The Chainsmokers Sell Albums Because They Are Relatable To

Before walking out on stage, the Chainsmokers spoke with reporters to talk about their latest release and how it feels to remain at the top of the music charts for many years. While being invited to perform for a special invite for the American Express and Hilton card member special event, the group spoke about how their latest single has turned to a different direction than what they have been used to.

The Hilton brand has partnered with American Express in order to create a new buzz and in order for this to happen, the hotel brand invited guests to come and watch the latest performance.

At the start of the 2018 year, the Chainsmokers released the “Sick Boy” single. This single is just one of the many of new releases they will put out for the year. They have spent the last nine months preparing for the release which is a long time compared to what they have been used to in the past. Before this latest single, the group was releasing new music almost monthly.

For the Chainsmokers, they receive their ideas for their music through the struggles they face and endure daily to help them to write their music. What or how everyone else interprets it is up to them. This is something that all artists have to listen to and respect that are in the music business.

Through social media, artists will release different things that they want others to see to keep them current and up to date on what celebrities are doing. With a high presence in social media, artists and actors and actresses are able to be more relatable to because others can see that their lives are just like anyone else’s. How you choose to use your presence on the social media is up to you.

For the band, when asked about how the latest single went to a dark place, they are asked about if this was something that was more personal than other songs. For the band, it is something about the band and their everyday struggles but it is also about how the world is struggling day to day to get by.

The band wants others to know how they handle themselves through everyday struggles because they let them in on what they are doing. Because they let others know through song, it will be easier to relate to when spotting them on your social feed or through social applications like Instagram.

Sisterhood in the Soap Kingdom–Queens of Drama

In episode one of Queens of Drama, veteran soap actor Lindsay Hartley comments on the lack of roles for older women, older meaning out of ingénue age range. She is visited by her Passions co-star Chrystee Pharris, who is tired of getting “sidekick” roles, as she has distinct and creative ideas about the types of roles she would like to play.

At a networking party, the two friends meet up with Instagram celeb Crystal Hunt, who rocked the screen in soap roles such as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light and Stacy Morasco in the hit soap opera One Life to Live. In both of these roles she plays a girl who is up to no good, and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She does not make a favorable impression on the two “Psssions” stars as she insults Lindsay about her going out for older character roles. This could be the beginning of a beautiful collaboration or the making of “frenemies” for life.

Once General Hospital and Las Vegas star Vanessa Marcil is added to the mix, the conversation takes a more constructive turn, with all of the women agreeing that there is a shortage of quality roles for women and that they have some ideas of the types of roles they would like to play. Vanessa confides that if a project is going to take her away from her child and her farm, it’s going to have to be fun.

After getting an audience with the big queen, Donna Mills, they have a table meeting attended by The Bold and The Beautiful star Hunter Tylo, at the request of Donna Mills, and the group realizes that this project may be more difficult than they thought to get off the ground. Ideas are pitched and squashed and emotions naturally begin to run high.

Not only is the premise interesting, but the characters drive this show with their range of personalities. Although Crystal has done tons of interviews where she refers to them as her friends as she introduces them to Vanessa. They have a common purpose and the strength of talent and experience to make a primetime project happen, the question is if their different styles and personalities will get in the way?

Crystal Hunt has also been on the big screen, in hit movies such as Sydney White, The Derby Stallion, and most recently Magic Mike XXL. She grew up in front of the eyes of soap fans, who are cheering for her and the other daytime drama favorites to succeed.  Crystal Hunt has a massive Facebook fan page following, and can be found interacting with her fans online.

There are only four soap operas left on television, and fans of this enthralling genre are excited to see soap actors back in the spotlight.

The Show The Legacy-One Life To Live

So many soap operas have come and gone over the past 50 years. Perhaps one of the greatest to ever grace the television sets was the infamous One Life To Live. ABC was the lucky network to pick up this show. They aired it from July of 1969 until January of 2012. Even when the show was cancelled from ABC, Hulu picked it up for another season. Though they barely lasted a season there, the fans got to see some more of Agnes Nixon’s famous work.

The show originally started out as just a thirty-minute drama. However, fans wanted more of this show and ABC heard and met their demands. The show moved up to being forty-five minutes in 1976 and then again up to an hour long broadcast in 1978. Fans were satisfied with an hour of their favorite characters and their enticing story lines that seemed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The picturesque town setting was Lanview, PA. It was supposed to be a suburb of the Pittsburg area. It was a fictional town, but it was known for its social and economic diversity. Many are shocked to learn that some of television’s greats got their start on this show. Remember the Cosby’s show’s Phylicia Rashad? Well, she got her stardom from this soap. The same can also be said of Judith Light and Reece Witherspoon’s ex-husband Ryan Phillipe.

The show ran for forty five seasons on ABC and lastly Hulu. During this time frame, they had eleven producers and they made over 11,000 episodes. They were not strangers to the award circuit either. They took home an Emmy in 2002 for being an ‘Outstanding Drama Series.” This show was also a springboard for many to launch better careers making more money. This can be said of Crystal Hunt from the Magic Mike movie series. She played Stacy Morasco on OLTL from 2009-2010. It was all the time she needed to be noticed and move on to big-screen roles, she’s had quite a few according to her CrunchBase profile.

She was a stripper on OTLT, as well as in the Magic Mike movies. The transition was easy for her, especially since she got the attention of many guys on the soap set. Rex Balsom was her lover on the daytime drama, but many feel her character was killed off too quickly to see where the real drama might lead her.