Texas, the New Frontier to Financial Investment

Texas is a state best known for its huge ranches, desert-like climate, and rodeo shows. However, it is also the home of NexBank, a financial institution located in Dallas. Since its inception, NexBank has been offering clients with institutional services, as well as commercial and mortgage banking. The facility has grown through time to hold close to $5.3 billion in assets. Since the institution is extremely accommodating to all types of customers, it has been able to enjoy continued profit streams for years. Thanks to a unique management structure, NexBank boasts of ranking at number 13 in the State of Texas, and at position 200 nationally.

Apart from thriving financially, NexBank has been able to grow and expand opening up four new branches that are already doing well. Currently, NexBank is under the leadership of James Dondero managing in the capacity of Chairman, and John Holt who doubles as the President and CEO of the institution. For years, there has been a bone of contention on how to run community banking in future, and that is why John chose to participate as a panelist at the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference that took place in Louisiana.

During the conference, participants discussed and shared personal challenges faced in the line of duty. They also discussed the various opportunities that can be made use of to reinvent community banking, in particular through innovation. It got determined that using a strategic approach was the only way of exploiting opportunities meant to make community banking easier. Therefore, NexBank has thrived based on a perfect management structure coupled with the will to serve clients selflessly. By providing customers with tailor-made solutions to their needs, NexBank has built solid working relationships with the customer base making it a financial institution of choice in Dallas, Texas.