Kate Hudson and Fabletics

Women everywhere go through a daily argument that’s all about whether or not we want to feel cozy and comfortable or stylish and fashionable. One thing that speaks to that argument is the development of stylish and durable workout clothes. The great news right now is that there are many new lines of workout wear that look and feel so good they can double as wardrobe for day or even evening wear. A recent article at http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/ addressed the issue, as editor Mehera Bonner spoke to actress Kate Hudson about her new brand of workout wear, Fabletics.

Hudson’s new workout line is designed for women who want to stay fit while also staying fashionable. The clothes from Fabletics are flattering and easy to wear, with a lot of stretch. One of the philosophies of this clothing line is about keeping women motivated to take care of themselves by working out and staying really active. Ultimately, staying fit translates into looking good, so this is a win-win idea for women the whole way.

The Evolution of the Little Black Dress

The entire brand offers a range of great pieces for casual and workout wear. Some of the tops and dresses have a sports bra already sewn in, so they are that much easier to wear with ease. The Tropez Dress from Fabletics is a truly classic looking “little black dress” that exudes elegance and ease. The difference is that this dress is made of durable fabric with a built-in bra, so it’s stretchy and comfortable while also quite lovely.

All the designs in the Fabletics line have a lovely feminine touch that sets them apart. Hudson also stresses that another difference in this workout/day wear line is the price point. The designs from Fabletics are priced affordably, so they are attainable for women at a broad range of budgets. That issue was key in the development of the line, says Hudson. Hudson has always felt that having lovely workout gear should be something women in every economic level can have, not just the lucky few.

A look around at the athleisure line shared by Bustle proves that this is true. The looks here are beautiful and also affordable. There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more of this breakthrough brand in the days to come.