The Man behind the Success of Securus Technologies- Rick Smith

Rick Smith is currently the CEO of Securus Technologies since 2014. He took his undergraduate studies at Rochester Institute of Technologies and did his masters in Engineering at State University. In addition, Rick did another Masters degree in Engineering at the University of New York and after that did his MBA at the University of Rochester. His career debuted in 1972 where he worked for Global Crossing North America Inc as the chief information officer. He also worked as the Network Plant Operations Director, and resigned after serving as the Vice President of Financial Management of the company. Currently, Mr. Smith serves as the Board Member of Integra Telecom Co Ltd and is the member of Eschelon Telecom Inc Board.

Rick Smith’s experience, drive, and focus are things that have led to the success of Securus. His great experience in information technology, business development, finance, and telecommunication is what gave him an upper hand to lead the company. Rick Smith leadership has made sure that the company is committed to providing innovative technology to correction community by ensuring that there is close communication monitoring, biometric analysis, investigations are done efficiently, and inmate criminal activities are controlled.

Securus Technologies is one of the largest technology providers to correction facilities in the U.S. Their clients includes: the government, corrections facilities, and public service organizations. They provide solutions on how to prevent and control inmate’s crime. Read more on

Securus Technologies with headquarters is in Dallas provides services to over 1,000,000 inmates in more than 2,600 corrections in 45 states. Rick Smith has ensured that the company continues to be successful by adding John Bell to the sales executive team. This will help in expanding their products to over 800 for correction and law enforcement department. The addition of John Bell will be a plus to the company since he has over 35 years of experience in the professional portfolio.

Rick Smith has helped the company to be one of the best service providers in the market. John has ensured that products and services that Securus offer for correction and law enforcement are released every week to help in preventing criminal activities in the society. He has also invested in Creek Technologies, a high-tech firm that will assist in manufacturing hardware and software to make them expand nationwide. His goal is to build a society that is safer, and his mission is to serve the community by protecting them.

Rick Smith has ensured that the company is on top when it comes to customer care services by providing customers with a platform to give their feedback and also responds to them. Securus Technologies stands out as the best in providing crime prevention services hence providing a safer society, thanks to Rick Smith!

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Securus issues tech challenge to GTL, wins by default

Recently, prison communications leader Securus Technologies issued a challenge to long time foe GTL. Securus offered to face off the companies’ respective video visitation technologies. The contest was to be judged by a trusted third party. GTL declined to participate. Securus views this as the ultimate vindication of their video visitation product and a tacit admission on the part of GTL that their technologies cannot compete on a level playing field with those of Securus. Thus, Securus maintains its position as the unquestioned leader in the inmate communications industry.



Game-changing technology serves multiple customer groups


There’s no question that Securus’ video visitation systems have been a tremendous benefit to the inmates and family members who have been able to access them. Catching on like a contagion, the system has been installed in a huge number of U.S. prisons, mostly driven by popular demand. The cost savings to inmates and their families are huge due to the low cost of VoIP-based phone calls as well as the burden of having to come to the prison for in-person visits being lifted.


But there have also been great benefits for the guards and administrators at the prisons where the systems have been installed. The fully integrated suite of investigatory solutions make things like detecting unauthorized parties or communication almost completely automated. Many serious security threats, such as incarcerated gang members communicating with others in the gang on the outside, have been drastically reduced due to the system’s astounding capabilities.


Video visitation and VoIP telephony generally have made detecting and monitoring conversations involving criminal activity a nearly completely automated process. Through the use of artificial intelligence, voice recognition and other biometric techniques, Securus is offering products which can make prisons safer than many would have dreamed possible, even a decade ago.


Communication During the Christmas Season with Securus

Being a prison family can be difficult for anyone during the holiday season because it prevents you from finally being able to keep in touch with your loved ones on a regular basis. I have had an uncle in prison for a while now and was finding it more than a little difficult to keep in touch with them because of all of the problems that come with Prison Communication. Prison Communication is not easy when you do not have the right type of system working for you and this is what made me look into something that would work better for me and my loved ones and I was able to find this in a system known as Securus.


Securus is great for the holiday season because it allows you to actually do video visitation from home without needing to be in the prison itself. This means that you can use a computer or laptop that you already own and simply download the software to it so that you can begin using it on a daily basis if this is something that interests you. This is a wonderful option for so many prison families who simply want better communication with their loved ones and know that they need to get this with a system that will truly work for them.


You can make the Christmas season a lot brighter by downloading and using Securus each and every day you want to keep in touch with your loved one. The system is very easy to get used to using no matter how often you want to make use of it and my own experience using it has been nothing but amazing and it is why I always tell people about it no matter where they happen to be located or how often they want to be able to use to cure it in their own lives. Many people just use Securus during the holiday season because it makes for a better communication with your loved one when you otherwise would not be able to see them when you would like.


Downloading the software program and beginning to use it is one of the easiest things that you could possibly do and it will allow you to feel totally confident in the fact that you can finally keep in touch with your loved one no matter where they are located in the prison system.


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