Arthur Becker: A Brilliant Entrepreneur

Currently, Arthur Becker is the CEO of Madison Partners, LLC which is an investment corporation that has its focus on real estates and also early stage Biotech projects. Recently, he had an interview Ideamench where he revealed some of his ideas of success.

According to The Real Deal, he reveals that he got the idea to start Madison Company during his time at NaviSite followed by working at Zinio where he was thoroughly engaged in real estate and technology. After expanding his real estate business in New York and Florida. His passion for helping other people and making an impact on their lives is what motivated hm.

He usually has an easy day because he doesn’t have a fixed schedule and also he does not have an operating business. Currently, he is in the closing steps of finishing several houses on Sullivan Street in New York. Also, he is also in preparation to come up with residential apartments in Tribeca.

Working with the right people who he has respect for is what makes him useful. Bringing together and organizing a lot of experts and also other talents is what he believes he is best in.

Treatment of cancer is what he finds attractive. Although he has not trained to be a medical expert, he has little knowledge gained from exposure that has made him like the field. Biotech, in general, is one particular trend that has his mind.

Challenges he faces while carrying out his daily activities is what motivates him the most. His business outings have brought about the need to balance between passion and drive. One needs to have to think critically to avoid falling into the same trap.

Baker described working in the Parks Department when he was sixteen as his worst job ever. This is because the payment was small and the job was difficult. The situation motivated him to find something more interesting. He only regrets not completing his course in business.

He recommends a person to listen to what ideas others have to offers and also having a flexible tactic in the market can significantly help you succeed. He acknowledges the talent and not giving up as the key to success.

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