Stem Cell Treatments For Improved Lung Function

All of the upper respiratory and lung conditions that affect how a person breathes and functions each day can be very taxing on the person affected as well as their loved ones. The ability to fight infection can be diminished and as time goes on, these issues can permanently damage the lungs and prevent them from functioning properly. Conditions like cystic fibrosis, emphysema, pulmonary fibroids, COPD ( ) and chronic bronchitis can irreversibly decrease the quality of the lungs. The Lung Institute and other medical facilities across the country are now using a number of procedures to improve quality of life and one of these procedures is a lung stem cell treatment.

A person’s very own stem cells are extracted from the body during a stem cell treatment. Removed from the blood or bone marrow in the body, the stem cells are then returned to the blood and it travels immediately through the heart and is trapped in the lungs. Once inside the pulmonary region, the stem cells can then do their job and help heal any damaged tissue. In a report by the Baylor College of Medicine, many patients have seen great results from a lung stem cell treatment and The Lung Institute is constantly evolving and developing this procedure to help more and more patients. Since its inception this procedure has drastically changed lives and continues to do so and various facilities.

There are certain patients that are better candidates for this procedure and the staff at The Lung Institute is very good at screening patients and determining who would benefit the most. All it takes is a few heart beats for the lungs to reap the benefits of a stem cell treatment and many patients report improved respiratory health in a very short period of time. The procedure is not permanent as it does not cure the originating problem. However, this procedure can buy a person a good amount of time and can be done repeatedly if necessary and if it works. This procedure truly utilizes the magic of the human body and uses a person’s very own cells to improve their health.

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