Doe Deere Expands Her Product Line

Doe Deere is a leader in the cosmetics industry. She has been able to provide a lot of insight on how she can change what was the previous norm for cosmetics. Doe Deere is bringing forth a cruelty-free line of cosmetics, and this is something that people can rave about if they have been concerned about the environment and animal safety.


Doe Deere has certainly become a very popular person in cosmetics because she has been able to promote her brand in a very unique way. While big-name companies have been trying to lure consumers through traditional methods like television commercials, Doe Deere has decided to engage with her customer base in a whole different way. She is actually wired into her consumer base through social media. This is where she promotes her new shades of lipstick. This is where the Unicorn makeup comes alive ( She is quick to tweet about a new shade of lipstick. There are also lots of pictures posted on Lime Crime on Instagram about the new shades that are available. This has made Doe Deere a very popular person in the social media arena. Learn more:


Doe Deere has been able to build a better brand because she has been able to connect with customers in his way. She does not have to wait for reviews from critics to hear what customers are saying. Doe Deere had a solid connection to her customers through social media. Learn more:


People are impressed by what Doe Deere has managed to create from the little company that she started on eBay. She has grown in a tremendous way, and the brand just keeps getting more attention. There is no doubt that Doe Deere is maximizing her brand to a wider audience base in the immediate future. People can tell that just by looking at the extension of her product line. The hair dye products that have become a part of the Lime Crime brand show that Doe Deere is thinking about much more than makeup. She has a desire to present beauty products that cover ever aspect of the beautification process.


Originally Doe Deere was the one that people knew for the zany makeup colors. Today she is getting recognized for a lot more. It isn’t just the lipstick anymore. People that are talking about Lime Crime are also talking about nails. They are talking about the way that this brand has evolved. That is all a part of the expansion of the Doe Deere branding. She knows that she has an audience that is demanding more, and she has taking heed to what her audience is saying. That is why people are impressed with Lime Crime. Doe Deere stays on top of things by putting some interest into what her fans would like to see. Learn more:


Doe Deere has managed to create some great products that consumers are interested in ( There is a lot of talk about the makeup, but there is also a great amount of buzz on the hair dye.

Scott Rocklage: Bringing Ideas to Life

Boston-based Scott Rocklage has developed a unique life mission. He works with entrepreneurs, Business, and Medical Executives to help them turn their ideas into potential medicines to serve needs that are currently not met. He’s excited for the future in the biosciences field, especially in areas, especially in targeting specific mutations and genotypes to treat cancer in new ways, and saving lives.

Dr. Rocklage’s day doesn’t fall into mundane ruts as he’s always studying new areas of life science, in addition to working with various Management Teams and Board Members, turning bioscience ideas into reality.

Dr. Rocklage joined Life Sciences Investment Firm 5AM in 2003 as a Venture Partner, becoming Managing Partner in 2004. The firm focuses on building next generation life science companies with the potential to drive home substantial returns. Learn more about Patty Rocklage: and

Here, Rocklage uses his three decades in healthcare management to make ideas come to life. His leadership also led to FDA approval of three U.S. New Drug Applications Cubicin, Omniscan, and Teslascan as well as entering several drug candidates into clinical trials.

In the past, Dr. Rocklage has also served as President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar, and CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, he has held various Research and Development positions at Catalytica and Salutar. He has also served as Board Chairman of Relypsa and Novira, which was acquired by Johnson & Johnson.

Dr. Rocklage currently serves as Board Chairman of Kinestral Rennovia, Cidara, and the Boards of Pulmatrix and Epirus. He was formerly Executive Chairman of Ilypsa which was acquired by Amgen, Miikana, acquired by EntreMed, and Semprus, acquired by Teleflex.

Dr. Rocklage holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and earned his PhD in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Over the years, Dr. Rocklage has been responsible for more than thirty U.S. patents and over 100 peer-reviewed publications.

Amicus Therapeutics: The Rare Company Taking Care of Rare Patients

Most hospitals around the globe have dedicated their resources to research and treatment of the acute diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and HIV among others. In a world where major diseases claim lives of many on a daily basis, the few and rare genetic disorders are almost ignored or forgotten. This is not the case for one company, Amicus Therapeutics, which is based in Cranbury, New Jersey ( Amicus Therapeutics specializes in biopharmaceuticals to research and come up with drug and therapies that treat rare genetic conditions affecting people in the society.


Amicus Therapeutics was founded back in 2002 and went public in the year 2007 (YahooFinance). As at 2013, the company had 92 employees and was run by John Crowley as the CEO, Bradley Campbell as the COO and William Braid as the CFO. Although Amicus Therapeutics has no manufacturing capabilities, it relies on contract manufacturers who have worked for hand in hand with the company. It was through this good working relationship that Amicus Therapeutics extended its operations to San Diego, where the company opened a second research site in 2008.


Amicus Therapeutics deals with rare and orphan conditions like Lysosomal storage Disorders, and Pompe and Fabry disease among other conditions. The company has had great success with treatment options. Some of their candidate products is the Migalastat, which is a personalized medicine used to treat people with Fabry disease depending on their diagnosis. SD-101 is yet another product that is in its late stage of development. SD-101 is aimed at treating a rare connective tissue disorder, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB.


Amicus Therapeutics aims at developing novel enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) to treat the above-mentioned conditions. Through biotechnology, engineering, and research, Amicus Therapeutics develops its products based on a Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy.


People from all over the world have suffered from rare genetic conditions that have often been misdiagnosed. This is the main reason why Amicus Therapeutics is working hard every day to offer lasting solutions.


Celebrities Still Flock to Kabbalah Centre

Jerusalem Online recently published an in depth article the brought up the question of why non-Jewish Hollywood stars are so fascinated with Kabbalah. The article was reminiscent of Madonna’s obsession with Kabbalah over a decade ago. However, years later, stars still flock to Kabbalah, often converting from a variety of other religions. The article sought to answer the question, “what’s the reason?”

Many stars quoted in the article said similar things, that they saw peace and a higher power in Kabbalah that varied greatly from the conforms of more traditional religion. Stars including the late Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Sammy Davis were all quoted discussing the elements of peace and guidance that the religion brought to their life. Even stars like Paris Hilton spoke about how it helped them deal with and overcome life obstacles. Paris even said after a bad breakup she drove right to the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles to receive immediate help and healing.

The Kabbalah Centre shares that Kabbalah is a truly ancient wisdom, but one that has tools to create life fulfillment that are still incredibly applicable today. Perhaps that is why so many Hollywood stars and even regular people that aren’t of Jewish heritage flock to the Las Angeles’s famous Kabbalah Centre.

The Kabbalah Centre itself is the largest organization in the world that is solely dedicated to sharing the centuries old wisdom of Kabbalah teachings. It seeks to give people a tool belt of lessons that they can utilize to remove chaos from their life and seek a deeper purpose for themselves and learn more about Kabbalah.

The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre was developed by Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg and offers guidance to a student community that is as ethnically diverse as Los Angeles. Although many famous people come to the Kabbalah centre, it is also a refuge for ordinary people that seek to learn more about the teachings and find an outlet to cope with life’s ebb and flow. Celebrities associated with the Centre include Demi Moore, Lucy Liu, Mick Jagger, Britney Spears, Mischa Barton, Ariana Grande, James Van Der Beek and dozens more more information click here.

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Frontera Fund of Lacey and Larkin


Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin was handcuffed and arrested on October 18, 2007 by deputies from Mariopa County. It was reported that the two village voice Media Executives had been forced to leave their Phoenix-area homes and then was shoved into what was said to be an unmarked SUV. Later they were put into separate jails that had been managed by Joe Arpaio.


Lacey and Larkin happened to be arrested for having penned a cover story in Phoenix New Times. When Lacey was asked why he had been arrested he had said that it was because of writing. Lacey and Larkin happened to get released from jail within less than 24 hours after there was a national outcry.


There was a court battle that was formed around the first Amendment rights and abuse power that was set off by the illegal detention of Lacey and Larkin. Unfortunately, the subpoenas served by the Grand Jury to Lacey and Larkin had been invalid. It was then announced that Lacey and Larkin had been falsely arrested.


The two was then able to recieve settlement money for the Frontera Fund. This fund was made to be able to help the Hispanic community from racism and also civil rights abuse in Arizona. Larkin had even gone on to say that he had grew up in Arizona. He went on to talk about how he was taught from an early age to help those less fortunate.


As the politicians on both sides of the 2014 midterm started campaigning they started imitating the anti-Hispanic political posture. After that Larkin and Lacey started distributing Frontera Fund dollars. These helped to benefit nonprofit groups that are worthy and that advocate the Hispanic civil rights and causes. Larkin went on to say that there was not a more deserving group than the Mexican Immigrants who bravely travel all the way to Arizona for work and also economic opportunities. In 2012, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had stated that to be able to conceive more of a direct assault towards the First Amendment ordering the immediate arrests of their critics is a hard task. This is one case that is for sure to go down in history.


The courts were able to come to a $3.7 million settlement that ended up being paid by Maricopa County to Lacey and Larkin in 2013. Lacey had gone on to say that Sheriff Joe Arpaio had begun to come known for demonizing and detaining Mexican migrants along with anyone with brown skin, even American citizens. Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the 2014 election had helped to create fear showing that ISIS terrorists were crossing over the boarder. They went on to say how they think the people of Arizona are better than that.


George Soros experienced First-hand Discrimination Hence his Devotion to Help Marginalized Groups

One of the world’s known philanthropist George Soros has supported organizations that fight for transparency, accountable government, and those that encourage justice and equality. To date, Soros has made a contribution of about $12 billion. Groups he has supported include Europe’s Roma people, groups representing sex workers, drug users, LGBTI community among others. Born in Hungary in 1930, he experienced discrimination in his life. He survived the 1944-1945 Nazi occupation that saw the death of 500,000 Hungarian Jews. His family survived the murder through securing false identity papers. In an interview with open society foundation, Soros revealed that instead of submitting to their fate, they concealed their backgrounds and helped others do so. After the Hungary war, Soros left for London where he worked part time as a nightclub waiter. He used his wages for his studies and then in 1956, he left for the United States and entered the finance and investment world. He made his fortune in this industry and 1970; he launched a hedge fund known as Soros Fund Management. Learn more about George at Biography.

Soros has created a network of foundations and projects in 100 countries. He supports these projects using his fortune. At London school of economics, the first encounter Soros experienced was the philosophy of Karl Popper hence the name of his foundation. Popper wrote a book known as Open Society and Its Enemies in which he argues that a society can only prosper if it allows freedom of expression and democratic governance. The charitable works of George Soros began in 1979 when he gave scholarships to black South Africans under apartheid. He helped endorse the open exchange of ideas in the community Eastern Bloc in the 1980s where he gave out photocopies for the reprinting of banned texts. He also created Central European University after the fall of the Berlin wall; the school provided a space to promote critical thinking.

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After the cold war, he expanded his charity works to the United States, Asia and Africa where he supported efforts to create democratic, transparent and accountable societies. He criticized the war on drug calling it more harmful than the drug itself, and he helped start the American marijuana movement. Over the years, he has supported lawyers who represent unlawfully held individuals and has paid school fees for many students from marginalized groups.

Soros was at the center of Ferguson protest movement. He funded the Ferguson protest throughout the years and had mobilized groups across U.S. According to a report from the Washington times, Soros gave about $33 million for one year in support of groups that encouraged activists in Soros Ferguson movement. The contribution has been made through the open society foundation. His contributions have inspired activist groups to transform the one-day protest movement into a 24 hour a day national celebration. Know more on about George Soros.

Businessman Andrew Rocklage

Businessman and entrepreneur Andrew Rocklage has been making his impact felt for quite some time. Rocklage is a graduate of the well known Suffolk University Law School. Andrew has built an impressive resume over the years working primarily in the Boston area.

Today Andrew Rocklage serves as the owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Park, an incredible r indoor trampoline park. His work is admired by many and his influence is widespread.

Rocklage has used a variety of skills during his successful career. While running his own business, he demonstrated a thorough understanding of the business world especially on the Boston business scene. It was during this time that Andrew Rocklage truly gained an understanding of the importance of customer service and how it can impact a company. At his own company Sky Zone, Rocklage has made an incredible effort to hire the best employees along with talented individuals to interact with his customers.

Over time Rocklage has proven he known how to find talented people and develop them to reach their maximum potential. This is just one of the many reason his company has been successful and continues to thrive.

Rocklage’s resume includes a wide range of experience. He gained great experience working as a corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. Rocklage has become an expert in the technology space where he is experience has earned him high praise.

Working also as an attorney, Rocklage has been able to us his knowledge from the legal world and incorporate it into his business ventures. This combination has made him a force in the business world.

Andrew Rocklage has had a series of interesting parts to his career. Based on his experienced it is almost certain that you will see Rocklage taking on new and innovative challenges. His history of leadership and years of dedication serve as proof that he will continue to be a popular member of the business world.

Although a firm member of the Boston community, Rocklage has an interest in traveling that is almost sure to help spread his reach and impact across the country. It should be only a matter of time before seeing his businesses across the country.

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Texas, the New Frontier to Financial Investment

Texas is a state best known for its huge ranches, desert-like climate, and rodeo shows. However, it is also the home of NexBank, a financial institution located in Dallas. Since its inception, NexBank has been offering clients with institutional services, as well as commercial and mortgage banking. The facility has grown through time to hold close to $5.3 billion in assets. Since the institution is extremely accommodating to all types of customers, it has been able to enjoy continued profit streams for years. Thanks to a unique management structure, NexBank boasts of ranking at number 13 in the State of Texas, and at position 200 nationally.

Apart from thriving financially, NexBank has been able to grow and expand opening up four new branches that are already doing well. Currently, NexBank is under the leadership of James Dondero managing in the capacity of Chairman, and John Holt who doubles as the President and CEO of the institution. For years, there has been a bone of contention on how to run community banking in future, and that is why John chose to participate as a panelist at the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference that took place in Louisiana.

During the conference, participants discussed and shared personal challenges faced in the line of duty. They also discussed the various opportunities that can be made use of to reinvent community banking, in particular through innovation. It got determined that using a strategic approach was the only way of exploiting opportunities meant to make community banking easier. Therefore, NexBank has thrived based on a perfect management structure coupled with the will to serve clients selflessly. By providing customers with tailor-made solutions to their needs, NexBank has built solid working relationships with the customer base making it a financial institution of choice in Dallas, Texas.

Roberto Santiago’s Successful Project for João Pessoa and Brazil

There are significant opportunities for real estate developers to put their investments in big commercial properties like a shopping center, a hotel, resort or a shopping mall, but it is tough to become the owner and manager of the business and improve it to a prosperous state.


The entrepreneur and business developer Roberto Santiago, currently with 58 years old, has been one of the successful property developers who built a shopping from the ground and made it a triumphing commercial conglomerate.


Roberto Santiago was born in João Pessoa, a city in the Brazilian state of Paraíba, and it was there that he built his shopping center, the Manaira Shopping. Santiago is now a reference for the communities of Paraiba because of his success as an entrepreneur and simply as a professional who followed his own path. The businessman has more successes than the Manaira Shopping, but we will focus on the shopping center for now.


The construction took many years to end, and Roberto Santiago planned everything from the start, from the space that would be utilized for the stores and the percentage that would be dedicated to the parking slots.


It was inaugurated in 1989, many years after its initial development stage. However, the Manaira Shopping of today is very different than the released version of twenty-five years ago. Manaira Shopping has already undergone dozens of changes after its initial opening to the community of Paraiba, and more than five territory expansions have taken place after 1989. All of these changes were ordered by Roberto Santiago to make sure that his shopping center would grow as one of the best in Latin America, following standards of the most influential commercial centers in the world.


The Manaira Shopping has grown to being one of the primary targets of families and tourists in João Pessoa who are searching for entertainment and a place to have a good time and visit stores of renown. Now, visiting the beautiful beaches of Paraiba is not enough for tourists who are visiting its central city – they all have to visit the Manaira Shopping.


Talking about beaches – Roberto Santiago strategically placed his shopping center next to the beaches of João Pessoa but also very easily accessible from the heart of the city, is an outstanding location that has allowed it to be visited by locals of any part of the city.


Currently, Manaira Shopping has 280 stores and a vast parking space, which was intentional because Roberto Santiago didn’t want to restrain people from being able to visit his shopping center. It is a versatile place where there is entertainment and enjoyable leisure for all ages, one of the primary reasons that the project became that successful in the long run.


Anyone who wants to visit Roberto Santiago’s shopping center can simply visit it in the Manoel Arruda Cavalcante street, next to the coastline of the city.


The entrepreneur has released another shopping center after Manaira Shopping, the Mangabeira Shopping, which was introduced to the public in 2014. Roberto Santiago now is the owner of two successful real estate projects, and both were very praised by the community from their inauguration phase.


The Mangabeira Shopping was also built in his city of birth, João Pessoa, and was created to be a luxurious option and an extremely large Shopping center for families to visit, eat, buy things at their favorite stores and have a good time.


Rocketship Education Shoots For The Stars

Parents agree; there is no more important quality for a school than for it to care about its students. It’s an idea inalienable from the notion of a foreign institution tasked with caring for the most precious people in our lives. Too often, however, this isn’t the case. Education systems are too frequently sterile holding facilities rather than nurturing learning centers. Rocketship Education, a non-profit network of charter schools, seeks to change this unacceptable status quo.

Rocketship Education operates on a solid foundation; that parent involvement should be treated as the cornerstone of education. Therefore, Rocketship has taken the most obvious step available, allowing parents to hand pick the people who will be responsible for the child’s education. Parent run interviews and community hiring centers for would-be educators will be held just months before the school year, ensuring passionate parents have the ability to handpick the cream of the crop. Following this further, the active role given to parents helps tremendously in making Rocketship schools feel much more like a family than a faculty.

The quality of Rocketship Schools isn’t just word of mouth. Credible, extremely successful individuals, such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg, have given their full support to the new wave of charter schools popping up across the nation. These people aren’t just giving well-wishes either; Netflix CEO Reed Hasting has donated an incredulous 100 million dollars to the cause. For thousands of parents across the nation, this has elevated charter schools from a radical concept to the premier choice of education in America.

Rocketship Education’s status as a non-profit is proof enough of their commitment to America’s youth. A business venture this is not; this is an unfiltered passion for the wellbeing of tomorrow given form. Rocketship isn’t looking to make marginal improvements to a broken system. They are seeking to uproot the status quo in its entirety, and leave in its place a network of school that far exceed anything previously thought possible.


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