment products and available IT staffing solutions, for example, direct hire, IT staffing augmentation, and innovative diversity solutions. This services and outputs feature different global leading strategies with the primary objectives of fulfilling client needs.

Acquiring Best IT Talent Professionals
DIVERSANT, LLC also assists its customers to solve particular problems through consultative approaches and allowing customers the chances to become real industry allies. The company helps customers to acquire the best IT talent in the ever-growing and competitive technology industry professionals. The organization employs additional attention and utilizes the relevant methods to vet and source equipped specialists capable of meeting the various client needs.

Capable Full-cycle Customized Software Development Experts
This is achieved by the organization’s IT talent groups that present customized full-cycle software development experts. As the leading IT staffing firm, DIVERSANT LLC harmonizes skilled professionals to related companies where they put their skills into practice. The organization attempts to maintain Sound working relationships between their clients and the IT consultants during this harmonization process, based on the experience of fitting in the distinct skillful IT culture.

Investments with Qualified Professionals

Investments can be very scary for people who do not know how to do them on their own. If you have ever lost a lot of money on a bad investment, this has probably deterred you from ever investing again and this can truly hinder the amount of money that you are able to make long-term. This is why it might be a good idea for you to use the professional known as Martin Lustgarten since this is a professional who has years and years of experience in the investment banking firm so that you can feel confident using all of his services.

Many have personally been using Martin Lustgarten and his services for many years now for their own investment needs and it has been something that they continually recommend to people who simply need better investment options. When you are investing in a more professional manner, this enables you to make as much money as possible on the money you have already invested into some type of fund or stock. Many have found that this has been something that benefits them as well as so many other people because investments can truly help in terms of helping you to bring in an income that you would not otherwise have.

Martin Lustgarten is the real deal and by his many positive reviews found on the internet, you can find that this is someone that a lot of people are using for themselves and a professional who truly does work for his clients. You will also find that the amount of money that hd charges for his services is quite affordable and can easily help you to still make tons of money on the types of investments that he is able to do for you. Make sure to consider Martin Lustgarten if you are looking to make better investments that actually work for you and your family. There has never been a better time than now to start your investment journey and it is very important for you to work with a professional like Martin Lustgarten so that you know you are doing things in the proper manner.

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