Businessman Andrew Rocklage

Businessman and entrepreneur Andrew Rocklage has been making his impact felt for quite some time. Rocklage is a graduate of the well known Suffolk University Law School. Andrew has built an impressive resume over the years working primarily in the Boston area.

Today Andrew Rocklage serves as the owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Park, an incredible r indoor trampoline park. His work is admired by many and his influence is widespread.

Rocklage has used a variety of skills during his successful career. While running his own business, he demonstrated a thorough understanding of the business world especially on the Boston business scene. It was during this time that Andrew Rocklage truly gained an understanding of the importance of customer service and how it can impact a company. At his own company Sky Zone, Rocklage has made an incredible effort to hire the best employees along with talented individuals to interact with his customers.

Over time Rocklage has proven he known how to find talented people and develop them to reach their maximum potential. This is just one of the many reason his company has been successful and continues to thrive.

Rocklage’s resume includes a wide range of experience. He gained great experience working as a corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. Rocklage has become an expert in the technology space where he is experience has earned him high praise.

Working also as an attorney, Rocklage has been able to us his knowledge from the legal world and incorporate it into his business ventures. This combination has made him a force in the business world.

Andrew Rocklage has had a series of interesting parts to his career. Based on his experienced it is almost certain that you will see Rocklage taking on new and innovative challenges. His history of leadership and years of dedication serve as proof that he will continue to be a popular member of the business world.

Although a firm member of the Boston community, Rocklage has an interest in traveling that is almost sure to help spread his reach and impact across the country. It should be only a matter of time before seeing his businesses across the country.

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