The Changing Face Of New York Real Estate

Building From The Ground Up

New York City hopes to get a head start and redefine the world of luxury real estate with a new generation of developers. New York City is experiencing a invigoration of its luxury real estate market as an entirely new generation of real estate buyers enters the market. Power developers are so enthusiastic that some of them, such as TOWN, are building entire neighborhoods from virtual scratch. Despite some declines in the real estate market this revival is almost certain to bring new life to the city. Nearly every sector of New York real estate is experiencing investment.



Taking Them To TOWN

There is no one more excited about the NYC real estate market than The power developer is set to dominate NYC apartments for rent with a stronger focus on foreign and millennial clients. TOWN aims to give these buyers what they want by targeting the neighborhoods these foreign buyers desire the most. Centers of New York art and culture, such as West Chelsea and its “Architectural Mile” where many of NYC’s most important builds are found. Focusing on key neighborhoods gives TOWN a leg up on its competition.



Predicting The Future

The investments TOWN is making are bets on the future of luxury real estate in New York City. Whether TOWN is selling NYC apartments for rent or revitalizing an entire neighborhood this develop is placing large bet on the future of New York. If things look up TOWN might just change the face of NYC real estate.