Jeff Yastine’s Risks of Investing in Value Traps

     According to Jeff Yastine, there are only two types of stocks that one can ever invest in, those that have value and those that are not more than value traps. Yastine goes ahead to provide an illustrative explanation by exploring the differences. For instance, the great debacle of Fairholme can be a good example of what Jeff Yastine is trying to insinuate when talking about risks in investing in any stock without a close evaluation and market analysis.

Great Failure of Fairholme

Bruce Berkowitz, the founder of Fairholme, had assets that had a monetary value of $20 billion. He tried to control the assets in 2011, but today, the fund is barely worth $2 billion. This implies that the investment was done without bothering to consider whether the stock had value as they were valued traps. That said, his bet on Sears Holdings provides an explicit example of how paying attention to the value of the stock can lead an investor over the edge.

Sears Facing Investment Hiccups

Jeff Yastine also reports that the Berkowitz told investors that recently, Sears was worth $90 per unit of share. But that has drastically changed overtime. Within a very short duration, the value of shares has shifted toward the negative, and there is no sign of any improvement shortly. At the moment, according to Berkowitz, Sears is now operating on losses and continues to do so.

Who is Jeff Yastine?

Jeff Yastine, who is also known as JL, has been serving in as the Editorial Director since 2015. The company that he works for is known as Banyan Hill Publishing which is located in Delray Beach, Florida. Yastine is the chief editor of the Total Wealth Insider and hence helping the local and veteran investors in understanding the market and how to gain profits from it. Yastine has a great understanding of how investors should go about understanding how they should allocate resources so that they can maximize their gains at the end of each financial period.

Jeff Yastine has done a great job helping aspiring investors learn the ropes involved in investing in various stocks. It is important, the information he shares that way, investors can mitigate the risks involved in investing in various stocks and the market at large. Companies that have been operating on losses can borrow Yastine’s great skills and advice so that they can get to correct the investment mistakes that they had made earlier.

The American Institute of Architects, The Voice, And Force Behind the Construction Sector

     The American Institute of Architects, AIA, is a membership-based organization that comprises of licensed and emerging architects, as well as allied partners. AIA comprises of over 90,000 members. These members adhere strictly to the organization’s code of ethics and conduct to ensure clients and the public in general experience the highest level of professionalism. The headquarters of the AIA is in Washington, D.C. The organization comprises of about 200 staff members and 300 local chapters.

Every year, the AIA conducts seminars that are aimed at educating architects on how to maintain their licensure. The AIA set industry standards that govern the design and construction sector on an annual basis. They also provide unlimited resources for emerging professional online. Regular market studies are done to provide analysis on the economic factors that impact the architectural sector. The AIA serves an advocate for all its members. They ensure the future of architects is protected by enhancing the value of design to the public. By holding various award programs, the AIA ensures the architects stay motivated in their professions and continue coming up with excellent designs.

AIA is now the voice of all architects. They are able to lobby with policymakers to create a prosperous industry to those who practice architecture professionally. The set policies and values of the AIA have always remained constant. The commitment of the AIA is to ensure the architects create a better future for the country and planet. In the event they encounter any activities that they oppose, they are always ready to call them out.

Given the impact changing climate has on the communities and deteriorating infrastructure, the AIA has been key in advocating for action from policymakers. They advise the country on how to advance the current quality of life and ensure the public health system is protected. AIA has been advising the country for the last 160 years on the safety and welfare of the people.

Robert Ivy is the CEO and Executive Vice President of AIA. He is referred to as a warm, soft-spoken, and wise gentleman by those who work close to him. He is an architect by profession. His passion and focus are in the design and construction sector. He always encourages architects to think beyond their field of study whenever they are in practice. Ivy believes that it is important for architects to work closely with software programmers to ensure urban planning is full of innovative ideas.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina owner and Chairperson of Sussex Health Care

     Dr. Shafik Hussein Sachedina was born in 1950 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. He attended Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental school University of London and graduated as a dental surgeon in 1975. He has practiced in England for several Years. He has over the years developed an interest in the entrepreneurial of the healthcare sector. He has also volunteered to work with Aga Khan Jamati Institutions. Shafik is responsible for the coordination of the Ismaili community’s institutions in their 16 principle areas they exist. He interfaces with Aga Khan Development Network Programs and Institutions of Ismaili Communities in Central Asia. He has also volunteered as the president of Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom for 2 terns. In addition to all that he is also the owner and joint Chair of Sussex Health Care.

Sussex Health Care is a group of independently governed care homes situated in West Sussex mainly focused on taking care of the elderly especially those with mental problems such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s Diseases. Armed with a group of specialists who help take care of adults with neurological disabilities and assist people with acquired brain injuries and physical or learning difficulties. The company has been in existence for over 30 years and has provided health care for over 300,000 people.

Under Dr. Shafik’s leadership, the organization has recently opened a new daycare/ outreach service in the village of Broadbridge Health just outside Horsham in West Sussex. This healthcare facility offers residential, respite and outreach placements for people with acquired neurological conditions and brain damages. There are also new services in development for people with autism and the younger generation leaving school with severe physical and learning disabilities. The home is equipped with a team of 24 hours experienced staff, an emergency call system, specialized gym, holistic therapies with full activity programs. The local GPs will also regularly visit the home and are on call at all times. The home has a provision for up to ten people ground floor accommodation with Ensuite facility large sitting room, kitchen and dining area with an IT and games room.

On Thursday 15th 2015, Sussex HealthCare awarded 6 of their workers with a level 5 diploma in professional practice in social care. As a part of their study, the students did attend monthly workshops, and their assignments were 50 percent work-based to allow them to study as well as continue working at the organization. This allowed for those who had a Level 4 Registered Managers Award to achieve higher education qualifications thus allowing them to proceed and study BA degrees.

Highland Capital Management and James Dondero’s partnership with The Dallas Foundation

Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment firm based in Dallas. Besides its central operations, the company is involved in various philanthropic deeds to the Dallas community. Recently, the firm, together with its president, James Dondero, decided it was time to implement new methodologies to enhance their philanthropic activities.

In this respect, Highland Capital Management went in pursuit of an established charitable partner. They ended up partnering with The Dallas Foundation, headed by president and CEO Mary Jalonick, together with her team of philanthropic experts. James Dondero was keen to state that Highland Capital Management had selected The Dallas Foundation due to their broad and robust networks, as well as their background of success within the nonprofit communities.

Since then, James and Mary have gone ahead to establish a philanthropic structure meant to facilitate aspirational and useful donations. To support that framework and push James Dondero to realize his charity dreams, they formed the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc.

About Highland Capital Management

Formed in 1993, Highland Capital Management in a SEC-registered alternative investment firm. Together with its partners, it manages over $13 billion in assets. The firm specializes in offering credit strategies such as hedge funds, distressed and special situation private equity, as well as collateralized loan obligations.

James Dondero’s Background and Career

Mr. Dondero’s career began when he was enrolled in the Morgan Guaranty training program in 1984. During the similar year, he also earned double honors in finance and accounting and graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. He also holds a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certificate as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst certificate (CFA).

In 1996, he got the rare opportunity to join American Express on the position of Corporate Bond Analyst. He was later promoted to portfolio manager and put in charge of over $1 billion in assets. In 1989, James Dondero held the position of Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary and was able to grow it from concept to worth over $2 billion in 1993, after which he left and founded Highland Capital Management.

Omar Yunes is Rewarded For His Entrepreneurial Skills

Omar Yunes is the most youthful offspring of the Mexican government official, Miguel Angel Yunes, a business investor in land and the restriction business broadly known for the obtaining of properties and a few improvements in Mexico. Omar Yunes has taken after his dad’s strides in being an empowering representative from a youthful age of 21. Omar has dependably had an enthusiasm for extraordinary business dedication to the eatery business for a long time. At 21 he turned into a franchisee of the Japanese natural pecking order, Sushi Itto. Therefore, Omar has extended to the 13 establishment units with four hundred committed representatives in Mexico County. Omar Yunes’ establishments constitute 10% of the aggregate units of Sushi Itto mark. The establishment situated in Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City indicate fast advancement. Omar Yunes has remarkable business aptitudes that have realized accomplishment in his establishment business. His past relationship in land has given him the skill to adapt in the eatery business. His capacity to productively build up the brand in addition to the regard he gets from affirmation and compensating of his workers has developed solid cooperation that has every together ha affected his win essentially.

On fifth December 2015, the occasion of Best Franchisee of the world held in Florence, Italy, Omar Yunes won the primary spot as Best Franchisee and spoke to Mexico. Brazil, Hungary, France, and Portugal additionally took an interest. The essential goal is to recognize franchisees of brands and their endeavors in building up their brands and its different commitments with respect to back, innovativeness, and redesigns made to the model. Omar Yunes emerged for his capacity to accomplish the best administration for data and his commonsense execution of in accomplishing a clearer estimation for every one of the units. The case he showed the exertion required for the achievement of the joint wander of an establishment franchisee relationship. After winning the honor, he delightfully committed it to his representatives who similarly added to the achievement and the brand for offering him a chance to investigate his imagination. Omar Yunes establishment set the best case for different establishments by giving the clients the best administration, superb flavor and one of a kind tasteful accommodation.

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Pennsylvania Child Safety Seat Law Gains Support of Respected Attorney Karl Heideck

     Respected Philadelphia area lawyer Karl Heideck has voiced his support of the Pennsylvania’s advances in children’s safety. The state enacted a measure in August 2016 that toughens regulations and reprimand for those who violate seat belt and child seat restraint laws.

The law now requires that all children two years of age or younger be buckled into a rear-facing child safety seat. Children ages three to eight are to be seated in an appropriate sized booster seat until they are either nine years old, 4’9″ in height, or weigh at least 80 lbs. Those fail to restrain their child in the appropriate fashion will be fined $125 or $75, depending on the age of the child.

Karl Heideck recently urged parents to check their child’s safety seats to determine if they comply with current safety regulations. Car seats and booster seats are issued an expiration date of five years after the manufacture date. This is to help ensure that child safety seats comply with the most recent safety standards. Parents should attempt to purchase new seats instead of used ones. Safety seats are sometimes recalled due to a possible defect, and a used car seat may have been under recall but not returned to the manufacturer or be damaged. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety issues an annual list of the safest child safety seats in the U.S. Parents are urged to research specific child safety seats and booster chairs before purchase.

Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2009. He received his Juris Doctor at Temple University Beasley School of Law in 2009. Heideck received his license to practice law in 2010.

Karl Heideck is a dedicated author and legal researcher. He specializes in legal research, employment law, and civil litigation. Heideck has an active social media presence and shares his knowledge and experience through his Twitter account. His blog is primarily dedicated to sharing legal news and tips to finding the road to success as a litigator.

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Bruno Fagali: Choosing A Good Lawyer In Brazil

Are you searching for a competent lawyer or law firm in Brazil? Do you want to hire someone who is well known for providing excellent legal representation or guidance? Perhaps you are aware that Bruno Fagali comes highly recommended in Brazil.

If you want the best possible advice or representation regarding business matters or other issues, then check out Bruno Fagali – a top rated attorney.

Bruno Fagali is one of the leading attorneys in Brazil and he has practiced for many years. He takes the time to evaluate his clients’ legal situation before he decided how to address the issue. He is a great lawyer and he works hard to get a great outcome for his clients.

It can be overwhelming and frustrating when you’re facing a legal matter, no matter how simple or complex it may be. It can be a daunting task finding a good lawyer to handle the case for you. The right lawyer for you is one that has a lot of experience in the type of legal situation you’re going through.

One of the most popular ways to go about looking for a lawyer is to get in touch with people you know and trust, to request their recommendation. Once you have obtained several names you will need to do your own research, to make sure the lawyer you’re considering has a good track record.

Many people choose a lawyer who has already established a great reputation in the legal community. An experienced and reputable lawyer that has resolved many legal disputes or conflicts, can effectively address these issues for you.

Bruno Fagali is a good lawyer and a powerful advocate. Bruno Fagali is the type of legal representative you want on your side, no matter the type of legal situation you are dealing with. Bruno Fagali knows the legal field and has a good understanding of the procedures, rules and regulations that apply in various situations. Mr Bruno Fagali is passionate about getting his clients’ case addressed appropriately so they can move on with their business or personal life.

Karl Heideck’s Legal Views on Current Laws and Law Changes

     Karl Heideck has been following the new car seat law that has taken effect in Pennsylvania. The new law requires all children below two years old to be strapped in rear-facing car seats whenever they are going for a drive. Those between two and eight years old should ride in booster seats until they reach 80 pounds or a height of 4’9″.

This new law was prompted by evidence showing that kids below the age of two suffer dire consequences whenever they are involved in accidents when seated facing forward. When facing forward, their heads, spines, and small bodies absorb the full impact of car crashes leading to serious injuries and fatalities. Car accidents in the USA result in the highest number of injuries and deaths witnessed among children.

Fines for Failing to Comply

Failure to comply with the new law will get you into trouble with the authorities. If your child is aged two and below, you will be charged a fine of $125 if the child is not in a rear-facing seat. For those flouting the law on booster seats for children between two and eight years old, a penalty of $75 will be charged, in addition to paying court costs and fees. The new law has been in effect from last year, but since then, police officers were under orders to issue warnings to those found violating the law. However, the new law is now in full effect; if you are found violating it, you will face the full weight of the law.

Depending on how old your children are, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued guidelines on choosing car seats for them. The guidelines cover the different car seats to be used by children of different ages and also cover how you should buckle their seat belts before going for a drive.

Karl Heideck’s Background

Karl Heideck pursued his Bachelor of Arts degree at Swarthmore College. He later graduated with a Juris Doctor from the James E. Beasley School of Law, Temple University. Since then, he has practiced law at different firms and has earned more than ten years of experience in litigation, risk management review, and compliance. Karl Heideck is also skilled in legal writing, legal research, corporate law, product liability, civil litigation, employment law, mediation, intellectual property law, among others.

When Karl Heideck is not practicing law, he contributes his legal view on various legal topics and law changes through his blog “Inside the Mind of Karl Heideck.” He currently resides in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Continues its Mission on Prostate Cancer Awareness

According to the article on, prostate cancer is known to be the most common cancer that affects men. To increase the disease awareness and early screening benefits, the NFL Alumni Association, LabCorp, and CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) have collaborated to educate men as well as increase access to screenings.

From September 1 through October 15, 2,000 men, who are aged 40 years and above, and meet eligibility requirements, can sign up to be given a free PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) screening by LabCorp (Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings) at any of the companies 1,750 locations all over the United States. After the first free 2,000 PSA screening spots have been filled, eligible men can still schedule a PSA screening at the discounted amount of 25 dollars throughout the sign-up period. Also, screening must be conducted within six months after the sign-up date.

It’s predicted that one in seven men in their lifetime, will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. ACS (American Cancer Society) is estimating that in 2017, there is going to be 161,360 diagnoses of new prostate cancer. Experts are recommending that men considered as high-risk to get screened beginning at the age of 40. Risk factors include race and family history; African-American men have a more than 70% higher possibility of getting prostate cancer.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, Cancer Treatment Center of America is a for-profit network that has five hospitals serving cancer patients in the United States. The hospitals of Cancer Treatment Center of America have received Full Standards Compliance from a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization called Joint Commission, and the Magnet Award.

Also, Cancer Treatment Center of America has been acknowledged for a strong satisfaction score for the patient, with four Cancer Treatment Center of America hospitals (Southwestern, Southeastern, Midwestern, and Eastern earning ratings of Five Star quality by the U.S. CMS plus recognition by several leading healthcare organizations, including the ACR and the ACCC. Another accreditation is from the NAPBC, which awarded three-year full accreditation for breast programs at a total of four Cancer Treatment Center of America hospitals (Midwestern, Western, Eastern, and Southwestern).

An Insight on the life of Paul Mampilly

     A former hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly is a successful American investor. He is also the winner of the coveted Templeton Foundation Investment Competition. In the past, Paul Mampilly has been featured on Bloomberg TV, CNBC as well as Fox Business News among others. He founded Profits Unlimited which is a popular investment newsletter. Paul uses his experience, knowledge and expertise as a former insider of Wall Street to guide the over 90,000 subscribers who follow his newsletter into prime stocks. Born in India, Paul Mampilly relocated to the United States when he was still a young man. He later went on to join Wall Street and has been in the field of investing for over 25 years.

The career journey of Paul Mampilly started in 1991after he went to serve as a research assistant at the Deutsche Bank. After working there for a while, he was promoted due to his hard work and he started managing accounts worth millions of dollars. Paul Mampilly quickly rose in his field and started managing big accounts for Bankers Trust and ING. He also worked for a private bank in Sears, Switzerland as well as the Royal Bank of Scotland. Under the leadership of Paul, Profits Unlimited has grown and expanded to become one of the fastest growing newsletters when it comes to the investment field.

In 2009, Paul Mampilly went down in history as the winner of the investment competition which is organized by the Templeton Foundation. This was after he took an investment worth $50 million and then tuned it to $88 million, a gain of 76% which was achieved at the time of financial crisis. Paul Mampilly started working with Banyan Hill Publishing after he decided to start Profits Unlimited. The main aim of starting the newsletter was so as to guide the Americans into good opportunities that bring profitable investments. Each month, Paul mails newsletters to all his subscribers and recommends a new stock. Paul Mampilly attributes his success in the investment world to passion, hard work and commitment. He serves as a mentor to individuals who wish to join his line of work.

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