Zika Virus Likely Affected Marila Lima’s Baby, and She Believes Brazil Does Not Care

Arthur, Marila Lima’s baby, is one of the many babies born with a condition known as microcephaly. It is a birth defect that has been found to have a link with the Zika virus, which was discovered in Brazil. Although the relationship has not been quite proven, International and Brazilian doctors think there’s a connection between both.
Lima was infected with the mosquito-born virus as she carried her baby in the womb. That time, there wasn’t much information about the virus, and her doctors assured her that there was nothing to worry. When she went for prenatal check up, the problem became more evident with the fetus. After giving birth, her son was noted to have very small head. Severe brain damage is proven to affect all aspects of the development of a child, including mental and physical.
Arthur doesn’t suckle as normal babies and he is hard and fretful to soothe. He has problems from the eyes to the hip and bones in both his arms and legs. Although Lima enjoys huge support of friends, family and her husband, she still believes that the government is not doing much about the babies as well as the parents. She also says that she puts all the blame to the government for her plight, as she believes that authorities have neglected their efforts in eradication, something that has largely contributed to more spread of the Zika virus.
Zika virus did not arrive in Brazil long. It has been about a year according to dino.com since it was realized in Latin America, but the country has reported not less than 1 million cases. The virus has also spread to more countries. In fact, countries like the United States warned pregnant mothers against travelling to these countries, including Brazil. To control the situation and try put a stop at the virus; Brazil has now started to fund research to help establish a vaccine for the Zika virus. The country has also sent drones to the fields to track down any stagnant waters, as well as sending the army into various cities to offer manpower.
Dr. Sergio Cortes Discusses Zika Virus
According to National Public Radio, Zika virus was first discovered in the 40s in various African countries such as Tanzania, Sierra Leon and Uganda. Over the years it spread throughout Asia to places like Thailand and India. He continues and says that the virus again resurfaced and continued to spread in 2015, reaching Latin American countries, which include Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. This lead to the World Health Organization to issue warnings on the disease’s dangers and the possible consequences and impacts it can generate.
Dr. Sergio also teaches people to know about the symptoms of Zika virus as opposed to those of Dengue. He says that, although both are characterized by symptoms such as red spots appearing on the skin, body aches and high fever, Zika virus is associated with microcephaly , a factor that is under research.