Roberto Santiago’s Successful Project for João Pessoa and Brazil

There are significant opportunities for real estate developers to put their investments in big commercial properties like a shopping center, a hotel, resort or a shopping mall, but it is tough to become the owner and manager of the business and improve it to a prosperous state.


The entrepreneur and business developer Roberto Santiago, currently with 58 years old, has been one of the successful property developers who built a shopping from the ground and made it a triumphing commercial conglomerate.


Roberto Santiago was born in João Pessoa, a city in the Brazilian state of Paraíba, and it was there that he built his shopping center, the Manaira Shopping. Santiago is now a reference for the communities of Paraiba because of his success as an entrepreneur and simply as a professional who followed his own path. The businessman has more successes than the Manaira Shopping, but we will focus on the shopping center for now.


The construction took many years to end, and Roberto Santiago planned everything from the start, from the space that would be utilized for the stores and the percentage that would be dedicated to the parking slots.


It was inaugurated in 1989, many years after its initial development stage. However, the Manaira Shopping of today is very different than the released version of twenty-five years ago. Manaira Shopping has already undergone dozens of changes after its initial opening to the community of Paraiba, and more than five territory expansions have taken place after 1989. All of these changes were ordered by Roberto Santiago to make sure that his shopping center would grow as one of the best in Latin America, following standards of the most influential commercial centers in the world.


The Manaira Shopping has grown to being one of the primary targets of families and tourists in João Pessoa who are searching for entertainment and a place to have a good time and visit stores of renown. Now, visiting the beautiful beaches of Paraiba is not enough for tourists who are visiting its central city – they all have to visit the Manaira Shopping.


Talking about beaches – Roberto Santiago strategically placed his shopping center next to the beaches of João Pessoa but also very easily accessible from the heart of the city, is an outstanding location that has allowed it to be visited by locals of any part of the city.


Currently, Manaira Shopping has 280 stores and a vast parking space, which was intentional because Roberto Santiago didn’t want to restrain people from being able to visit his shopping center. It is a versatile place where there is entertainment and enjoyable leisure for all ages, one of the primary reasons that the project became that successful in the long run.


Anyone who wants to visit Roberto Santiago’s shopping center can simply visit it in the Manoel Arruda Cavalcante street, next to the coastline of the city.


The entrepreneur has released another shopping center after Manaira Shopping, the Mangabeira Shopping, which was introduced to the public in 2014. Roberto Santiago now is the owner of two successful real estate projects, and both were very praised by the community from their inauguration phase.


The Mangabeira Shopping was also built in his city of birth, João Pessoa, and was created to be a luxurious option and an extremely large Shopping center for families to visit, eat, buy things at their favorite stores and have a good time.