Chris Burch Opens a Five Star Hotel in Sumba Highland, Indonesia

Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur who has mastered the business world operations. He is the CEO of Burch Creative capital. Chris is also the founder of Nihiwatu resort, a five-star hotel based in Indonesia high land. The renowned entrepreneur took his investment spirit to a top-notch by investing in the hospitality industry. In 2012, Burch teamed up with his friend James McBride and bought the beach hotel in the Sumba highland.

They spent a capital of 30 million dollars to renovate and upgrade the posh restaurant. The beach hotel has 27 villas with plunge pools. Chris and his business partner have a mission of opening more prestigious hotels; Costa Rica and Nicaragua, check Chris Burch has worked hard to ensure the development and growth of the company. In 2016, the Nihi hotel was recognized as the best hotel in the world by the Travel+Leisure.

Burch bought the hotel for his family and also wanted to create something unique to give back to the community. He tried to develop a state of the art beach hotel that individuals and families would go to have good time and relax. The resort has become of great help to the Sumba community. It has provided employment opportunities to the many families in the highland ( The hotel also uses some of its returns to fund the Sumba organization, which focuses on lucrative funding projects in the local community.

Chris Burch entrepreneurial skill is unmatched. He has a diverse business background and has invested in different business industries. He has worked in the fashion Industry, real estate, and technology. In his 40 years career as an investor, Burch has contributed to the success of more than 50 companies (  Chris has been hard working since he was in junior school. He used to work in construction sites after to make an extra coin. He could spend his days pushing heavy wheelbarrows, but that did not hinder him from achieving his goals.

He joined the Ithaca College in 1976 for his undergraduate studies. He joined hands with his brother to open an apparel company with a capital of 2,000 dollars. He used to sell preppy girls sweater door to door in the university. The clothing became successful, and in 1998 they sold it to a UK company at $60 million. Since then, Chris Burch went ahead to establish many companies that became successful. He has always guided entrepreneurs into growing their businesses.

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