Slyce is Making Progress in the Tech and Retail World

Slyce has emerged as a tech startup that is rapidly changing the way numerous retail businesses operate. Actually, Slyce is doing a lot to change the way consumers make purchases online. A recent article published on MarketWired reveals some additional innovations emerging from Slyce’s offices.

Any company thinking of entering into a business arrangement with Slyce is going to be very excited over the news that a Fortune 500 toy retailer had signed a contract with Slyce for services. Within a year, revenue projections were double than what was anticipated. Surely, this bit of news is going to help Slyce draw in even more partners and affiliates.

And that was before the announcement of Slyce Link.

Slyce Link employs a spin to the traditional product recognition and visual  search software the company has previously delivered. Online retailers want to make sales. They have to make sales. Customers want to buy products. Frequently, the customers do not have to make a buy. When they do not see the item they are looking for or the merchandise is out of stock, the customers go elsewhere.

Slyce Link provides a visual display of similar items intended to keep the customer from leaving without making a purchase. No, 100% of the customers are not going to be converted. That just is not possible.

Slyce’s original visual search app was designed to help customers use a photograph and a smartphone app to do retail searches for matching or similar products. Slyce’s success led it to purchasing other companies and expanding into different programs and apps. Unique coupon and discount apps are among the new arrivals. Acquisitions of other companies and apps have been performed as well.

Slyce really is on the move as the MarketWired article reveals. Look for Slyce ot be a major player in the tech and retail industry in the near future.