Richard Blair Helps Investors Build Better Financial Plans

Richard Blair is helping a lot of people get their financial plans together. Blair is certified in many areas of financial planning and he has become a resource to all that are really trying to gain an understanding of how financial planning works.


Lots of people have a desire to save, but many of them don’t know where to put their money. There is an overarching theme for financial planning that the average investor hears about that involve stocks. This has been handed down as the thing to invest in if one is considering saving for retirement. This is one option, but Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions make sure that his clients are well aware of all the other options that are available. He has been able to help many of his clients gain an understanding of other things like annuities and mutual funds. What Richard Blair has been able to do is help people maximize their returns and give them more options.


There are many people that are going to be impressed with what they can do with their portfolios once they gain an understanding of how investing works. Most people do not realize that there are other things that they can invest in are not as risky as stocks in order to diversify their portfolio. Richard Blair has been doing this for more than two decades and he is equipped with the knowledge that it takes for investors to gain a better understanding of what works for their own personalized plans. One of the biggest mistakes that investors make is following the path that someone else is taking. Everyone does not make the same amount of money so it makes more sense for investors to gain knowledge and develop a plan that is going to work for their own benefit.


Financial planning is something that lots of people need to do, but many simply don’t take the time to do it properly. Better planning for finances is beneficial for anyone that has been trying to gain a hold on what they can do with extra money. Over the years many people get raises and they get advances in their jobs. When people move to higher positions and gain more money they should take more time to make better financial plans for their lives. This is what Richard Blair is able to do for people that have financial goals.


Close up of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the Founder of Ascendant Capital, LLC. The company works with various emerging and established alternative asset fund sponsors. Ascendant Capital provides public and private services to broker-dealers, private banks, family offices and registered investment advisors around the world.

Over the last five years, Jeffry Schneider has  led the growth of Ascendant Capital. Jeffry and his team are working  towards the continued growth of the company with an aim of raising about $50 million on a monthly basis. The capital gained is used to purchase tech companies, real estate, auto dealerships and other companies that fit into Ascendant’s overall investment strategy.

Jeffry Schneider holds a degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He worked in several companies before establishing Ascendant Capital. He also spent some of his time at illustrious firms such as Alex Brown, Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch.

He is a man who believes in helping others and has involved himself in several charitable organizations which include Cherokee Home for Children, the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries and God’s Love We Deliver. Jeffry has traveled widely across Asia, Europe and many countries. He has participated in several marathons and half marathons as he enjoys healthy living and staying fit.

The Business Head Behind the Success of Capital Group Investment Company

Timothy Armour is an American business leader residing in Los Angeles. He has over thirty years work experience working in investment companies. He has worked for Capital Group Companies for a long time, and he has always been dedicated to making the company a leader in the investment field. Tim joined the investment company as a very young man in 1983, but he was very ambitious and determined. He is currently the company chairman, and he is also serving as the principal executive officer of the capital research and management company. His leadership has steered to great heights ranking among the most successful investment firms in the US and the entire world.

Timothy Armour studied economics at the Middlebury College where he graduated with a bachelor’s. He was a performing student, and the skills he acquired have been of great help in his career. Before rising to the rank of the company chairman, he was the equity portfolio manager. He has also worked as an analyst for the company’s investment, and during that time he covered world telecommunications and also analyzed major service industries in the United States of America.

Timothy Armour took over the leadership of the Capital Group after the former chairman Jim Rothenberg passed on. Tim had previously held senior managerial posts in the company, and the experience he had acquired came in handy to make him the best chairman the company has ever had. From the time Timothy Armour took over the leadership of the company as the chairperson, he has formulated and implemented necessary business strategies that have increased the company profitability to a large extent. The previous chairman of the business passed on to Tim business leadership skills that have helped him to focus on long-term interests that the firm has for the customers it serves.

Throughout his time working at the Capital Group, Timothy Armour has been a team leader, and he has been able to motivate company staff. He has been able to convince the clients that Capital group is the best firm to invest with. Tim has developed investment options that are favorable to people with different financial strengths. Timothy Amour believes for the company to continue its legacy as the number one company to invest with it has to treat its employees with utmost respect and create the most conducive work environment. Tim has made the company to increase its presence in the central cities, and the company now has operational offices now in twenty cities. Through his leadership, the company has gotten an A rating, given by long time researcher in the investment field Madam Janet Yang, placing it as among the top investment companies.

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