Recent Changes in the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry has changed a lot in the recent past. According to a recent study in North America, hotels have improved most of their facilities, offering customers amenities such as complimentary breakfasts, free Wi-Fi and sometimes premium bed linens. The industry seems to be reaching a customer satisfaction zone.

The study has been done for twenty years now, and it measures the overall visitor satisfaction in eight hotel sections: upper midscale, upscale, upper extended stay, the budget, midscale and the extended stay. There are seven key points that are monitored in each of the sections to determine the client satisfaction. The customer satisfaction is calculated using a 1000 scale.

In the past four years, the guest overall satisfaction has shown significant improvement. It has actually increased in 2015 by 2 points, averaging to 806. This result represents a small increase, especially in the recent times. The study registered strong improvements in the past years, mostly in the cost and the fees paid to the hotels.

Most of the guests have responded very well in the offerings provided by the hotel brands to increase value. However, many customers are asking for more. When the visitors do not notice any added value, especially in the amenities they are offered, they tend to look for another facility. If they notice improvement and a strong culture of service, they feel appreciated and special, and they always come back.

Although the satisfaction level has remained constant in the hotel industry, the luxury section has improved significantly by an overall of 12 points. This improvement is attributed to the improvement registered in fees and costs. Most luxury hotels in the modern times have proved to be too expensive, but they have also shown their guests that they offer additional value. This explains why many clients keep visiting these hotels.

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