With only under $1 million of investment in 2009, Kerrisdale Capital Management was founded. Since then, the firm has grown to its current approximate $ 150 million worth. Behind the firm’s development is its Founder and Chief Investment Officer, SahmAdrangi. Famed for his research published on the firm’s website, twitter, and other public sites, he has been integral in demystifying previously held misconceptions in investment. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University.

Prior to his stint at Kerrisdale Capital, he worked at Chanin Capital Partners where among other things, he advised on bankruptcy restructuring and represented creditors, debtors, and companies. Earlier in his life, he had been an analyst with the Leveraged Finance Investment Group of the Deutsche Bank.

With Mr. Adrangi at the helm, Kerrisdale has recently mooted a plan to invest in a public company. Though the public company is yet to be unveiled, plans are clearly underway to raise the capital required. Kerrisdale Capital Management, through its investors, has raised $100 million that is anticipated to be pumped into the public company. Emails sent to investors by Kerrisdale, confirm the readiness to invest the significant amount. However, the emails are seen by a major media outlet stop shy of revealing the company’s name, only indicating the company’s worth approximated at $10 billion.

Credible reports from Kerrisdale point to mid-May as when the public announcement of the company will be made. Over the years of operation, Kerrisdale’s hedge fund is estimated at $500 million. It’s this fund that has been in use in investment raking in an impressive 28% average annual return. Kerrisdale is known to bet for, and against companies, companies invested in recently include Sage Therapeutics and Satellite Company. This good performance must have contributed to the success of the newly established fund.

The fund is gaining further traction with Mr. Sahm Adrangi and Analyst Shane Wilson collaborating to come up with campaign videos and a website to urge more investors to the fund. It has been reported that Kerrisdale has already started buying stock to strengthen its equity before the major announcement.