Talk Fusion Introduces The Future Of Business And Social Communication

Talk Fusion is a technology company founded by ex-Florida police officer and network marketing expert Bob Reina in 2007. The video email products the company offers are poised to revolutionize the way people around the world communicate with each other and with businesses. Talk Fusion’s Video Suite is made up of video email, video newsletters, video chat, live meetings and sign-up forms. It’s an easy-to-use, cost-effective way for businesses, customers, families and friends to connect in real time. Talk Fusion’s recently introduced product dashboard makes using Video Suite a breeze.


Another of Talk Fusion’s revolutionary inventions is WebRTC technology. This technology helps to bring email to life. At the click of a mouse WebRTC technology lets people gain access to a video email and communicate live directly with the sender in real time or join a live video conference with as many as 499 other people. While WebRTC technology makes audio and video communication clearer and faster, the new product dashboard released by Talk Fusion makes connecting to the Talk Fusion video suite and all of its other innovative products even easier through its communications software.


To make using video suite and other Talk Fusion products and platforms even more affordable, the company offers a series of product packages. With a one-time sign-up fee and a small monthly payment, people can send thousands of video emails each month, save the videos to the Talk Fusion website, create original 5 and 10 minute videos using customizable features, template choices and other elements and gain access to pre-made videos to use in their marketing presentations. Plus, they can get 5 video email accounts and store as many as 25,000 email addresses.


Company CEO Bob Reina first got the idea for Talk Fusion when he tried to send his mother an email with a short video and was told it couldn’t be done. Working with his friend, IT genius Dr. Jonathan Chen, Reina created the first video email. He quickly envisioned how the technology could revolutionize network marketing and all other forms of business communications and founded Talk Fusion to do just that.


Talk Fusion products are now marketed worldwide by a growing team of well-trained independent associates. Their mission to get the products into the hands of the people that can benefit from them the most. Part of Talk Fusion’s profits are donated to organizations helping women, children and animals in need.  Learn more:

The Road to Success

Talk Fusion recreates email and makes it better again. It combines the best features of written forms of communication with the advancements in technology that allows you to communicate openly with people from long distances and still be able to see their face. We have seen this used before other video chat interfaces, such as Skype and ooVoo, but the difference is that we have never seen it being used in another interface entirely such as an email browser. The way that this interesting form of technology operates is you begin to compose a new email message and will then have the option of video chatting the person or persons you are emailing. This may not seem like a very useful tool, but in the business world, it means that you will be able to communicate openly with your colleagues and managers through a more rapport-friendly environment. This interface is called Talk Fusion and was created by Bob Reina. Most people would want to discard the idea of using such an old form of communication, especially since email has been around since the beginning days of the internet, Bob Reina has decided this would be the perfect platform for his needs. The Talk Fusion system is lightweight and easy-to-use, and it would not be difficult to pick up in easily implement into your own business world. Learn more:


An interesting feature of the Talk Fusion interface is the ability to earn money while you speak to other people. Once you click the button to make a video chat call the system starts to keep track of how long you have talked to someone and monetizes your conversation accordingly. This means that, at least for individual consumers, there is an incentive to use the talk Fusion system because you can make money while technically not really doing anything. The amount of money that you can earn using Talk Fusion may be small, but it still doesn’t require you to do much and allows you to build up a small secondary income to help support your family or spending needs. It is unknown what medium Reina will use as another platform once email becomes completely obsolete, but only time will tell when it comes to this decision.