The Chainsmokers Sell Albums Because They Are Relatable To

Before walking out on stage, the Chainsmokers spoke with reporters to talk about their latest release and how it feels to remain at the top of the music charts for many years. While being invited to perform for a special invite for the American Express and Hilton card member special event, the group spoke about how their latest single has turned to a different direction than what they have been used to.

The Hilton brand has partnered with American Express in order to create a new buzz and in order for this to happen, the hotel brand invited guests to come and watch the latest performance.

At the start of the 2018 year, the Chainsmokers released the “Sick Boy” single. This single is just one of the many of new releases they will put out for the year. They have spent the last nine months preparing for the release which is a long time compared to what they have been used to in the past. Before this latest single, the group was releasing new music almost monthly.

For the Chainsmokers, they receive their ideas for their music through the struggles they face and endure daily to help them to write their music. What or how everyone else interprets it is up to them. This is something that all artists have to listen to and respect that are in the music business.

Through social media, artists will release different things that they want others to see to keep them current and up to date on what celebrities are doing. With a high presence in social media, artists and actors and actresses are able to be more relatable to because others can see that their lives are just like anyone else’s. How you choose to use your presence on the social media is up to you.

For the band, when asked about how the latest single went to a dark place, they are asked about if this was something that was more personal than other songs. For the band, it is something about the band and their everyday struggles but it is also about how the world is struggling day to day to get by.

The band wants others to know how they handle themselves through everyday struggles because they let them in on what they are doing. Because they let others know through song, it will be easier to relate to when spotting them on your social feed or through social applications like Instagram.