The Magnises Experience

Imagine having a concierge on speed dial who could provide you with information about the hottest clubs and events in your area at any time of the day or night. Imagine they could get you exclusive benefits not available to just anyone. This is the experience many people are getting through a new club known as Magnises. This club was designed by Billy McFarland as a way for people to gain access to exclusive benefits and VIP experiences. His goal is to take all of their member’s lives “to the next level”.

Having a Magnises club card gives members access to members-only concerts and experiences that non-members don’t have access too. Each card is personalized for the member that holds it. Using this card, members receive benefits such as free upgrades on planes and better seats at sports games. No matter your interests you are certain to find benefits and discounts for the activities and events you enjoy. Magnises gives all members the opportunity to feel like a VIP every night without all the hassle. A complete list of benefits can be found on Magnises website.

Not only are the benefits great, but Magnises is simple and easy to use. Ever spent hours trying to figure out what to do tonight before finally giving up? Have you ever gotten tired of doing the same thing every single night? The Magnises concierge app allows you to find something to do quickly and easily on Crunchbase. The app specifically gives recommendations based on your preferences so there is always something you are interested in doing.

Magnises is more than just a club, it’s access to an elite group of people. By joining Magnises you will find yourself surrounded by other people with similar interests. It’s a great way to meet people when you are new to the city or haven’t yet established a close-knit group of friends. The more events you attend using your Magnises membership card the more you will find yourself surrounded by the same group of interesting people. Magnises also has “hotspots” that are exclusive to members which are a great place to spend time with other members and make plans.

Magnises is your personal ticket to local nightlife on The benefits are numerous and allow you to live the luxurious lifestyle you have always wanted. It is more than just a membership it is a full VIP experience that is tailored to you.