Waiakea Water: Who Knew Water From a Volcano Could Be the Best of the Best?

If you haven’t heard of Waiakea Volcanic Water yet, you are definitely about to. The water is the first of its kind to not only be fully sustainable, but to be bottled but a pure volcanic source that also has incredible alkaline properties that can actually help heal and protect our bodies and give ourselves the optimum pH level to function as the body should.

There are many factors that are leading up to the hyper of Waiakea Water. First is the fact of how pure the source is that the water comes from. The water comes from Maua Loa volcano in Hawaii. The volcano lies on an island that is completely surrounded by hundreds of thousands of square miles of water. The closest industrial source is tens of thousands of miles away, meaning that the water that comes from the volcano is completely pure. Additionally, the volcano is nestled in the heart of protective land filled with natural vegetation that also contributes to the waters purity and health effects.

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In addition to its purity, the volcano’s water source replenishes itself every day. This means that it is one of the first sources in the bottled water industry that can truly say it comes from a fully sustainable source. Much of the water comes from melted snowcaps on top of the mountain. This water trickles down the volcano. As the water runs down around 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, is picks up natural minerals and elements that make the water naturally alkaline.

Waiakea was recently featured in Premier Gazette in a comprehensive article that detailed exactly how the company is revolutionizing the bottled water industry. It will be the first bottled water ever created that comes from a fully sustainable source and will come in a packaging that will be fully sustainable. While many bottled water companies say that their packaging us biodegradable, the truth is that it can take tens of thousands of years to actually degrade. Waiakea Water should degrade fully without any harm to the planet in less than fifteen years. The company is already hitting shelves in the best health-centric stores throughout the world as well as being available for delivery.