George Soros Apportions Blame As The European Union Moves Closer To Collapse

Since the first days of its establishment the European Union seems to have lurched from one problem to the next, particularly in terms of powerful leaders looking to force their will on the continent. In the 20th century, British leader Margaret Thatcher proved a thorn in the side of Europe, but her strong negotiating style pales alongside the issues currently being created by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Hedge fund icon George Soros has recently been providing his opinion on the crisis affecting Europe in an interview with his own Website, which explains the bleak future he believes lies in store for the continent.
George Soros has enjoyed a successful career that belies the difficult journey he embarked upon after surviving the Holocaust as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp. Soros has been providing his opinion on the current refugee crisis that is affecting Europe in a negative way by looking at all the angles of the problem, including comparing it to his own journey as a refugee to study in London and begin his financial career in New York. The European Union will face a major issue with rising debts and a population crisis being caused by the refugees flooding into Europe from Syria.

Russia has recently taken a lead in Syria, which George Soros believes has been a major miscalculation on the part of European and global leaders. The initial reasons for the Russian entry into the Syrian conflict remain unclear, but the need for a cautious approach in the fight against ISIS is tempered by the needs of Russia to avert its own financial collapse. Rising debts and European Union economic sanctions will combine to cause Vladimir Putin major problems in 2016 and 2017, which Soros fears the Russian leader will try to avert by driving more refugees into Europe.

The European Union is not only facing the issue of a rising refugee problem, but also sees the major nations of Europe looking to position themselves prior to the expected collapse of the single currency Euro zone. The British government are another cause for concern for George Soros, who believes a British exit from the European Union will occur and add to the economic woes of the continent. Soros explains British industrial leaders fear forcing the hand of the government and electorate in favor of the Union because of the backlash they could face if the planned referendum returns the expected no vote.

All these factors are combining in the view of George Soros to provide the perfect storm for an economic and social collapse within the European Union. Not only will Europe face the issues of collapse, but the shockwaves will negatively affect the global economy.