NGP VAN Helps Progressives Organize Their Campaign

NGP VAN is a technology provider for progressive and Democratic campaigns, from labor unions to Barack Obama. It’s important to choose the best software and make the best decisions when it comes to your campaign, and NGP VAN has software dedicated to helping you on your political journey.

Communications Plan

It’s important to establish your stance on important issues and your major talking points prior to writing your announcement speech and launching your campaign. You’ll get the largest amount of free press on launch day and a few days after, so be sure to make time for interviews.

The Importance of a Website

When you launch your campaign, you want to make sure people have reputable places to go to when they Google you. Make sure that your website is up a few days before your launch day and is optimized. NGP VAN’s tools are compatible with all websites, so having their software will help with your campaign.

Get a CRM

CRMs are important for every campaign, and NGP VAN has a free demo of theirs. Their Digital 8 software includes hundreds of integrations and is compatible with previous NGP VAN software. Having a CRM such as Digital 8 ensures that your data won’t be lost.

Focus on brand identity

Make sure that your color scheme and logo stay the same throughout your whole campaign. You want something snappy, and you want it to be consistent in order to build your brand.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are also important for building your brand. Clean headshots are important, and a picture of yourself engaging with citizens is always a good timeline photo. Make sure to link to your website in your bio.


NGP VAN has integrations with programs like Revere Mobile and Hustle, and using SMS can help mobilize voters. Make sure to include a number on your podium signs.

Digital Advertising

Google Search and Facebook ads are both important for building your base of donors. NGP integrates directly with Facebook Ad Manager to help you do this.


Even though texting is popular, calls are still important for campaigning. NGP 8 includes tools to help you with managing call time and donors.