Purina Beneful – Quality Dog Food found at Walmart

As responsible pet owners, we are always looking for the best dog food for our furry family members. When we know we are feeding them wholesome ingredients, we know they are getting the best quality with every bite. Walmart carries Beneful dog food made by Purina. They offer a wide variety of flavors and different types of dog food that are suitable to each animal. Beneful understands that all animals are different, and that some are more sensitive to environmental factors. They use real ingredients that are baked into each morsel and packaged with expertise.


Walmart also offers the Purina Beneful Salmon dry dog food. It is made with real salmon and can either be shipped to the store or picked up at your earliest convenience. The salmon formula blend is packed with omega fatty acids that are essential for skin and hair. It offers 100% of complete and balanced nutrition loaded with 23 essential vitamins. The salmon formula is also suitable for dogs that experience seasonal and unknown allergies, especially involving the skin.


Walmart offers very reasonable prices for Purina Beneful dog food. Depending on what size of dog food you elect to buy will determine the price of the product, but you’re typically looking at a range from $13.98 – $33.98. Often times, you will find either a coupon or a sale price that Walmart stores offer, which makes Beneful even more affordable. There is comfort in knowing that you are feeding your pets the best dog food on the market.