Whistleblowers Now Given Protection And Incentives

Since the precipitation of the Great Recession that began in 2008, a number of laws have been passed to prevent financial collapse and restore accountability in major financial corporations. One of the major laws passed has been the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act which went into effect in 2010.

One of the hallmarks of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is the creation of a major whistleblower program. One key point of the whistleblower program under Dodd-Frank is that whistleblowers from across the financial sector are given protection under the law. Another key point is that whistleblowers are given great incentive to step forward and report violations that they have witnessed or believe to be occurring.

The whistleblower program of Dodd-Frank protects whistleblowers from retaliation by employers. This can include counter lawsuits, allegations of breaching company policy, termination of employment and general harassment. Furthermore whistleblowers can report allegations of violating the law anonymously. This gives whistleblowers an added degree of safety and security to come forward. They can reveal violations without exposing their own identities.

If the Securities and Exchange Commission of the federal government finds a company guilty, the whistleblower will get a percentage of the settlement amount if he or she gave information that led to prosecution. The amount ranges from 10-30% of the fines paid by the company to the SEC. Additionally, if a company reaches a settlement greater than $1 million dollars with the SEC, whistleblowers qualify for additional award money if the companies settle with other government enforcement organizations.

The creation of this new whistleblower program has created a need for law firms that will represent and fight on the behalf of whistleblowers who wish to expose corrupt practices in finance. The law firm of Labatan Sucharow is a pioneer in setting up special litigation units that deal exclusively with whistleblowers. Labatan Sucharow’s whistleblower division is led by a past senior enforcement official at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

An entire team of investigators which includes accountants and financial analysts that can dig through records and statements will fight on the behalf of the whistleblower’s case against possible violators. Labatan Sucharow also represents whistleblowers from abroad and offers translation services. Employees of multinational firms or those working abroad should not be afraid to speak out and report misconduct to the SEC in the USA. Labatan Sucharow offers a free consultation and reports of violation can be made without revealing the company who is the violator or the whistleblower identity. Learn more: http://www.secwhistlebloweradvocate.com/

Shopping For Real Estate Among New York’s Biggest New Developments

New Yorkers who are shopping for real estate are going to find themselves in the middle of huge projects that are growing right now. There is a project at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and there is a large office building happening in Queens. There are some nice new shopping malls that will bring jobs, and there are condo developments that will house new residents. everyone who lives in New York needs to start thinking about how they will shop for real estate, and TOWN Real Estate is ready to help with NYC real estate readily available.

TOWN Residential is a large New York City firm that has helped clients find homes, rentals and offices in the city. They are involved in development deals, and they are working with large companies that need to have new tenants. New tenants do not come out of nowhere, and people who come to TOWN Residential get walked right to the best places to invest. Investing in New York real estate can be very lucrative, and it becomes even more lucrative when someone asks for help from TOWN Residential.

The TOWN Residential can find the best price for every new office or building, or they can help someone find the house they want that is in the area. The houses that are in the area are selling fast because the prices will start to rise, and everyone wants to live near the newest building projects.

New York is a cosmopolitan city, and the most modern areas have the newest buyers. A seller can come to TOWN Residential if they want to get a higher price for their land, or they can rent to someone who wants to live in that area. There are a lot of options for every shopper, but they see only the best options when they are shopping with a TOWN Residential broker.

Thor Halvorssen Targets North Korea

Thor Halvorssen is a man on a mission. The 40-year-old human rights activist spends every waking moment — and many should-be-sleeping moments — fighting to expose corruption around the world.

Halvorssen’s latest obsession is North Korea. He’s working tirelessly to undermine North Korea’s current regime and to open its citizens’ eyes. He helps dissidents and gives them a voice. He and his organization, the Human Rights Foundation, smuggle goods and anti-regime literature across the border. They’ve used balloons to make drops in the past and are constantly looking for new ways to make contact with North Koreans.

Given his background, his passion for individual liberties isn’t surprising. Thor Halvorssen grew up in a family of outspoken rebels and dissidents. His father once worked as Venezuela’s drug czar. When he exposed the systemic corruption of the government, he was placed in a Caracas prison. There, he endured years of torture.

His mother was shot while protesting against Hugo Chávez. He, himself, has faced physical violence because of his beliefs. While in Ho Chi Minh City to interview Thich Quang Do, a man who’d been under house arrest for 28 years because of his religious beliefs, Halvorssen was beaten and detained. His quick thinking — he claimed to be a simple Buddhist, seeking instruction — got him out of trouble.

Thor Halvorssen started the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 with the mission of ridding the world of tyranny, and he’s more than just a figurehead — he’s on the ground, traveling the world to expose political dictatorships and to give voice to the oppressed.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez, Politican, Fiancier and Advocate

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a prominent and influential politician and financier in Venezuela. He is the successful proprietor of the enterprises AmericTraders,Bridco, Thomas Pipe and SGL Technic,as well as other affiliates in the domain of agriculture.
He officiated over the Venezuelan Federation of Chamber of Commerce which is comparable to a monopoly dominating the spheres of finance, agriculture,economics finance,construction,energy,manufacturing,media,cultivation,insurance,transportation and tourism in the Venezuelan industry. Essentially controlling the entire country.
Jose Manuel Gonzalez is presently a representative from Goarico National Assembly in Caracas, Venezuela for which he was an appointee for the seat of Governor. During the nomination phase it was predicted that he was the evident one to win the election,however he obtained 53% of the 1171 votes.
As a politician he possess the endorsements and acknowledgments from over twenty political organizations which encompass Democratic Action,A New Era,Christian Party, Project Venezuela,Justice First,Popular Will,Red Flag Party,Radical Cause,Movement for Socialism,Progressive Advance,Democratic Republican Union.
Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an active committed member who consistently engages in the committee of the National Assembly which he is immensely proud of, one within the monitoring range of his constituents and the country of Venezuela in its entirety. He was designated as Chairman of Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce as a result of his business aspects expertise and entrepreneurial skills.
Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an advocate who relentlessly and persistently is fighting for much needed reform in his country. According to him Venezuelan politics have a bleak outlook on the horizon due to the indisputable fact that his continuous advice regarding atrocious management in the current implementations in agriculture are navigating towards devastating food shortages,were totally and adamantly disregarded by the government in the National Assembly and Federation of the Chamber of Commerce in Caracas.
This is the inherent reason why Venezuela has no choice but to import food from other nations. The concept being that if farmers are not able to survive from cultivating their crops and can not under any circumstances make a worthwhile profit because their own government pays them very little,then the alternative route is to sell their commodities to other nearby countries such as Columbia,where they they obtain a sensible market value.

What Are Online Reputation Management Services

While there are a number of people who often display themselves positively on the internet, there are some instances where an individual or business may have something negative posted about them on the internet. As a result they will often be quite uneasy and wish for a way to get rid of this content that can sabotage their future. The good news is that there is a way to ensure that they maintain a positive image at all times as well as eliminating negative things about them online. Online reputation management services are among the most in demand around and can help a number of people eliminate negativity posted about them on the internet. These services will do a number of things to erase, place and manipulate search engines to help rid people and businesses of any negative information about them.
With online services both individuals and businesses can be helped. These services are very beneficial for a number of people such as professionals as well as both small businesses and large companies. With individuals there may be information about them online that reveals that they were fired from their most recent job. This may have negative consequences for them when seeking future employment. However online reputation management services can help such an individual by either erasing such information or by placing it one the last pages of a given search engine. Therefore such negative information will not be visible to future employers and their reputation remains intact. These services can also help small businesses that have some negative reviews. The online reputation management companies can erase negative reviews and display sites that show only positive reviews which will give the business a more favorable image among customers.

The internet has provided many benefits to many people for nearly two decades. However it is able to reveal negative information as well as positive. Therefore many individuals and businesses will need to manage their reputation so that they don’t jeopardize their future. In order to most effectively manage their reputation they will greatly benefit by using online reputation management services. Anyone looking to learn more about the benefits of online reputation management services will want to check out the link www.forbes.com/sites/learnvest/2013/11/20/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-online-reputation-management/#40b1e7fb5a36


Don Ressler is a CEO that Understands the World of Fashion and Health

Don Ressler is a busy man. Don Ressler works as the CEO of Fabletics and as a co-CEO of JustFab Inc. Ressler has many years of experience as a company leader. He has been in this career since the 90s. His first business endeavor was FitnessHeaven.com. This was his very first company that he eventually sold in 2001.

After  Ressler sold this organization he moved on to co-found Alena Media. He eventually had to move on from Alena Media after its parent company was brought out. Russler then went on to form Intelligent Beauty. Ressler used the company Intelligent Beauty to create 2 other companies which are known as Dermstore and Sensa.

In 2010 Don Ressler opened a third company called JustFab. Kimora Lee Simmons (Def Jam CEOs Russel Simmons, former wife) became the president of the organization and led it for a few years. Over that time the company had well over 3 million customers and their business was booming. By 2013 the organization launched Fabletics which is another successful venture under the guidance of Russler.

Don Ressler is a successful businessman who knows and understands the business of beauty and good health. He has the ability to capitalize on growing clothing and health trends. He can practically exploit these trends to produce a profit. Also, Ressler has been involved in athletics since he was a younger man in school. His passion for staying fit is another factor that helps him in his role of company leader.

Since 2013, Ressler has been expanding heavily into an already oversaturated fashion market. As with most fields, this is one hard market to completely dominate. Russler was fortunate that his Fabletics brand has been very well received in the states and abroad. When Kate Hudson joined the company as a spokesperson and designer it helped to elevate the status of the company significantly.

Fabletics is now a leading online fashion site that caters to moms and their children. The company primarily makes clothing for grown women. They also have gear available for children as well. People who shop on this site will find some of the most updated and amazing styles of fashion today. Fabletics is a company that is doing well because of Ressler’s commitment and effort to make the organization successful.

Bob Reina Makes Talking So Much Easier


Talk Fusion is a video communications company that is located in Brandon, Florida. The company is known as one of the best video communications companies in the United States. Talk Fusion is also active in over 140 other countries across the globe. The company is one of the top 10 video communications companies in the world. Talk Fusion is active on various social media platforms including Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Talk Fusion offers its clients support with video marketing, video emails, video newsletters, video chat sessions, live meetings, and various interactive social media projects.

Bob Reina is the founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. Reina attended the University of South Florida which is located in Tampa, Florida. Reina previously worked as a police officer before entering the video communications business. After graduating from the University of South Florida Reina entered the Tampa Police Academy where he graduated at the top of his class. Reina served various positions during his time on the police force in Florida. Reina’s work concentrated on property crimes, patrol, and major personal crimes. Bob Reina switched careers in 1990 when he became involved in network marketing. Reina previously worked with Cash Card Worldwide, Alliance USA, Formula 1, and Travel Reaction. Travel Reaction and Cash Card Worldwide were both companies that Reina founded himself.

In 2007 Reina founded his own video communications company which is today known as Talk Fusion. Reina focuses this company on providing lead pages, video emailing, web conferencing, and video messaging. In addition to working to keep Talk Fusion as one of the best video communications companies in the world Reina also devotes a lot of time to his community. Reina has worked with Florida’s Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.



Status Lab: Online Reputation Management Company

The status lab is a worldwide reputation management company that helps high profile individuals as well as leading brands to look their very best in the online platform as well as news. Status Labs protects them from any cause of damage to their reputation. This company helps the brands of various companies increase in crisis management. The company is hat are tailored to the also genius in offering solutions that are specially adapted to every unique need of their clients. Its headquarters are in Austin with offices in Sao Paulo and New York. This company also works with media and customers around the world to fulfill social media, international marketing as well as PR goals.

In the year 2015, Status Labs reputation Management Company had to suffer for its reputation crisis. The company was dragged to a negative press that criticized every move it made by one of the former executives. The local news that started went mainstream in the national media and the reputation of the company was at some point threatened. The firm had successfully helped more than one thousand individuals, and business people have their status improved ever since 2012. This was the time that the same company had a crisis about themselves.

While many critics in view this online reputation contrary, the company knows that online is the pivot that can change and alter any negative publicity possible. We are a company that provides that rare second chance to the businesses and people that want and deserve it. As the role of PR is shifting to the digital world, the market for these services is growing every day bigger and better. But the end of the matter is that every lasting reputation is in such a way that change is the only way that can ensure a reputational change and that is what the Status Labs company did.

The company began slowly but steadily building back the Brocken pieces and transiting and made a significant change in leadership. Our employees decided to call for the executive in question to resign from his duties. This kind of act made the public change their attitude that was otherwise misdirected to the company.

Madison Street Capital Produces Winner of the Coveted National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts Award

Madison Street Capital has the best talent and skills in the industry. Recently the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) recognized one of the co-founders and the current Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, Anthony Marsala in its 40 under forty 2015 recognition programs. http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/orland-park-homer-glen/community/chi-ugc-article-madison-street-capitals-anthony-marsala-reco-2015-08-20-story.html


NACVA selected nominees under the age of forty with extraordinary advancements in financial forensics, business valuation, litigation consulting, mergers and acquisitions, expert witness testimony, and other related professionals. The winners were selected by NACVA Executive Staff and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI).


The judges said that the decision-making process was hard since they were overwhelmed by the quality of candidates. Getting a winner from the pool of 125 nominees all with extraordinary advances was not an easy task. The winners will all through 2015 feature in press releases, QuickReadBuzz, profiles in The Value Examiner, and in many other distributions.


NACVA and CTI are founded on superior quality, excellence, and a spirit of growing visionary leaders across all fields of the financial consulting and accounting professions despite their affiliation with CTI and NACVA. The 40 under forty award programs was started so as to give a voice and an opportunity to the upcoming generation of industry leaders, recognizing their contribution to the profession, and the community.


Anthony Marsala has been very instrumental in overseeing and managing Madison Street Capitals international presence in Europe, Asia, and Africa. He also takes care of the company’s analytical and due diligence teams which are in charge of evaluation activities for the company’s M&A and Corporate Finance clients.


Anthony Marsala is a specialist in corporate finance, business valuation, and M&A. For over 13 years he has performed and reviewed a significant number of valuation and transactions in many industry sectors. Anthony has worked in food and agriculture, energy, technology, manufacturing, technology wholesale and distribution, medical devices, staffing, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Anthony studied Finance and Information Systems at the Loyola University of Chicago. He is also a member of NACVA and American Society of Appraisers (ASA).


Madison Street Capital is among the largest international investment banks. It commits itself to excellence, integrity, leadership and service in serving its clients. Madison Street Capital offers its customers with services ranging from financial advisory, valuation, financial opinions, and merger and acquisition expertise to both publicly and privately owned businesses. http://centraljerseyworkingmoms.com/all-you-need-to-know-about-madison-street-capital/


According to Madison emerging markets are core component leading to global economic growth. The firm is, therefore, looking into focusing more of its assets in these markets. The firm has over time earned the trust and confidence of its clients due to an unwavering dedication to giving the most professional standards. http://www.madisonstreetcapital.com/featured-transactions/

Learn more:



I’m Saving An Incredible Amount Of Money With FreedomPop Services

I found it difficult to deal with many of the phone companies that are available today, so I’ve permanently made the switch to FreedomPop and don’t plan on changing my mind. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been through with other phone companies. The first company I ever joined was when I was in my late teens, and I used to pay close to $100 each month for my service, and the service was not unlimited. I switched from that company to an unlimited service that was costing me $75 each month, only to move on from that service later on. http://www.savingfreak.com/freedompop-review/

I eventually found FreedomPop, which made all the difference in the world because of the fact that they only charge me $20 each month for my unlimited service. I never believed it when a friend of mine told me that I could get unlimited cell phone service for only $20 monthly, but I knew better after signing up for the service. I chose to keep the Samsung Galaxy that I had, which was great because I didn’t want to have to purchase another phone, especially since I was in a financial crisis at the time.

FreedomPop allowed me to save so much money on my cell phone bill that I was able to use the money that I used to pay to the other cell phone company for little extras like buying shoes. Each month that I’m with FreedomPop, I only have to pay the $20 monthly, and there’s no hidden fees or additional charges that I’ll find on my bill at the end of the month, which is so amazing. I get to use as many text messages as my fingers can type, I make calls until I’m weak in the knees, and my data is unlimited too. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freedompop.ott&hl=en

I’ve recommended a lot of my friends to switch over to FreedomPop because many of them complain about the high prices from other cell phone companies. I’ve also discovered that FreedomPop has Internet service that I can get for my home, which is something I’m getting ready to sign up for. I also like the fact that FreedomPop has Wi-Fi services that are unlimited and only costs a mere five dollars monthly. The Wi-Fi services that FreedomPop offers are available in tens of millions of locations, so I’ll never be without Wi-Fi if I need to cut back on my 4G LTE data usage.

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