Betsy DeVos Opposes Overturning of Bathroom Bill

Betsy DeVos is primarily known from her (and her husband Dick’s) extensive philanthropy work which has largely been dedicated to state empowered education, such as the Partnership for Education Justice, Success Academy Charter Schools as well as the University of Maryland College.

However, Betsy DeVos has come into the spotlight of late more recently for a entirely different reason after she was appointed to the position of Secretary of Education for the United States of America by the Trump/Pence administration. This new surge of interest is connected to the so-called, “Bathroom Ban,” a moniker shorthand for the allocation of transgendered individuals and bathroom use (involving questions like whether or not a transgender, female to male, should be able to use the men’s restroom and vice-versa). While Ms. DeVos has signed on to the move by the Trump administration there have been a couple of sources both outside and inside the white house that have stated that, from the beginning, Ms. DeVos was actually strongly apposed to the bathroom legislation.

According to a source first acquired by CNN, a former associate of Ms. DeVos stated that when she was called to the white house to speak with Sen. Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump, she expressed her concern about the bathroom legislation by telling Mr. Trump that both she and him had promised to advocate for the rights of, and ensure the protections of, all students in the United States and that she felt this was backtracking somewhat on this promise. Yet, in the end she did end up supporting the new administration in a effort to foster cohesion within the newly congealing presidential administration. Even still, Ms. DeVos has made her concerns very clear and very public and has vowed to continue advocating for the rights and protections of all children so that they to may be afforded the, “Freedom to learn and thrive.”

Some reports surfaced regarding Senator Sessions and Ms. DeVos’ opinions of each other, given their drastically distant stance on the transgender issue with some allegations of hot-headedness and animosity between the two cabinet members. However, in a recent public press release, the White House Press Sec, Mr. Sean Spicer, vehemently denied that there was any animosity between Ms. DeVos and Mr. Sessions.

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George Soros Addresses the EU and Their Current Refugee Crisis

There is a refugee crisis brewing in Europe. Currently, the countries of Turkey, Jordan, and Greece are getting absolutely overwhelmed by a surge of refugees seeking EU asylum. Funding for the relocation of these refugees is scarce, and the allocation of these refugees has been labored and difficult. Writing for the New York Review of Books, philanthropist George Soros identifies these four problems: “First, the policy is not truly European…Second, it is severely underfunded. Third, it is not voluntary. It imposes quotas that many member states oppose and requires refugees to take up residence in countries where they don’t want to live, while forcing others who have reached Europe on to be sent back. Finally, it transforms Greece into a de facto holding pen without sufficient facilities for the number of asylum seekers already there.”

George Soros begins by offering macro solutions that address multiple problems. For starters, restricting the amount of refugees that can come over every year to a number that both gives refugees the assurance that they can find asylum while also not overextending the capital of these nations. This addresses Soros’ third and fourth problems on Soros also recommends that 30 billion euros be allotted to this endeavor and that “front line” countries such as Greece and Turkey be given the money as grants.

As for actually taking out the loan itself, George Soros notes that the EU currently has a AAA credit rating, giving them access to loan terms that are very advantageous toward the EU. Not only that, Soros notes, but the EU has rarely leveraged this power. By taking this loan out, it would allow the EU to provide what George Soros refers to as “surge” funding, which would inject a large sum of money into the refugee crisis right now in order to stop the bleeding and improve the situation now so that it is easier to manage from here on out.

The repayment of this loan would be handled by a special EU tax that is fairly distributed among countries. This should alleviate the fears of countries like Germany who worry about having to shoulder an unfair load of the burden should any other country in the EU have to default on their repayment of the loan. The EU, as a whole, should leverage their considerable loan power for this crisis, Soros notes, because this is their greatest humanitarian crisis, and fast action is needed now.

George Soros is in a unique position to address the fiscal aspects of humanitarian efforts. Soros was born to a Jewish family in Hungary in 1930. When he was a teenager, he managed to successfully hide during the Nazi occupation. Soros has since donated over $11 billion to a wide variety of philanthropic causes.

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Duck And Cover? George Soros says 2008 Might Be Here Again

There is not a single investor alive today he does not remember the events of 2008-2009. This was a hugely turbulent time in the stock markets. It was a moment in history at which we were concerned that the entire economic system itself might collapse. Fortunately, this did not happen, but there is no question that no one wants to see those days again in the market. Unfortunately, there are some big names saying that this may be the direction that we may be headed towards once again.

Soros Worries That 2008 Is Coming Back

It is sure to grab some headlines when billionaire investor George Soros says that signs are pointed towards another 2008 like event, according to Bloomberg. He says that a lot of the worries in the market are things that are hard to overcome and get back to working the way that they usually do. What are the things he is particularly concerned about?

The Problem In China

CNBC reports that one of the primary concerns for Soros is what is going on in China. There are worries that the government in China is feeling the pressure to devalue its currency. This causes problems in US markets and in fact in markets all around the world.

The issues in China have certainly had an impact on their own stock markets. In the last few trading days we have seen the Chinese government pull out the circuit breakers to shut down the markets after they dropped some 7% or more in just the few minutes that they were actually open. This caused huge worries in the United States and have caused markets to get very jittery.

Greek Debt Problems Remain

They have been overshadowed in a lot of ways because of the other news in the market, but investors would be wise to not ignore what is going on in this country. There could still be ripples to the economy that are a result of the Greek debt crisis.

Why Listen To Soros

Of all of the voices out there talking about the economy, Soros is one worth listening to. He has actually made his money in the markets and continues to be a pioneer in those markets. It just makes sense that Soros is the kind of guy to listen to when it comes to getting the straight answers on the economy. He knows what he is talking about from experience, and he shares that information with the public.

It is a good idea to listen to strong voices in the market in order to get better ideas about what is really going on and to make sure that you are making the right moves. Consider the fact that he has made a huge amount of money by trading his whole life and you will see why it is such a good idea to pay attention to what he had to say.