Status Lab: Online Reputation Management Company

The status lab is a worldwide reputation management company that helps high profile individuals as well as leading brands to look their very best in the online platform as well as news. Status Labs protects them from any cause of damage to their reputation. This company helps the brands of various companies increase in crisis management. The company is hat are tailored to the also genius in offering solutions that are specially adapted to every unique need of their clients. Its headquarters are in Austin with offices in Sao Paulo and New York. This company also works with media and customers around the world to fulfill social media, international marketing as well as PR goals.

In the year 2015, Status Labs reputation Management Company had to suffer for its reputation crisis. The company was dragged to a negative press that criticized every move it made by one of the former executives. The local news that started went mainstream in the national media and the reputation of the company was at some point threatened. The firm had successfully helped more than one thousand individuals, and business people have their status improved ever since 2012. This was the time that the same company had a crisis about themselves.

While many critics in view this online reputation contrary, the company knows that online is the pivot that can change and alter any negative publicity possible. We are a company that provides that rare second chance to the businesses and people that want and deserve it. As the role of PR is shifting to the digital world, the market for these services is growing every day bigger and better. But the end of the matter is that every lasting reputation is in such a way that change is the only way that can ensure a reputational change and that is what the Status Labs company did.

The company began slowly but steadily building back the Brocken pieces and transiting and made a significant change in leadership. Our employees decided to call for the executive in question to resign from his duties. This kind of act made the public change their attitude that was otherwise misdirected to the company.

Darius Fisher Opines About Employee Satisfaction

Business owners think about doing a lot of things. Executives are always looking towards the future to see what direction a company is headed. How many invest the time to develop a creative workspace. Things such as this may be overlooked and deemed unimportant. In his piece for Forbes, Darius Fisher reveals taking various peripheral steps to make employees happy improves the chances of retaining them.


Fisher is the co-founder and executive in charge of Status Labs, an Austin, TX reputation management firm. Fisher has made his office a very employee-friendly place. This has led to a commitment from the employees to put tremendous effort into handling duties on behalf of clients.


In his article, Fisher covers a host of ideas intended to make employees want to stay with a company. Employees who choose not to quit are ones that are continuing to perform necessary tasks. They are also eliminating unnecessary costs for hiring new replacement workers.


The actions management can take are not even very expensive to institute. Incentivized goals would be an example of putting out a small amount of money to receive solid appreciation and high levels of productivity. Giving away free yoga lessons or movie tickets might not cost very much, but employees will be thrilled with the gestures.


Fisher truly is being helpful to concerned managers with this piece. Many of the actions performed by Fisher have an altruistic component to them. This is seen in his primary duties at Status Labs. By raising awareness of the importance of reputation management, Fisher leads others into taking the necessary action to fix the harm befalling them. As Fisher pointed out at a speaking engagement at Impact15, disastrous material in the search engines won’t go away on their own. Not everyone realizes this. Fisher works hard to make sure people take reputation-harming search engine content seriously.


The Forbes article may be brief, but it is filled with excellent information. Managers who effectively absorb this info may find themselves doing things employees embrace.

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