A New Market For Pooches

People are no longer the only foodies on this planet as dog food business trends towards a demand for higher-quality nutrition. The markets have seen more premium dog food companies coming onto the scene who offer unique and nutritious alternatives for mealtimes and the bigger traditional brands are taking notice. At the Freshpet factory in Pennsylvania, Richard Thompson, CEO of the company, can be seen routinely walking the manufacturing floor checking his product for quality. Thompson is in the business of selling food for dogs. What makes Freshpet unique is that they are offering meals for dogs that require refrigeration. The company thrives on its high standards and refuses to use fillers and preservatives. Because of the lack of shelf stabilizers, the food must be kept under cold conditions and does not last as long as kibble and traditional wet foods. Freshpet wants to ensure their customers get to eat meals that are packed full of flavor and nutrition. While Freshpet is a small company they represent a larger demand for quality foods, beneful is one company are seen as more traditional but have also answered the request for a better diet for pooches. Beneful has been working since 2001 and now is ranked the number 4 most popular dog food brand. Beneful offers dogs a variety of choices for high-quality chow. Both in wet and dry, all the foods that leave Beneful’s production line are backed by lots of credible research on Facebook and checked for quality. Other companies like Merrick have achieved an official organic certification. Purina has since bought Merrick Pet Care. Purina who also owns Beneful, is looking to make it big on the premium pet food scene so look out for some added great lines from those brands.