How to Choose an Online Reputation Management Firm

If your company has not hired a reputation management firm yet, then there are several dos and dont’s courtesy of that you need to remember.

Do hire a company before a crisis occurs, as they can be a great public relation tool. It often takes a company awhile to learn where your target audience hangs out, the language that they speak and many other factors. Bringing them on board during a crisis requires them to become a trusted authority immediately.

Avoid companies that promise results by tricking Google. One of the most popular things that black-hat online reputation firms may suggest that you do is to employ a thousand links or post content about any topic. When Google chooses pages to put on its first page where they will have the most impact, they choose pages that have great content, are linked to by industry insiders and have an established history.

Once you have narrowed the list down to two or three online reputation firms, then conduct interviews. Each agency should be able to tell you exactly what they think will help you produce the results that you want. If you find an agency that tries to make the process difficult, then run away.

Make the final decision based on quality over quantity. An online reputation management firm can produce thousands of spam sites that will not get you the desired results. Instead, look for companies who will produce great content that will be read by your targeted audience. The other will only waste your money and may make matters worse, according to Ryan Erskine on Fox News.

He recommends that a business person looks at any contract very carefully before signing it. If a company promises that your reputation will be repaired within a set time, usually six months, then you need to run away and refuse to sign.

Look for firms that will allow you to pay them each month. Many firms want a larger payment in the beginning which can be fine. Do not, however, fall for paying for a complete package in the beginning.

If you follow these simple rules, then you will find an online reputation management firm that you can truest.