Cassio Audi Finds Success in Business After Switching from Music Caeer

Cassio Audi is changing the way that people invest. He is someone that has become quite prominent in the investment industry, but this is actually a second career for Cassio. He did not always start out at the top of the financial investment. There was a time where he was much more inclined to engage in rock band performances. This is where most people that have listened to rock music in the late 80s would know him from. He has become a very successful businessman in recent years, but his early start would be as a rocker that wrote songs and play drums for a rock group.

Cassio Audi definitely had many choices when it came to the career that he wanted to choose. He could have gone in many different directions, but Cassio chose a life where he would concentrate more on business over anything else. He decided to build a career that would allow him to move into a world where he would gain financial clarity. He would use his time in the business world to become a savvy financial investor, and he would also help others that were trying to build their investments as well.

Cassio Audi has a lot of experience in the business world, and he has been recognized repeatedly for the things that he has done as a financial business leader. This is not the only area where had success, but it is currently the area that he is most notably known again. There have been other times before this career in finance and business where he was known widely for his musicianship. There is currently a revitalization of some of the music that he has done, and his name comes up from time to time as the prolific songwriter that the band Viper.

A Look at the Career of Louis Chenevert

Legacies are not made in a moment. Legacies are made over a lifetime. It is only as we study one’s entire lifespan that we see the impact they made in their own personal sphere. Upon looking at Louis Chenevert’s life, I am confident that we can declare his life a legacy.

That impact he would make upon the business world began in Montreal, Quebec. It was here that Chenevert would go to attend the extension school of the world renowned University of Montreal, HEC of Montreal. During his time there, he would receive a degree in Production Management under some of the brightest minds in the field.

After his graduation, Chenevert would then go into a management position at General Motors as a Production General Manager. He worked in this position for fourteen years until the aerospace company Pratt and Whitney approached him about a manager’s position.

Chenevert would leave General motors to go work for Pratt and Whitney. After being there for only six years, the board saw in him the potential to run the company. In the year of 1999 he was approached by the board and offered the position of president. After successfully expanding their profit, Chenevert was offered another job as Chief Executive Officer at United Technologies Corporation. It was here at UTC that he would craft what many people call his legacy.

Chenevert did several things simultaneously that empowered his company to take the lead in high technologies for aerospace. He was able to train both workers and executives, lower the impact on the environment, acquire several companies to make them more competitive, and establish a network of close factories that worked in harmony with one another.

With these accomplishments behind him, two magazines would declare him “Person of the Year”. They were “Aviation Week” and “Space Technology”. HEC of Montreal would soon honor him with a honorary doctorate in the field of Production Management. After leaving UTC, he became a consultant for Goldman Sachs.

Goettl Air Conditioning: They Think Of Everything

When it comes to Goettl Air Conditioning, they truly think of everything and nothing gets past them. That is how they have been able to stay in business as long as they have and have had such success with their customers. They are always on top of things and keeping a fresh and exciting perspective on everything. They are also very thoughtful of all of the animals out there as well. Goettl know that many of their customers in the Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas areas have animals, and they want to make sure they have everything they need to have a safe and healthy time during the particularly warm times of the year.

That is why they have put this article out there for there for customers to read: This shows a company that is willing to go the extra mile and is incredibly thoughtful. Not only do they care about their customers and their well-being, but they also care about the well-being of their pets as well. That is putting in the right effort. They have many helpful tips that are sure to keep animals cool and safe when they need it the most. Since they can’t always communicate this to the owners, this is especially vital.

According to GlassDoor reviews, one of the things they talk about a great deal is hydration. They know that animals need lots and lots of water. There is no such thing as too much water during the warm times of the year. The more water, the better for the animals, as this ensures they are healthy and in good shape. Grooming is something that needs to be paid extra attention to as well, since the less fur they have to worry about; the cooler they will be as well. They have plenty of experience with dealing with this type of thing.

They also have plenty of experience when it comes to air conditioner installation, repairs, and maintenance. When it comes to installing a new one, they can have it done in a jiffy and they do in a professional and top-notch way. For repairs, those are for machines that just need a few things tinkered with here and there and then can be up and running like new. When it comes to maintenance, this is vital to make sure the air conditioner does not go out on a really, really warm day. They handle all of this with ease and a positive attitude.

Entrepreneur Jason Hope Believes In The Power Of Technology

Jason Hope is an esteemed futurist. The Arizona based entrepreneur, and investor has a passion for and a clear understanding of technology. In addition, he loves giving back to the community. Jason Hope uses his extensive market knowledge to monitor the industry and make predictions regarding the expected trends in the technology sector.

Jason Hope is an alumnus of Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. Moreover, he went on to earn an MBA from the Carey School of Business of the Arizona State University. At the beginning of his career, Hope established mobile communications firm. Presently, he focuses on investing in startups, and biotechnology firms. Moreover, he spends his time around Scottsdale where he develops grant programs for entrepreneurs besides mentoring high school students.

Jason’s advice about technology is important to today’s businesses and people seeking for the best ways of taking advantage of the future. Speaking about his grant initiative, Jason hope said that he understands how difficult it is to translate a business idea into the actual business. Particularly, he noted that students and entrepreneurs find it hard to achieve this objective. According to Hope, many young minds have outstanding ideas. However, the state of the economy does not enable them to save sufficient funds to put their ideas into action.

In the recent past, Jason Hope developed an official website where people can pitch their ideas. Subsequently, he selects and identifies the most interesting ideas. He noted that the future of the technology sector will be dependent on the outstanding ideas that generated by young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jason says that he generates income from his portfolio of technology firms. At the start of his profession, he established a mobile communication firm that acted as the parent company for other subsidiaries in technology sector. Presently, he makes a living from his portfolio of investments that include firms engaging in offering marketing services like search engine optimization and business information systems. Hope points out that the future of the society is anchored on technology because it connects and interconnects people, things, and places. He is also a firm believer in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Jason Hope Info:

Bruno Fagali’s Commitment to Humanity and Equity

     Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer whose professional contribution in the wheels of justice is quite impressive. He is reputed for his high level of professionalism in the practice and he remains to be one of the most sought after attorney in Brazil. Fegali specializes in the public and anti-corruption law. In his line of duty, he handles cases to do with administrative contracts, urban law bidding laws, regulatory law, and public civil actions among other areas of justice. Due to the emotive nature of his specialization in the legal practice, Bruno Fagali has earned a lot of popularity in Brazil and the world over.

Bruno Fagali motivation in the justice realms has been to bring back sanctity to the governance system. In the Brazilian governance system, there are numerous issues with regards to corruption and financial integrity. Bruno Fagali has been on the forefront to try and clean up the mess by initiating several programs to curb these vices. He has come up with several integrity procedures for companies that get government contracts as a measure to stop corrupt individuals from embezzling public funds. He is a true believer of financial accountability. Through his firm, Fagali Advocacy, he has managed to push for social equity, an agenda he holds so dear.

Bruno Fagali is a graduate from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo where he obtained his bachelors of law degree. Soon after that he enrolled as an intern in several law firms before he eventually joined one as an attorney. After years of working in other law firms, he decided to go it alone and founded the Fagali Advocacy. Through his company, Bruno has achieved enviable success which has earned him unmatched admiration in the legal scene. He remains to be a vocal voice of the people especially in matters of corruption and equality.

Orange Coast College Receives $1 Million Donation for Planetarium

Recently, Orange College received a $1 million donation for a new planetarium that is being built. The donation will be used to fund the construction of a valuable part of the new facility. Retired professor Mary McChesney donated the funds to help give the planetarium an innovative device known as a Foucault pendulum which demonstrates how the Earth rotates.

With this new feature, a number of students and community residents will be able to get a better perspective of how the Earth rotates. According to college officials, the pendulum will be the only one located in all of Orange County.

Once the planetarium is full constructed, it will serve as a main educational facility of scientific studies for both students and residents of the local community. While McChesney is elderly now, she still has a strong passion for education and enlightening others on a regular basis.

By the fall of 2018, the planetarium will be completely built and begin serving the community as an educational resource. It will serve as an educational establishment for a number of people such as students of elementary school and college students. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

It will also be available for tourists and local residents to learn more about the details of astronomy and the solar system. While learning about astronomy is done with books and field study, visiting a planetarium such as this will provide yet another place for individuals to enhance their knowledge of one of the most important branches of science.

Orange Cost College is a two year community junior college located in Orange County. It is based in the city of Costa Mesa and serves as an entry level educational institution for both high school graduates and adults. The college has a number of education programs that will benefit many individuals. Students can study a number of subjects such as science, business, technology, real estate and healthcare.

When attending this college, students can achieve two year degrees as well as certificates in a number of different fields. As well as offering numerous educational programs, Orange Coast College also provides online study which allows individuals to complete their education on a more convenient basis.

Ubuntu Fund and its contribution to society

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of Ubuntu Fund. He is well known for his philanthropic work through this fund. Recently, he raised almost six lac pounds from this platform which was a huge success. It was organized in London where an incredible number of people were gathered for this noble cause who wants to help people by making their lives a lot easier. The main purpose of this fundraiser is to help the needy children from African countries. Mr. Rolfe was quite successful in achieving his goal of helping the mankind. Through this fund, he aims to change the lives of African children who are seeking help from developed nations. This raised amount of money will be sent to Ubuntu Education Fund’s campus located in Port Elizabeth. The campus is striving hard to provide high-quality education to under privileged children. This year’s unexpectedly higher amount of money being raised will help the foundation also to fund a full-fledged pediatric center within the school campus that will provide high-quality medical care and treatment to the children in need.

Though the prime focus of this organization is helping children, yet it has also helped other deserving people from all over the world who look for someone’s assistance and care. Rolfe believes in changing the lives of such people by providing them the necessities that can help them to live their lives suitably. Until now, the fund has served almost four hundred thousand people belonging to underprivileged communities located in the subcontinent. Andrew Rolfe makes sure that the children who are being helped by his foundation are physical, emotionally and mentally healthy so that they can prove beneficial not only to themselves and their families but also to the society. He has been operating the fund since the year 1999 and almost after 2 decades the fund continues to grow and help more people. This fund helps in improving the lifestyles of people who are suffering in poverty. Rolfe’s commitment and determination towards helping the poor people with honest means have led the foundation towards success.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Remains Committed to Media Company

     Since Grupo Televisa is the largest and most popular media company in the entire world of Spanish speaking people, it is important that the company be able to handle the things that are going to happen in the future. Before Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero took over as the CFO, there was only a very small chance that the company would be able to do this and remain successful with everything that they were working on. He took over, though, and things seemed to get better for the company. More people looked at it in a positive light and wanted to see what the future was going to hold.

While Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is not the perfect CFO, he has been able to do more than most other people were able to do in the past. He has remained committed throughout his entire time with Grupo Televisa and he has not wavered at all with the things that he was planning on doing with the company. He hopes that he will be able to improve it to the point where he can make things better and where he can try new options with the people who are in different situations throughout the world of Spanish speakers.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is a business professional. Before working with Grupo Televisa, he worked as a CFO with another media company. He has also worked in banking and is confident in his skills to run a business that is as large as Grupo Televisa. He plans to stay on as the CFO for many years to come. He is going to make sure that Grupo Televisa has everything that they need before he makes the decision to leave the company and go out to try and help another company that needs his expertise.

The Business Genius Anthony Petrello and His Previous Academic Excellence

The American business industry is the toughest in comparison to other areas around the world. Individuals and businesses who manage to become the top cream do so with unmatched passion and intellect. The Wall Street market alone is a jungle for businesses and entrepreneurs learning the game. One player who has risen to be America’s icon in business is Anthony Petrello, the chief executive officer of Nabor Industries. The mogul’s achievements are even more pronounced because his academic background had no business classes.



Anthony cleared his tertiary education stage with a JD from Harvard’s school of law. Before joining Harvard, Anthony was deemed somewhat of a mathematical genius while undertaking a bachelor and masters in Mathematics from Yale University. He displayed an undeterred passion in the subject during his high school years and rose to earn a full sponsorship to join Yale. One of Anthony’s professor and classmate noted his genius streak and visualized him as the next Einstein for this generation. Anthony shifted his focus from mathematics to law during his school years, a change that many presume affected not only his onlookers and himself too and more information click here.



After leaving Yale, Anthony became an attorney with Baker & McKenzie located in Manhattan. He worked exceptionally with all of the practice’s clients and quickly gained recognition for his undisputable performance. One of the firm’s clients, Nabors Industries, offered him a job in the 1990’s which would become Anthony’s stepping stone to both fame and success. Anthony climbed the firm’s ladder with genuine diligence and became its chief executive officer 30 years after his recruitment and learn more about Anthony.


Philanthropic life

Anthony’s childhood background is on the opposite side of the spectrum with his current life. He grew up on the humble side of Newark and rarely enjoyed new play toy acquisitions from his parents. As an adult, Anthony not only sympathizes with families that need financial support, he contributes regularly and generously to courses that instigate growth in people’s lives. He sits on the board of Texas Children’s Hospital and has on several occasions funded projects with millions of dollars to find cures for neurological disorders in children. Anthony believes in the local medical facilities in America and stated that with the right support scientists could output revolutionary solutions and follow his Twitter.

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Alexandre Gama Is An Experienced Advertising Professional

Alexandre Gama provides is a trusted marketing and advertising consultant in Brazil.

Advertising is an important aspect of managing or running a business or an organization. Every company or entrepreneur should have a good system in place for reaching a massive audience that are already looking for what they’re offering.

Advertising is about communicating value to potential customers, keeping existing customers or clients loyal, and building brand awareness. It takes great expertise to accomplish that. If you want achieve tremendous success, you need to consult an experienced advertising or marketing professional.

Based in Brazil, Alexandre Gama provides service to a wide variety of enterprises and establishments. Alexandre Gama has a proven track record in the industry and comes highly recommended. Alexandre Gama pays attention to clients’ concerns and take steps to address them appropriately.

As an experienced advertising professional, Alexandre Gama can fine tune the right audience for your product and create ads and other promotional strategies at potential customers. You don’t need to handle the advertising task and spend precious time to perform a task you’re not really trained to do. Let a qualified professional handle it for you, while you focus on running your business.

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