Michigan DeVos Family Donates Millions to the Arts and Education

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation recently donated one million dollars to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. According to a recent press release by the Kennedy Center this donation caps a $135.9 million dollar total that will go towards a new riverfront pavilion, and expansion and improvements to the center itself. DeVos is an entrepreneur businessman and former CEO of Amway, a consumer goods distribution company and through his foundation has participated directly in donating many thousands of dollars to the arts, education, and other worthwhile charities since 1990. Their foundation has been very committed to the arts, previously donating $22.5 million to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management in 2010, which was then renamed the DeVos Institute of Arts. In further support of the arts, their foundation has supported ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI, since 2009.

Although Dick DeVos was born into the Amway family business, as his father Richard DeVos was a co-founder, his steady rise in the company was hardly nepotism. Under his steady leadership the company opened numerous new markets and tripled international sales from 5% of sales to over 50%.Check out Dick’s full resume on his LinkedIn profile or to read more about his history, click here.

DeVos retired as president of Alticor in 2002 and then resurfaced in a major political way in 2006 as he ran for Governor of Michigan as a Republican against then incumbent Democratic governor Jennifer Granholm. It was an election campaign that almost exclusively focused on jobs and the economy as Michigan was suffering through one of the highest unemployment rates of any state in the country. Even though he lead in the polls at one point 48-40 against Granholm, it proved to be too difficult a task to beat the incumbent governor, and he lost by a 14 point margin.

More recently in 2012 DeVos was very involved in Michigan’s becoming a right to work state. He started off with a series of debates with Teamster President James Hoffa and these debates focused on Michigan’s Proposition 2, to become a right to work state. Working in tandem with Governor Rick Snyder and the Republican controlled legislature DeVos worked behind the scenes with lawmakers and publicly by creating the Michigan Freedom Fund to help finance the campaign for Proposition 2’s passage. The proposal passed in 2013 and was considered a major political success for Dick as he was a key figure in getting it passed into law. Check out the interview with him explaining his position on this matter in the video below.

Celebrities Fuel New York’s Real Estate Boom

While stockbrokers issue warnings about the possibility of a new recession for 2016, at least for now the real estate scene in New York City is booming thanks to the deep pockets of some of the most famous people in the world, according to the New York Times.

The late Joan Rivers recently saw her 11-room triplex on east 62nd street being purchased for a whopping $28 million. Paul McCartney and his wife bought a place on Fifth Avenue for over $15 million. Legendary rocker Jon Bon Jovi sold his Broadway penthouse for an astonishing $34 million.

Moguls and billionaires have been scooping up property in the city for the cost of a small fortune. The big sales this year ended up shattering every monetary record in the history of New York real estate. Some called it the year of the big sale.

Hedge Fund kingpin Kenneth C. Griffin bought a triplex in Central Park for approximately $200 million. That is the largest sale of a single residence not just in New York, but in all of America. The previous most expensive residence was at Central Park West, a full-floor penthouse owned by a Russian billionaire costing a total of $88 million.

This anonymous individual paid an astounding $100 million for the place, which includes a grand salon and a reception gallery.

Big sales like this will continue for at least a few more years, because there are deals already signed that will be closing in the next 36 months at developments near completion, like Greenwich Lane in Greenwich Village.

No discussion of real estate would be complete without mentioning Donald J. Trump. The man who is going to make America great again sold two penthouses at Trump Park Avenue for a total of over $21 million to the found of the Fresh Market supermarket chain.

TOWN owns nine offices spread all throughout the city and at the heart each is a comfortable meeting place to network and collaborate.

TOWN Residential was recently voted as a Best Firm to Work For and was listed as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City.

How Is Morrison of Hall Capital Helping Women Climb The Corporate Ladder?

Helane Morrison currently serves as the General Counsel and Managing Director of Hall Capital in San Francisco. Hall Capital is a major hedge fund operated out of central California, and the company has dedicated itself entirely to diversity and a culture of transparency. This article explains how Morrison has taken the diversity push at Hall Capital as a personal motivation to help women become strong leaders in corporate America.

#1: What Has Hall Capital Done To Help?

Hall Capital considers diversity when making hires throughout its company, and Helane has seen more women and minorities come to work for the company over the years. Helane wants women and people of color to reach to the highest offices of her company, but she knows that other companies must take similar initiatives if women are to become players in the corporate game. She mentors women who are hoping for their big break in the corporate world.

#2: Helane Is A Beacon Of Diversity

Helane serves as general counsel for a massive hedge fund, and she is a beacon for diversity within the Hall Capital offices. Helane is an example to women who want to get ahead in the corporate world, and her company’s diversity plan is an example other companies may use when changing their own culture.

#3: Will Other Companies Take Notice?

Other companies around America have been slow to make changes to their own cultures, but Helane speaks regularly to business associations about diversity in the workplace. Diversity impacts people of color, women, homosexuals and transgender workers, but Helane is especially vocal about women in the workplace. The gender gap for women is a real concern in corporate America, and Helane wants women to have the same opportunities she had when she started with Hall Capital.

#4: Is Hall Capital The Model?

Hall Capital is a model hedge fund that other companies must look to for diversity implementation. Morrison rose to the top of the company because of a commitment to diversity at Hall Capital, and women around America could become general counsel, executive vice president and more when a commitment to diversity becomes the norm. 

Women who want to be like Helane may become her mentee, and Helane will do everything in her power to make a difference.

A New Market For Pooches

People are no longer the only foodies on this planet as dog food business trends towards a demand for higher-quality nutrition. The markets have seen more premium dog food companies coming onto the scene who offer unique and nutritious alternatives for mealtimes and the bigger traditional brands are taking notice. At the Freshpet factory in Pennsylvania, Richard Thompson, CEO of the company, can be seen routinely walking the manufacturing floor checking his product for quality. Thompson is in the business of selling food for dogs. What makes Freshpet unique is that they are offering meals for dogs that require refrigeration. The company thrives on its high standards and refuses to use fillers and preservatives. Because of the lack of shelf stabilizers, the food must be kept under cold conditions and does not last as long as kibble and traditional wet foods. Freshpet wants to ensure their customers get to eat meals that are packed full of flavor and nutrition. While Freshpet is a small company they represent a larger demand for quality foods, beneful is one company are seen as more traditional but have also answered the request for a better diet for pooches. Beneful has been working since 2001 and now is ranked the number 4 most popular dog food brand. Beneful offers dogs a variety of choices for high-quality chow. Both in wet and dry, all the foods that leave Beneful’s production line are backed by lots of credible research on Facebook and checked for quality. Other companies like Merrick have achieved an official organic certification. Purina has since bought Merrick Pet Care. Purina who also owns Beneful, is looking to make it big on the premium pet food scene so look out for some added great lines from those brands.

Coriant hires Shaygan Kheradpir as new CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir is joining Coriant as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Coriant is an optical transport company that provides all kinds of innovative supplies and networking solutions for companies all over the word, and it has hundreds of countries it serves.

Coriant’s competition in the field comes from other companies in the business such as Alcatel-Lucent, as well as Ciena and Cisco, along with Huawei, and Infinera, to name a few, and Kheradpir will be helping to guide Coriant into outdoing all of this competition as he takes the reins of the company.

Shaygan Kheradpir brings decades of management experience

Kheradpir is relieving the former CEO, Pat DiPietro, who know will be the vice chairman of the company, as well as returning to a role as one of the operating partners at Marlin Equity Partners. It’s not Kheradpir’s first time as a CEO, the man was also a CEO at Juniper Networks in 2014 for almost a year.

Kheradpir has decades of experience in the technology field and also has over 28 years of experience as a manager.  As such, he has been employed at big and successful companies like GTE, Verizon Communications, and Barclay Bank.

Kheradpir has plenty of schooling to do the job

Besides practical experience, Kheradpir also has earned not only a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cornell University, he has also earned a Ph.D in engineering from there as well. Plus, he has been part of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and at one time served on Cornell University Engineering Council’s board. This shows he can also handle negotiations within organized groups and help facilitate successful talks and other needs regarding his company.

All in all, the big news is that Kheradpir is sliding into the slot as Coriant’s new CEO and is taking over from Pat DiPietro, and so is the new leader of the optical transport company.

Slyce is Making Progress in the Tech and Retail World

Slyce has emerged as a tech startup that is rapidly changing the way numerous retail businesses operate. Actually, Slyce is doing a lot to change the way consumers make purchases online. A recent article published on MarketWired reveals some additional innovations emerging from Slyce’s offices.

Any company thinking of entering into a business arrangement with Slyce is going to be very excited over the news that a Fortune 500 toy retailer had signed a contract with Slyce for services. Within a year, revenue projections were double than what was anticipated. Surely, this bit of news is going to help Slyce draw in even more partners and affiliates.

And that was before the announcement of Slyce Link.

Slyce Link employs a spin to the traditional product recognition and visual  search software the company has previously delivered. Online retailers want to make sales. They have to make sales. Customers want to buy products. Frequently, the customers do not have to make a buy. When they do not see the item they are looking for or the merchandise is out of stock, the customers go elsewhere.

Slyce Link provides a visual display of similar items intended to keep the customer from leaving without making a purchase. No, 100% of the customers are not going to be converted. That just is not possible.

Slyce’s original visual search app was designed to help customers use a photograph and a smartphone app to do retail searches for matching or similar products. Slyce’s success led it to purchasing other companies and expanding into different programs and apps. Unique coupon and discount apps are among the new arrivals. Acquisitions of other companies and apps have been performed as well.

Slyce really is on the move as the MarketWired article reveals. Look for Slyce ot be a major player in the tech and retail industry in the near future.

Newark CEDC Thrives Excellent Leaders At The Forefront

The economic development of the city of Newark relies heavily on the Newark CEDC. This is the corporation that pushes the city forward. It doesn’t matter if it is fundraising or business summits that attract business leaders. The Newark CEDC is in the driver’s seat when it comes to making the city better. Luckily, there are some strong leaders in place that are taking the wheel and expediting the time frame in which the city is growing.

Kevin Seawright is the Executive Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer for the Newark CEDC. He has a lot of experience, and his strong financial background has given him the ability to lead effectively. It is evident that his leadership is working because the city is showing a lot of progress. As someone that has worked in positions like payroll director in previous jobs he has become a strong leader with Newark CEDC.

Seawright has been in place to help with the fiscal management, and his skills have made the Newark CEDC quite successful in a lot of different ways. He has been instrumental in working with operations coordinator Ambreen Hernandez and Cesar Vizcaino, director of economic development, to bring lots of businesses to the Newark area. In this management role Kevin Seawright has a lot to do with the budgets and the contracts that come into the Newark area. Since this is the largest city in New Jersey there is a lot to be involved in. He has managed more than $200 million in contracts for different government operations in the city.

Kevin has also been a well recognized Academic, with a specialized degree from Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business.  Kevin can also be found on Twitter, where he talks finance, but also a good deal of NFL on the weekends.

As Newark continues to grow there were be more opportunities for other businesses to thrive in this area. The city is so close to New York that it is inevitable for businesses to expand into this city. What the Newark CEDC does is show business leaders that there are opportunities to thrive in this city. This corporation works directly with the mayor and small business centers to connect with the residents of Newark. The staff for the Newark CEDC establishes events that will draw businesses in the city. This corporation also plays a part in attracting new residential property builders.

Overview of Coriant Company

Coriant was founded in 2013 as an independent company.Its major area of concern is in telecommunications. It has its headquarters in the USA, Naperville Germany and Munich. It also has over 3000 employees who help clients’ access services worldwide. Technology for this industry comes from Tellabs, Siemens Optical Networks and Sycamore Networks. This company became independent under Marlin Equity Partners ownership from Nokia Siemens Networks. In January 2013, the merging of Sycamore Networks was announced, and this was to form Coriant America. Later on in December 2013, Tellabs and Coriant merged up and come up with Coriant, which was made the operation company.


Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the key people in this company since his contributions have brought about positive impacts. Shaygan is a business and technology executive who spent his early life in Iran. He was born in December 1960 in London, United Kingdom. He attended Cornell University and managed to attain a Bachelors, Masters and doctorate in electrical engineering. He specialized majorly on control systems. Shaygan was appointed recently as the chief executive officer of Coriant. This was after him working closely with the company’s senior management team. He played a great role in operating the executive and shifting focus to Marlin Equity Partners.


According to Shaygan, he feels his leadership will help the company in the growth of its strategies and also strengthening customers’ relations by providing them with solutions for surviving in the dynamic and competitive markets. Mr. Kheradpir says that he was attracted to Coriant because of its organized portfolio on packet optical, global research, data networking solutions, large enterprises as well as the expanding customers’ base. He is determined to ensure customers access networking solutions which are cost effective and optimized highly on programmability, automation and service agility.


They are sold in the Backbone Network, which majors on mobile, voice and data networks. These products are used in the hIT 7300 and are preferred over fiber optic cables. ThehIT 7300 help in optical multiplexing while the hIT 7100 which are the fiber optic cables in the connections of optical paths. The software products for network planning and management are the Trans connect and TNMS respectively. Coriant has done well in its operations and the services given to customers are of great quality.


The Show The Legacy-One Life To Live

So many soap operas have come and gone over the past 50 years. Perhaps one of the greatest to ever grace the television sets was the infamous One Life To Live. ABC was the lucky network to pick up this show. They aired it from July of 1969 until January of 2012. Even when the show was cancelled from ABC, Hulu picked it up for another season. Though they barely lasted a season there, the fans got to see some more of Agnes Nixon’s famous work.

The show originally started out as just a thirty-minute drama. However, fans wanted more of this show and ABC heard and met their demands. The show moved up to being forty-five minutes in 1976 and then again up to an hour long broadcast in 1978. Fans were satisfied with an hour of their favorite characters and their enticing story lines that seemed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The picturesque town setting was Lanview, PA. It was supposed to be a suburb of the Pittsburg area. It was a fictional town, but it was known for its social and economic diversity. Many are shocked to learn that some of television’s greats got their start on this show. Remember the Cosby’s show’s Phylicia Rashad? Well, she got her stardom from this soap. The same can also be said of Judith Light and Reece Witherspoon’s ex-husband Ryan Phillipe.

The show ran for forty five seasons on ABC and lastly Hulu. During this time frame, they had eleven producers and they made over 11,000 episodes. They were not strangers to the award circuit either. They took home an Emmy in 2002 for being an ‘Outstanding Drama Series.” This show was also a springboard for many to launch better careers making more money. This can be said of Crystal Hunt from the Magic Mike movie series. She played Stacy Morasco on OLTL from 2009-2010. It was all the time she needed to be noticed and move on to big-screen roles, she’s had quite a few according to her CrunchBase profile.

She was a stripper on OTLT, as well as in the Magic Mike movies. The transition was easy for her, especially since she got the attention of many guys on the soap set. Rex Balsom was her lover on the daytime drama, but many feel her character was killed off too quickly to see where the real drama might lead her.

Kyle Bass’ Good Fortune Turns Sour

J Kyle Bass founded Dallas, Texas’ Hayman Capital Management in 2006 according to Wikipedia. His ability to predict the success of funds made him the favorite of Argentina aristocrats. His predictions made him very successful. Some people compared his 2001 success to M Night Shayamaylan who became an instant overnight success with his 1999 film The Sixth Sense. There was nothing Bass could do wrong because of his winning streak. The native Floridian was born on September 7, 1969 in Miami. He earned his BA in Finance, Business Administration, and Real estate at Texas Christian University in 1992. After graduation, Bass worked Prudential Securities,Bear Stearns, and Legg Mason before founding Hayman Capital.

Just as Shaymaylan’s good fortune in the motion picture industry has gone south, so is Kyle Bass’ ability to predict good investments. Bass tends to keep bad company,particularly Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, an economics illiterate from Argentina. Her country thinks she is terrible, and Bass can’t give her enough praise for economic abilities, and this is in spite of the fact her country defaulted in paying off the sovereign debut for the second time in the past 13 years. The New York Post believes that Kyle Bass is out of touch with reality and reminds them of Axel Kicillof who’s a leftist economist, rather than Bass sounding like US hedge-fund manager. The BBC claims that he’s one of Fernández de Kirchner,’s biggest supporters despite the fact her economic policies are unreasonable. Bass lashed out at New York Judge Thomas Griesa for holding Fernández de Kirchner responsible for Argentina’s credit problem.

Kyle Bass’s making one bad deal after another. He refuses to be responsible for his promised investments to General Motor by blaming the big automotive company for defective air bags and faulty power steering. He believes GM claimed the people who were killed in the accidents, involving problem steering and airbags, were really due to these people driving drunk.

Lately, Kyle is professionally involved with the Taya Kyle who’s the widow of Chris Kyle of American Sniper fame who was murdered in 2013.

Kyle Bass believes that China is going to take a hit in their economy, but it won’t be as bad as they experienced back in 2007. Bass believes the problem is that China is under financed and they are not using all the investment products that they could, such as printing more money and selling savings bonds.

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