Recycling Drives Orange Coast College To Greater Levels Of Community Involvement

The residents of Costa Mesa have often found themselves looking for the academics and staff of Orange Coast College for leadership in their community with the year 2017 proving no different. More than four decades ago, Orange Coast College has been leading the fight to protect the environment of Costa Mesa and Southern California as a whole by developing a range of recycling programs at its campus for local residents to take advantage of. A new recycling facility at the college will now add to the range of goods recycled across the Costa Mesa region of California.


The success of the college in providing some of the most impressive recycling services in California has not gone unnoticed with residents from across the state bringing their unwanted goods and recyclable products to the campus. Orange Coast College has built a strong reputation as a leading recycling center and will only add to this reputation following the opening of a five-acre site dedicated to the recycling of products and waste to avoid adding to a lot of items sent each day to landfills across California.


The academics and staff of Orange Coast College believe it is their responsibility to play a role in protecting the environment, a role the college has added to by ensuring the new recycling facility was developed to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Not only does the recycling center use solar panels to provide power and reduce the level of fossil fuels burned at power stations to power the work of the facility but a larger range of goods can be recycled or responsibly disposed of through Orange Coast College. Small batteries and consumer electronics can be recycled at the facility by staff members who will work to ensure they are not placed in landfills and pollute the land, rivers, and air of this beautiful region of Southern California.


The more than 20,000 students passing through Orange Coast College each year work to complete trades-based and college transfer courses which are WASC-accredited. Reusing items and buildings has become a major part of the history of Orange Coast College as the gym, movie theater, and many other buildings originally built as part of the Santa Ana U.S. Army Air Base were recycled for use as the original campus of Orange Coast College in 1948. Learn more:


Orange Coast College Receives $1 Million Donation for Planetarium

Recently, Orange College received a $1 million donation for a new planetarium that is being built. The donation will be used to fund the construction of a valuable part of the new facility. Retired professor Mary McChesney donated the funds to help give the planetarium an innovative device known as a Foucault pendulum which demonstrates how the Earth rotates.

With this new feature, a number of students and community residents will be able to get a better perspective of how the Earth rotates. According to college officials, the pendulum will be the only one located in all of Orange County.

Once the planetarium is full constructed, it will serve as a main educational facility of scientific studies for both students and residents of the local community. While McChesney is elderly now, she still has a strong passion for education and enlightening others on a regular basis.

By the fall of 2018, the planetarium will be completely built and begin serving the community as an educational resource. It will serve as an educational establishment for a number of people such as students of elementary school and college students. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

It will also be available for tourists and local residents to learn more about the details of astronomy and the solar system. While learning about astronomy is done with books and field study, visiting a planetarium such as this will provide yet another place for individuals to enhance their knowledge of one of the most important branches of science.

Orange Cost College is a two year community junior college located in Orange County. It is based in the city of Costa Mesa and serves as an entry level educational institution for both high school graduates and adults. The college has a number of education programs that will benefit many individuals. Students can study a number of subjects such as science, business, technology, real estate and healthcare.

When attending this college, students can achieve two year degrees as well as certificates in a number of different fields. As well as offering numerous educational programs, Orange Coast College also provides online study which allows individuals to complete their education on a more convenient basis.

Celebrities Still Flock to Kabbalah Centre

Jerusalem Online recently published an in depth article the brought up the question of why non-Jewish Hollywood stars are so fascinated with Kabbalah. The article was reminiscent of Madonna’s obsession with Kabbalah over a decade ago. However, years later, stars still flock to Kabbalah, often converting from a variety of other religions. The article sought to answer the question, “what’s the reason?”

Many stars quoted in the article said similar things, that they saw peace and a higher power in Kabbalah that varied greatly from the conforms of more traditional religion. Stars including the late Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Sammy Davis were all quoted discussing the elements of peace and guidance that the religion brought to their life. Even stars like Paris Hilton spoke about how it helped them deal with and overcome life obstacles. Paris even said after a bad breakup she drove right to the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles to receive immediate help and healing.

The Kabbalah Centre shares that Kabbalah is a truly ancient wisdom, but one that has tools to create life fulfillment that are still incredibly applicable today. Perhaps that is why so many Hollywood stars and even regular people that aren’t of Jewish heritage flock to the Las Angeles’s famous Kabbalah Centre.

The Kabbalah Centre itself is the largest organization in the world that is solely dedicated to sharing the centuries old wisdom of Kabbalah teachings. It seeks to give people a tool belt of lessons that they can utilize to remove chaos from their life and seek a deeper purpose for themselves and learn more about Kabbalah.

The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre was developed by Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg and offers guidance to a student community that is as ethnically diverse as Los Angeles. Although many famous people come to the Kabbalah centre, it is also a refuge for ordinary people that seek to learn more about the teachings and find an outlet to cope with life’s ebb and flow. Celebrities associated with the Centre include Demi Moore, Lucy Liu, Mick Jagger, Britney Spears, Mischa Barton, Ariana Grande, James Van Der Beek and dozens more more information click here.

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Betsy DeVos Opposes Overturning of Bathroom Bill

Betsy DeVos is primarily known from her (and her husband Dick’s) extensive philanthropy work which has largely been dedicated to state empowered education, such as the Partnership for Education Justice, Success Academy Charter Schools as well as the University of Maryland College.

However, Betsy DeVos has come into the spotlight of late more recently for a entirely different reason after she was appointed to the position of Secretary of Education for the United States of America by the Trump/Pence administration. This new surge of interest is connected to the so-called, “Bathroom Ban,” a moniker shorthand for the allocation of transgendered individuals and bathroom use (involving questions like whether or not a transgender, female to male, should be able to use the men’s restroom and vice-versa). While Ms. DeVos has signed on to the move by the Trump administration there have been a couple of sources both outside and inside the white house that have stated that, from the beginning, Ms. DeVos was actually strongly apposed to the bathroom legislation.

According to a source first acquired by CNN, a former associate of Ms. DeVos stated that when she was called to the white house to speak with Sen. Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump, she expressed her concern about the bathroom legislation by telling Mr. Trump that both she and him had promised to advocate for the rights of, and ensure the protections of, all students in the United States and that she felt this was backtracking somewhat on this promise. Yet, in the end she did end up supporting the new administration in a effort to foster cohesion within the newly congealing presidential administration. Even still, Ms. DeVos has made her concerns very clear and very public and has vowed to continue advocating for the rights and protections of all children so that they to may be afforded the, “Freedom to learn and thrive.”

Some reports surfaced regarding Senator Sessions and Ms. DeVos’ opinions of each other, given their drastically distant stance on the transgender issue with some allegations of hot-headedness and animosity between the two cabinet members. However, in a recent public press release, the White House Press Sec, Mr. Sean Spicer, vehemently denied that there was any animosity between Ms. DeVos and Mr. Sessions.

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Betsy DeVos – A Passionate Education Reformist and Advocate

Betsy DeVos is a political contributor, American businesswoman and is the pick for the Education Secretary by President Donald Trump. Her long list of contributions and her fight for education reform in the country has made her one of the top choices for the post. She has been using every opportunity there is to bring about a positive change in the educational sector of the country. She has been active on the political front for over 40 years which she started volunteering for President Gerald Ford in 1976.

DeVos is a firm believer of school vouchers that would allow all students to attend private schools with the use of public funding. She wants parents to have more choices about the way they want to educate their children. Over the years, she has helped low-income families with kids to get access to better schools. She does not want students to be stuck in schools that are not offering quality education. Betsy DeVos believes that it is through better choice that they will be able to improve the education system in the country. Her supporters believe that her talent and commitment in revitalizing the public schools will be towards the betterment of the society and offer more opportunities for excellent education.

DeVos grew up hearing stories about her Dutch immigrant ancestors who pushed their way to overcame poverty with hard work. Her father was an automobile parts supplier in Holland and was among the wealthiest in their town. She went to Holland Christian High School in her hometown of Holland. She then completed her graduation in business administration and political science from Calvin College in Grand Rapids in Michigan. She grew up as a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North American and had a religious upbringing. DeVos is married to Dick DeVos who is the former president of Amway which his founder co-founded. She has four children who are raised in the town of Ada, Michigan.

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DeVos’ family has been a major contributor to many conservative and Christian organizations. She has also been the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and was a member of the Republican National Committee in the 1990s. DeVos aims to set standards in the education institutions, bring about accountability and oversee research that will benefit the children. She has also created a Family Foundation ( called the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. The foundation aims to cultivate leadership and support transformation in five broad areas of education, arts, community, justice and leadership. In fact, the DeVos Family was also on the list of top givers in America in 2015. They have also donated significant amounts to many health research projects, hospitals, and art organizations over the years.

ClassDojo Providing An App To Establish A School Communication Platform

The parent and teacher conference is a part of the educational system. The use of teacher and parent conferences to discuss the progress of children in schools has been a huge benefit to the success of many children in school. Along with other traditional aspects of school, the parent and teacher conference will always have a place in the educational system.


Over the past few decades, many schools have looked for ways to continue the communication between parents and teachers but to find other ways to continue the communication other than the traditional face-to-face conferences that have been held for many decades. One of the ways that many schools have addressed this is by using the ClassDojo app.


The ClassDojo app is technology that essentially provides a communication platform for schools to use regarding communication between teachers, parents, and students. Over 80,000 schools are currently utilizing the app designed by Class Dojo. The app has a variety of features and functions that give schools an opportunity to establish communication on a platform that caters to the needs of schools.


The ClassDojo app is helping many schools, and ClassDojo is planning to expand the use of the app along with adding new features and functions to the app because of recent funding that was received totaling 21 million dollars. The funding will allow ClassDojo to enhance the communication platform that makes up the foundation of the ClassDojo app.


There are a variety of reasons why the ClassDojo app has become popular in schools. One of the reasons has been the ability to establish regular communication between teachers and parents. With the app, teachers and parents can communicate on a daily basis or whatever timeframe they desire.


Instead of waiting for specific dates and times to meet face to face, teachers and parents can communicate through the use of the ClassDojo app whenever desired. The communication is technology driven so the need for face-to-face physical meetings is eliminated. The traditional teacher and parent student conference can still be done but the ClassDojo app provides other options for communication between teachers and parents.


 These additional options can only improve the communication between teachers and parents. Technology allows people to communicate in ways that were not possible in prior decades. Technology such as smartphones and cell phones have forever changed the way people communicate. In the same fashion, communication platforms such as the ClassDojo app will change the way teachers and parents communicate regarding students.