Geoffrey Cone Makes Sense of New Zealand

With the thousands of people who are flocking to the country on an annual basis, New Zealand has seen a huge influx of immigrants. This is a good thing for the people who move there, but they may be getting less than what they have asked for once they move.


People who move to New Zealand often move there because they think that they will not have to pay more in taxes since they live there. They have the notion that the taxes in New Zealand are lower or do not exist at all. This is not the case and is the main source of disappointment for people who have made the decision to move to New Zealand to be able to get what they need out of the country and out of what it has to offer. This is a major problem for people who have already moved there.


Geoffrey Cone notes that what is likely causing the confusion is the tax transparency that New Zealand has to offer. They do not promise people reduced taxes or a country that has no taxes but they do promise that people will be able to know what they will be paying in taxes ahead of time. They regularly publish tax records and information on brackets so that people can see. This list goes out on a yearly basis and is able to be accessed by anyone who wants to see it. It is published in English.


There are other options that Geoffrey cone offers for his clients. As a global attorney, he is confident in advising people of where they can live that they will not have to pay an exorbitant amount of money in taxes. He uses the regularly published tax haven list to suggest locations for people to move to when they are looking for a place that does not require them to pay high taxes when they make the decision to move to a different country. This is something that allows them the chance to do more once they get to that country.


The benefits that come with living in a tax haven are numerous and promote a great living situation for people who may not have the chance to do so otherwise. There are many great thing about living in a tax haven but Geoffrey Cone warns that people should make sure that it is something that they are willing to do. Most of the countries that are tax-free are not like the developed countries and they do not function in the same way. It may be a culture shock to some people who have never lived in an undeveloped or an underdeveloped country for tax purposes before.


An Insight on Oscar Pistorius’ Trail

Oscar Pistorius rose to fame during the 2012 Paralympic Games, but a few months later he was in the news for the wrong reason. The athlete had shot and killed his lover in the early hours of 14th Feb 2013. Oscar was arrested the same day and presented in court the following day and charged with the murder of Steenkamp. After more than one and a half years of proceedings, Judge Thokozile Masipa delivered a verdict, where the athlete was acquitted the murder charge, but would be charged of homicide of Steenkamp, as well as reckless endangerment.


The judge gave a prison sentence of five years for homicide charge, and another suspended sentence of three years for endangerment. Pistorius is a leading athlete with disability in South African, while his girlfriend was a model. In his defense, Pistorius said he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder and shot several times through the toilet door where she had locked herself. The presiding judge and her two assessors arrived at unanimous verdict that the prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubts that Oscar was guilty of murder, and that the accused was not intending to kill the person behind the door. She accused Pistorius of failing to imagine that the four shots he fired would lead to the death of the person who was behind the door.


The judge delivered her ruling her ruling on 21st Oct 2014, where the athlete was sentenced to five year jail term for culpable homicide. Some people reacted angrily to this verdict, among them June Steenkamp, the mother of the victim. Judge Masipa was protected by police because she was subjected to threats by those who disagreed with her verdict.


Info on Brenda Wardle


Brenda Wardle is a renowned legal analyst in South Africa who covered extensively the trail of Oscar Pistorius. She is a respected legal analyst who had provided several legal analyses in her country and also abroad. She appeared regularly during the trail of Pistorius as a guest of the court, and she has covered this extensively in her new book.


Brenda qualified with three major law degrees including a Masters of Laws Degree. She has authored several articles most of them covering legal matters in South Africa and abroad. Wardle has also been interviewed by a number of media houses including Sky News Prime Time, SABC News Radio, BBC and many others all focusing on legal matters.