Celebrities Still Flock to Kabbalah Centre

Jerusalem Online recently published an in depth article the brought up the question of why non-Jewish Hollywood stars are so fascinated with Kabbalah. The article was reminiscent of Madonna’s obsession with Kabbalah over a decade ago. However, years later, stars still flock to Kabbalah, often converting from a variety of other religions. The article sought to answer the question, “what’s the reason?”

Many stars quoted in the article said similar things, that they saw peace and a higher power in Kabbalah that varied greatly from the conforms of more traditional religion. Stars including the late Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Sammy Davis were all quoted discussing the elements of peace and guidance that the religion brought to their life. Even stars like Paris Hilton spoke about how it helped them deal with and overcome life obstacles. Paris even said after a bad breakup she drove right to the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles to receive immediate help and healing.

The Kabbalah Centre shares that Kabbalah is a truly ancient wisdom, but one that has tools to create life fulfillment that are still incredibly applicable today. Perhaps that is why so many Hollywood stars and even regular people that aren’t of Jewish heritage flock to the Las Angeles’s famous Kabbalah Centre.

The Kabbalah Centre itself is the largest organization in the world that is solely dedicated to sharing the centuries old wisdom of Kabbalah teachings. It seeks to give people a tool belt of lessons that they can utilize to remove chaos from their life and seek a deeper purpose for themselves and learn more about Kabbalah.

The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre was developed by Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg and offers guidance to a student community that is as ethnically diverse as Los Angeles. Although many famous people come to the Kabbalah centre, it is also a refuge for ordinary people that seek to learn more about the teachings and find an outlet to cope with life’s ebb and flow. Celebrities associated with the Centre include Demi Moore, Lucy Liu, Mick Jagger, Britney Spears, Mischa Barton, Ariana Grande, James Van Der Beek and dozens more more information click here.

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