George Soros Addresses the EU and Their Current Refugee Crisis

There is a refugee crisis brewing in Europe. Currently, the countries of Turkey, Jordan, and Greece are getting absolutely overwhelmed by a surge of refugees seeking EU asylum. Funding for the relocation of these refugees is scarce, and the allocation of these refugees has been labored and difficult. Writing for the New York Review of Books, philanthropist George Soros identifies these four problems: “First, the policy is not truly European…Second, it is severely underfunded. Third, it is not voluntary. It imposes quotas that many member states oppose and requires refugees to take up residence in countries where they don’t want to live, while forcing others who have reached Europe on to be sent back. Finally, it transforms Greece into a de facto holding pen without sufficient facilities for the number of asylum seekers already there.”

George Soros begins by offering macro solutions that address multiple problems. For starters, restricting the amount of refugees that can come over every year to a number that both gives refugees the assurance that they can find asylum while also not overextending the capital of these nations. This addresses Soros’ third and fourth problems on Soros also recommends that 30 billion euros be allotted to this endeavor and that “front line” countries such as Greece and Turkey be given the money as grants.

As for actually taking out the loan itself, George Soros notes that the EU currently has a AAA credit rating, giving them access to loan terms that are very advantageous toward the EU. Not only that, Soros notes, but the EU has rarely leveraged this power. By taking this loan out, it would allow the EU to provide what George Soros refers to as “surge” funding, which would inject a large sum of money into the refugee crisis right now in order to stop the bleeding and improve the situation now so that it is easier to manage from here on out.

The repayment of this loan would be handled by a special EU tax that is fairly distributed among countries. This should alleviate the fears of countries like Germany who worry about having to shoulder an unfair load of the burden should any other country in the EU have to default on their repayment of the loan. The EU, as a whole, should leverage their considerable loan power for this crisis, Soros notes, because this is their greatest humanitarian crisis, and fast action is needed now.

George Soros is in a unique position to address the fiscal aspects of humanitarian efforts. Soros was born to a Jewish family in Hungary in 1930. When he was a teenager, he managed to successfully hide during the Nazi occupation. Soros has since donated over $11 billion to a wide variety of philanthropic causes.

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Being Sick in Venezuela

Venezuela has a crisis on its hands. For many, a diagnosis of cancer means one has to go to the black market to find the drugs to treat the disease. You must find the drugs yourself on the black market, or you will perish. While drugs and weapons are hardly scarce, many other things are in this South American country; for many, the diagnosis of cancer is a death sentence.

I only know one person from Venezuela, David Osio. One has to find connections on the black market, and many times these sources for cancer fighting drugs grossly inflate prices. The situation is quite dire for anyone with a health crisis, including those with mental illness. In many cases, one must go without. Many doctors say that they must find these drugs in veterinary clinics in order to save their patients.

Corruption is universal here, with Chavez’ political heirs running the show. His brand of socialism almost completely destroyed private enterprise and left the country wiped out. Inflation is highest in the world in Venezuela. All in all, the situation is ominous; we can only hope it is, indeed, darkest before the dawn.




Why So Many Entrepreneurs Use White Shark Media

Entrepreneurship comes with a host of concerns that many new business owners did not expect. They did not know that they needed to navigate through business insurance policies. Similarly, they were unaware that they might face a litigation. Perhaps most prominently, many entrepreneurs did not know that digital marketing was such a complicated endeavor.

It’s imperative to note that their Facebook page says a lot a about them. It is not as simple as scheduling a few posts to your favorite social media outlet. There are intricacies of which the laymen is unaware. While the business owner may be an expert in their particular industry, they do not know anything about what digital marketing. That is why so many entrepreneurs turn to digital marketing agencies such as White Shark Media.

White Shark Media employs over 140 people. They have come a long way since their humble beginning. They started with just a handful of people who had a background in marketing. Throughout the years, they have suffered their share of trials. They have had many of the struggles that are common to every entrepreneur. Perhaps that is why so many entrepreneurs appreciate their business. But their brand and service has developed quite a lot. Today, they have a great reputation, and entrepreneurs know that they can trust White Shark Media for several reasons.

They Listen To Customers

There are few companies who want to hear what customers have to say. Companies are particularly repelled by a negative review. Sometimes a customer will feel as though their complaint is just being ignored. They sent it through some e-mail system, and they received an automated response. But nothing changes.

White Shark Media has uprooted that paradigm. They believe that customers have invaluable insight. They listen to negative reviews and have cataloged how they have answered the complaints. Their weaknesses have transformed into strengths. Entrepreneurs know that this is a company who listens to them.

Small Business Growth

Since White Shark Media is very similar to the small business owners with whom they have encountered, they are zealous about helping these kindred spirits to expand their business. That is why so many entrepreneurs report that they have seen a significant growth since they established a relationship ( with White Shark Media. Their marketing campaigns have had an impressive rise in traffic. There have been consistent sales. The entrepreneur can say that an investment in White Shark Media is an investment in one’s own business.

Thor Halvorssen Reveals His View On The U.S. Presidential Election

Deciding on a candidate to vote for or provide funding for is something millions of Americans across the nation are looking to do during the upcoming Presidential elections and often look to cable news channels for some advice. Human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has recently looked to provide his own views and experiences of how socialism in its many forms can affect a nation in light of the rising support seen for Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders.

Halviorssen appeared on Fox Business show “The Intelligence Report” to provide his first hand knowledge of socialism and the rise of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders in an interview with host Trish Regan. The rise in support seen for the Sanders campaign has caused concern in some quarters and led Trish Regan to state she does not believe the supporters of the Independent Senator really understand what socialism is. In response, Thor Halvorssen revealed the true definition of socialism and went on to explain the differences that can be seen between the different uses of socialism as a political ideology.

Thor Halvorssen has seen socialism in action across a number of different countries, including his native Venezuela and many northern European nations. Halvorssen is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum and explained to Trish Regan his belief that some socialist policies can benefit the people of a nation when they form some aspects of a more mainstream political landscape. Halvorssen believes problems can occur for a nation when socialism becomes the dominant ideology and is not merged with other political ideologies; in his home nation of Venezuela Thor Halvorssen has seen socialism used as a mask for political leaders looking to benefit themselves instead of the people of his nation. Despite his criticism of some aspects of socialism Halvorssen revealed to a shocked Trish Regan that he still supported Sanders bid for the Presidency because of problems he sees with other candidates for the U.S. Presidency.

Kyle Bass Looks to Eliminate Drug Patents

Up until this time Kyle Bass was best known as a hedge fund manager, but with this attempt to eliminate some name brand drug patents. Bass organized and represents a coalition of concerned parties who are in favor of affordable drugs. They are specifically after the drug Tecfidera dimethyl fumarate which is used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

The group went before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and it seems like the prognosis of demonstrating the claims of the patent can’t be patented is pretty likely. Kyle Bass is challenging the use of 480 Mg of dimenthyl furnarate to treat MS as is mentioned on U.S. Patent No. 8,399,514. The patent is due to run out in 2028, but the PTAB found the evidence presented by the group very convincing to treat autoimmune diseases they needed to arrive at the appropriate dosage of the drug.

This is not the first attempt that Kyle Bass has made in this arena. In fact last year the PTAB denied a separate petition filed by Bass last year. That only led the group to ramp up their game and build a case that was far more compelling and will have a larger chance of success. Biogen is the company that currently holds the patent and is under fire from the Bass coalition.

Hayman Capital Management, L.P. is the company that Kyle Bass founded. Based in Dallas, Texas his hedge fund has benefited significantly from his skill in reading financial markets. Bass successfully profited from his keen prediction that he could guess correctly the way that the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008 would affect the economy. He was able to do this by buying credit default swaps on subprime securities. Various investment banks issued the subprime securities and Bass read it right and profited for himself and his investors.

The European sovereign-debt crisis is another area that Bass properly predicted the economic ramifications that would happen. His expectations of economic trends in Argentina and Japan have also allowed Bass to build a profitable hedge fund. However there is plenty of criticism of some of Bass’ ethical choices when supporting certain leadership groups that do not practice human rights.

When it comes to Kyle Bass and his patent elimination, things seem to be looking good. The European Patent Office revoked the EU Patent held by Biogen on 480 mg doses of dimethyl fumarate, so it may be only a matter of time until the U.S. follows suit. Biogen has stated that it will appeal the decision but the outlook does not look bright for them. The Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which Kyle is running has filed 33 petitions against the same patent as of October of 2015.

CCMP Capital – Private Equity Investment Firm

CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm that specializes in buyout and growth equity transactions and has been successfully doing so since 1984. The company has been in business for many years, and has been a branch off of another company or has merged with several others to become a successful investment firm with many trusted business transactions. The company concentrates on four different areas that they are experts at. Those areas are consumer and retail services, industrial services, healthcare facilities and their services and chemicals and energy services. It’s powerful model along with their expert management team has named them as one the world class investment partners on the market.

The company became an independent firm in 2006 under the name of Stephen Murray. He co-founded the company in 2006 and became the CEO in 2007. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital sadly passed away according to The Wall Street Journal in March of 2015, but he brought many years of experience to the investment power structure. He started his career out as an analyst in a training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984. He attended Boston College and earned his degree in economics and then went on to get his Master’s degree in business administration at Columbia Business School. HE served on the board of many prominent companies and loved to spend his time as a philanthropist on the side. He was an active member on the board of Aramak, Generac Power Systems, Pinnacle Foods and many more. He took part in the Make a Wish Foundation and was an active member in the Boston food bank. He was very active in the community and enjoyed his time he endured through all of his business ventures. He oversaw Stephen Murray CCMP Capital into the investment firm that it is today as it has been branched off and merged with some of the major investment firms throughout the world. He will always be thought of as CCMP continues with its success as he was the man behind the foundation.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital and their staff have worked extremely hard to get where they are at today, and the business is running at a high rate of success with multiple standards being met or being exceeded. With the firms heritage and background, it has the necessary roots to continue to be a trusted company. The expert management teams and staff on board are helpful in knowing the market, and each designated sector has expert employees who oversee that part of the business. They will continue to provide exceptional services to the world, as they are a global company that conducts business in every country. With many offices currently running at a high rate of efficiency, each client can ensure that their satisfaction will be met and exceeded.

The World Of Politics

John Kasich was handed a large contribution and, it seems that it is not going over well with some people. Scott Bessent and Stanley Drucknmiller, who are both George Soros fund managers contributed roughly $488,375 to him. Soros is no stranger when it comes to spending his own money on many organizations. Groups like MoveOn.Org, ACORN and some Parliamentary Democrats had benefited tremendously. The Political Action Committee for Hilary Clinton also received a princely sum of eight million dollars.
With all the bantering between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz about the border, he is totally against their solution. George Soros thinks that we all must acknowledge that we have an open society. Kasich who seems like the level headed one for the Republicans, seems like he have hit the high note with Soros and his people. But the question remains, is this a bad thing? All eyes are on Ohio now where Kasich is expected to win that state in the primaries. For more on this article visit:

Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, his given names was Schwartz Gyorgy. He also has an American Citizenship and holds a Bachelor of Science form the London School of Economics in 1951. Forbes billionaire George Soros is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management, Open Society and the Founder of Quantum Fund. He is said to be worth roughly $24.9 billions US, making him the thirty richest individual in the world. It been said that he actually broke the bank of England, by devaluing the pound. This action made him a profit of $1 billion.

George Soros is know as a philanthropist. In 1970 he gave a group of black students monies to attend the University of Cape Town, during the days of apartheid in South Africa. He also funded protester in Soviet Union. Soros is a very generous giver. In September 2006 he donated a pricey sum of $5 million to the Millennium Project.This money was allocated for education, agriculture and for medical purposes, for the villages in Africa which were being affected by poverty. Bloomberg Business made a statement that this was different because he is known for giving donations to politicians. He counteracted by saying that poverty stems from bad government.

A prestigious University such as, the New School for Social Research, Oxford University, Yale University and this is just to name a few, had given him honorary doctoral degrees. Soros was also a mediator when Hungary went from communism to democracy. He also supported Proposition 19, this is a bill that made marijuana legal in California and he is also big advocate of the Open Society Foundations. In 2003 he wrote The Bubble of American Supremacy, here he wrote against President Bush organization. Soros has done so much and is still doing a lot for people and organization. One can definitely say that he is one in a billion.

Lime Crime And Its Line Of Amazing Cosmetics

With the Lime Crime brand of makeup, you can feel confident that you are choosing a brand that you are going to love long-term. For so many people, being able to pick a brand that they can feel passionate about is easy when they choose Lime Crime. As you can see from the Pinterest crowd Lime Crime has been around for a few years now and is continuing to grow with time. Since its inception years ago, people have been falling all over Lime Crime for their own well-being. This is a brand that you can be passionate about and that you can feel good buying just because everything is being made using some of the best vegan products out there.

With Lime Crime, you are choosing a brand that is backed by tons of research and passion by its owner Doe Deere. Doe Deere first founded the company because of a lack of vegan-based cosmetic brands on the market. She wanted to also make a brand that had colors and palettes that you have never seen before. Because of the passion that Doe Deere has put into the Lime Crime brand, it has been a mainstay for so many people looking for a brand they can love as well. This is why you will find so many positive reviews when it comes to people talking about the Lime Crime line of makeup and other cosmetics available on UrbanOutfitters.

If you want a great brand that is going to work for you and offer you the different types of products that you know you need, you will find that this can be found when you consider Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a great brand that easily makes it simple for you to find a product you are going to love and then make that product as affordable as it can possibly be. This is why a lot of people on Twitter follow and have been choosing to go with Lime Crime when choosing a brand new cosmetic line that they know they are going to be able to trust. You will love visiting the Lime Crime website to learn more about this specific type of company.

How George Soros Funded Latino Voters

George Soros is a liberal who plays a big part in the business world. He has a lot of money and money that he is willing to donate to the causes that he supports. Because of this, he is the funding factor behind the reasons why many new Latino citizens are now voting.

As a liberal, Soros has a political agenda concerning the vote not going to republicans. He wants to make sure that all of the voters that he supports are also supporting the democratic party. He sees that the can touch the Latino voters in a nerve and he wants to hit that. He wants them to know that they should vote for the Democratic party and that this will make them have more opportunities and a better life. This is the way that he is targeting them and the way that he is working to get their votes.

With all of the problems that come from some of the most popular right-wing candidates, like Donald Trump, Latinos should be worried about what will happen if a Republican does take office. Soros wants to make sure that this does not happen and, according to this New York Times article, he is putting in around 15 million dollars to help get the Latino vote. They could be a last chance for the Democrats and could end up being the reason that the country gets a president who is fair and who cares about all of the citizens instead of just privileged white ones.

By donating 15 million dollars, Soros will help with the effort that comes with educating and pulling the Latino voters out to the polls on election day. He is concerned that many of them do not actually know that they should be voting and he wants them to know that they can vote. He is making it easier for Latinos to vote and he is changing the way that they are educated about the vote. With the money that he has donated, he expects to double the Latino vote for the election year.

George Soros was born in Hungary, but he is a strong political supporter of the United States. He has worked as an investor, has written books, and has been a very open liberal political supporter. He has worked on various philanthropical missions and has been able to provide the people who follow him with the information that they need to make sure they make the right political decisions. Most notably, he worked to make 1 billion dollars in a single day. He did this by utilizing black Wednesday and earning as much money as possible on an original 10 billion dollar investment.

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FreedomPop Intended International Expansion Through VC Funds

The FCC in early March 2016, fined Verizon Wireless for the insertion of a ‘supercookie’ without their customers’ consent. The supercookie was inserted into their mobile internet traffic. Through this ads from Verizon and other third parties after a customer’s identification by the supercookie could be delivered. Before this fine, Verizon had earlier allowed its customers to disable the ads program after a probe was initiated by the federal government.

T-Mobile a United States parent company of Deutsche Telekom gained $ 2billion in financing as it prepares for its 600 MHz auction that is scheduled to take place later in the month. It has been predicted that T-Mobile could actually spend well over $10billion on spectrum license during the auction. T-Mobile CEO maintains that the carrier would be vigorous during the auction. This is because it will seek to bid on the spectrum that has for long been outside the reach of Verizon and AT&T.

RootMetrics released a detailed comparison of cellular network performance market-by-market. This was done through taking measurements from the testing done on the company during the second half of 2015. The comparison revealed Atlanta as leading in available cellular performance, followed by Chicago which led in the first half of 2015, Indianapolis, Sacramento and Rockford. California, Omaha, New York, Nebraska, Lancaster and Hudson Valley were among the worst performing markets.

RCR Wireless through its weekly episode of Career Wrap interviewed Stephen Stokols, the CEO and co-founder of mobile virtual network operator FreedomPop. The interview can be found on, where Stokols provides an insight on how their business model works and the plans that the company has for the future and how it is able to survive in a highly competitive market. RCR Wireless also gave a detailed analysis of FreedomPop intended expansion. Mobile Virtual Network Operator runs on a cellular service that is provided by Sprint. MVNO has been instrumental in promoting domestic and international expansion plans.

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