Richard Blair Helps Investors Build Better Financial Plans

Richard Blair is helping a lot of people get their financial plans together. Blair is certified in many areas of financial planning and he has become a resource to all that are really trying to gain an understanding of how financial planning works.


Lots of people have a desire to save, but many of them don’t know where to put their money. There is an overarching theme for financial planning that the average investor hears about that involve stocks. This has been handed down as the thing to invest in if one is considering saving for retirement. This is one option, but Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions make sure that his clients are well aware of all the other options that are available. He has been able to help many of his clients gain an understanding of other things like annuities and mutual funds. What Richard Blair has been able to do is help people maximize their returns and give them more options.


There are many people that are going to be impressed with what they can do with their portfolios once they gain an understanding of how investing works. Most people do not realize that there are other things that they can invest in are not as risky as stocks in order to diversify their portfolio. Richard Blair has been doing this for more than two decades and he is equipped with the knowledge that it takes for investors to gain a better understanding of what works for their own personalized plans. One of the biggest mistakes that investors make is following the path that someone else is taking. Everyone does not make the same amount of money so it makes more sense for investors to gain knowledge and develop a plan that is going to work for their own benefit.


Financial planning is something that lots of people need to do, but many simply don’t take the time to do it properly. Better planning for finances is beneficial for anyone that has been trying to gain a hold on what they can do with extra money. Over the years many people get raises and they get advances in their jobs. When people move to higher positions and gain more money they should take more time to make better financial plans for their lives. This is what Richard Blair is able to do for people that have financial goals.


A Journey Of Success In The Financial Services

David Osio graduated with specialized studies (Advanced Management Program) in International Banking Law from Catholic University Andres Bello. OPED Enterprise was the first company of his career with the position of President and CEO of the company for coffee export programs. He later worked as an executive in LETCO Commercial Companies and was assigned the role of structuring marketing programs for the industrial products in the US. 1984 was the year he started working for firms and starting gaining experience in banking law when he worked for MGO in Caracas. In MGO, he managed the corporate clients such as the Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation.


After working for some years at MGO, Osio had enough experience in the world of banking and outstanding career as a legal advisor. He was later offered a leading position in the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International (BLI) in Miami. In less than two years, Osio was offered the Vice President Position of the Banking Commercial division. Osio was responsible for overseeing the customer portfolio which increased considerably in value putting the bank in a better financial position internationally.


With vast experience in Banking and legal services, Osio decided to venture in his company and founded Davos Financial Group of Companies. It was the first financial advisor in Venezuela that was dedicated to providing financial advice to select clients. As the founder and CEO of the company, he developed proactive leadership that allowed him to improve his income and wealth but also strengthen the financial position of the company in a short period.


The success of Davos Financial Group was because of David’s management style which he acquired from American Banking Association and Swiss Banking Corporation. He realized that developing a successful company requires the leader to create financial boutique offering tailored services that match the needs and expectations of the clients. Davos Financial Group of companies is licensed and hold agreement’s with some of the biggest banks to create highly diversified and competitive investment platform. This could not be achieved without dedicated and experienced financial managers and executives who adhere to international standards and banking regulations in the financial sector.


Davos Financial Group has expanded its operations through different companies, and currently has offices in Miami, Geneva, New York, and Panam. Osio oversees the operational matters in the firm; he is part of the developing the portfolio of financial services, and he is responsible for ensuring effective management practices.

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