ClassDojo raises a whopping $21 million to bolster its teacher-parent communication platform

ClassDojo, a free application has raised a whopping $21 million to help expand its team and improve content features on its communication platform where educators and parents can talk about student academic performance and general behavior. Since its launch, ClassDojo has raised a total of $31 million meant for venture funding. The fundraising was steered by General Catalyst, an investor in ClassDojo. The funds will be used to incorporate new content and features that will be of important use to the parents using the app. The objective is to help parents in fostering learning and behavior development of their kids at home just as is the case in the school setting.


Thanks to constant communication between teachers and parents all through the school calendar, the app allows parents to get acquainted with the academic performance and behavior of their kids. Basically, teachers take videos and photos during the day and share them with parents through the communication app, showing the student’s involvement in school work. Consequently, it eliminates the shock experienced by parents who only learn about their kids’ school performance during once-a-semester school meetings.


ClassDojo was established in 2011 by two co-founders namely, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. At the time, there was no any free and user-friendly app that brought together teachers, learners, and their parents. This is actually, what motivated the birth of ClassDojo. At the moment, parents are able to get involved in all the goings-on in school thanks to ClassDojo. At present, the ClassDojo app is used by the teaching fraternity in 85,000 schools across the United States, from public to private schools. Now that 2 out of 3 schools use ClassDojo, the latest funding will further push the platform into new territories. According to its co-founders, ClassDojo strives to distribute the app to, even more, educators and parents. ClassDojo faces business competition in the education space from its counterparts like Kickboard, FreshGrade, Nearpod, and Remind.


For now, the app is yet to start generating revenue. According to the founders, ClassDojo has a strong data protection policy and will not generate revenues through user’s data. Instead, they intend to develop premium features that parents will need to pay in order to use. In the near future, parents could use ClassDojo to buy content such as custom yearbooks, discussion guides, and videos. What’s more, the app may also incorporate transactional features that allow parents to pay monies via their phones for things like education trips or lunches.