Better Business Bureau Awards Securus with a Formal Accreditation and Highest Rating (A+)

Securus Technologies has officially declared that it has acquired an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The technology giant obtained an A+ rating from the BBB. Securus’ Vice President of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, said that the firm worked closely with Texas-based Better Business Bureau to not only achieve their top rating (A+) but also obtain a formal accreditation.


The accreditation was voluntary, meaning Securus worked in close collaboration with the BBB to achieve the set standards such as:


  • Build confidence: earn the trust of clients by maintaining excellence in service delivery
  • Genuine advertising: follow the rules of honest advertising and selling
  • Be truthful: provide reliable information about products and services
  • Be accountable: openly disclose the nature, physical location, ownership status of business as well as its policies.
  • Honor promises: adhere to all formal agreements and unwritten representation
  • Immediate response: respond to market disputes with immediate effect
  • Protect privacy: safeguard sensitive information against mishandling and fraud
  • Embrace integrity: undertake all marketplace transactions, business deals, and commitments with honesty.

Commitment to excellence

In a bid to improve the quality of client service to about 25 million family members and friend, Securus incepted 220-seat national call center – the biggest in the correctional sector. This move allowed Securus to control how services are rendered to clients and enabled it to enforce BBB standards. In turn, the BBB accredited Securus for its achievements.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies achieves its foundational goal of serving and connecting by offering emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, as well as monitoring products. The Dallas, Texas-based premier firm serves over 3,450 law enforcement, government institutions, and correctional facilities. It also connects inmates to their families and friends through its exceptional telecommunication services. Through its corporate charity wing, Securus Technologies has instituted the Correctional Officer Memorial Fund, which will offer financial aid to grief-stricken families of non-administrative officers in correctional facilities who die in the line of duty.



Naomi Campbell is a success Beyond Modeling

Naomi Campbell is one of the most important figures in the history of modeling. One of the first five supermodels she was born in London and started posing for the cameras when she was just 15 years old. She has been on the covers of over 500 magazines and has worked as a model for such powerhouses as Prada, Burberry, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Valentino and countless others.

Besides having to overcome the many challenges that all young models face, such as fierce competition and fighting for big jobs, Campbell has had some challenges that others have not had to face. Still, she has gone on to win the respect and confidence of those in the industry and has had a very long successful career.

Naomi Campbell was the first black model to be o the covers of such respected magazines as TIME, French Vogue and Russian Vogue. Her career has encompassed roles on television and film and she has used her popularity to raise money for charities in South Africa and other countries. She started Fashion For Relief and hosted a well-received show in 2005 to raise money for Hurricane Katrina. Since then shows have also been held in New York, London, Cannes, Moscow, and Mumbai, raising millions in funds.
She has been a supermodel coach on a television show called “The Face,” in both the United States and the UK and has filled additional duties as the executive producer in the US version.

Campbell was born in South London. Although she never met her father, her mother was Jamaican dancer Valerie Morris. She grew up in Rome while her mother dancer and attended the Barbara Speake State School. She also attended the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, studying ballet as she was growing up. When she was seven years old she starred in Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” video.

In the years since that first job Campbell has written a success story that many admire.
She has earned respect industry-wide as an unspeakable beauty, generous soul and tremendous success. Her big heart has raised money for many causes and she continues to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

John Goullet’s Contributions to IT Industry

John Goullet is the chief administrator at DIVERSANT Limited Liability Company. Goullet is also a creative assistant who has helped the Information Technology industry by developing multiple extremely prosperous businesses. He initiated his career as an IT consultant before switching to the role of an Information Technology Personnel Account Manager. John Goullet later developed the Info Technologies Inc and became its company Chief Executive Officer. His dealings mainly focused on following IT client personnel requirements, the corporate IT environment, and how to match IT staff with work style, skill set, and consultancy personality.

His company was centered on extending its IT solutions to other additional IT companies all over the country. Mr. Goullet developed his organization to a multi-million dollar net worth within a period of five years, and this ranked his company among the highest private businesses earners in the whole of the United States. He would later partner with the DIVERSANT Inc. to form the DIVERSANT LLC corporate organization. DIVERSANT, LLC became the first African-American entirely dominated and certified high IT staffing Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, MBE. The company now presents the full range of assortment products and available IT staffing solutions, for example, direct hire, IT staffing augmentation, and innovative diversity solutions. This services and outputs feature different global leading strategies with the primary objectives of fulfilling client needs.

Acquiring Best IT Talent Professionals
DIVERSANT, LLC also assists its customers to solve particular problems through consultative approaches and allowing customers the chances to become real industry allies. The company helps customers to acquire the best IT talent in the ever-growing and competitive technology industry professionals. The organization employs additional attention and utilizes the relevant methods to vet and source equipped specialists capable of meeting the various client needs.

Capable Full-cycle Customized Software Development Experts
This is achieved by the organization’s IT talent groups that present customized full-cycle software development experts. As the leading IT staffing firm, DIVERSANT LLC harmonizes skilled professionals to related companies where they put their skills into practice. The organization attempts to maintain Sound working relationships between their clients and the IT consultants during this harmonization process, based on the experience of fitting in the distinct skillful IT culture.

Investments with Qualified Professionals

Investments can be very scary for people who do not know how to do them on their own. If you have ever lost a lot of money on a bad investment, this has probably deterred you from ever investing again and this can truly hinder the amount of money that you are able to make long-term. This is why it might be a good idea for you to use the professional known as Martin Lustgarten since this is a professional who has years and years of experience in the investment banking firm so that you can feel confident using all of his services.

Many have personally been using Martin Lustgarten and his services for many years now for their own investment needs and it has been something that they continually recommend to people who simply need better investment options. When you are investing in a more professional manner, this enables you to make as much money as possible on the money you have already invested into some type of fund or stock. Many have found that this has been something that benefits them as well as so many other people because investments can truly help in terms of helping you to bring in an income that you would not otherwise have.

Martin Lustgarten is the real deal and by his many positive reviews found on the internet, you can find that this is someone that a lot of people are using for themselves and a professional who truly does work for his clients. You will also find that the amount of money that hd charges for his services is quite affordable and can easily help you to still make tons of money on the types of investments that he is able to do for you. Make sure to consider Martin Lustgarten if you are looking to make better investments that actually work for you and your family. There has never been a better time than now to start your investment journey and it is very important for you to work with a professional like Martin Lustgarten so that you know you are doing things in the proper manner.

More visit: Martin Facebook

ClassDojo raises a whopping $21 million to bolster its teacher-parent communication platform

ClassDojo, a free application has raised a whopping $21 million to help expand its team and improve content features on its communication platform where educators and parents can talk about student academic performance and general behavior. Since its launch, ClassDojo has raised a total of $31 million meant for venture funding. The fundraising was steered by General Catalyst, an investor in ClassDojo. The funds will be used to incorporate new content and features that will be of important use to the parents using the app. The objective is to help parents in fostering learning and behavior development of their kids at home just as is the case in the school setting.


Thanks to constant communication between teachers and parents all through the school calendar, the app allows parents to get acquainted with the academic performance and behavior of their kids. Basically, teachers take videos and photos during the day and share them with parents through the communication app, showing the student’s involvement in school work. Consequently, it eliminates the shock experienced by parents who only learn about their kids’ school performance during once-a-semester school meetings.


ClassDojo was established in 2011 by two co-founders namely, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. At the time, there was no any free and user-friendly app that brought together teachers, learners, and their parents. This is actually, what motivated the birth of ClassDojo. At the moment, parents are able to get involved in all the goings-on in school thanks to ClassDojo. At present, the ClassDojo app is used by the teaching fraternity in 85,000 schools across the United States, from public to private schools. Now that 2 out of 3 schools use ClassDojo, the latest funding will further push the platform into new territories. According to its co-founders, ClassDojo strives to distribute the app to, even more, educators and parents. ClassDojo faces business competition in the education space from its counterparts like Kickboard, FreshGrade, Nearpod, and Remind.


For now, the app is yet to start generating revenue. According to the founders, ClassDojo has a strong data protection policy and will not generate revenues through user’s data. Instead, they intend to develop premium features that parents will need to pay in order to use. In the near future, parents could use ClassDojo to buy content such as custom yearbooks, discussion guides, and videos. What’s more, the app may also incorporate transactional features that allow parents to pay monies via their phones for things like education trips or lunches.

How to Choose an Online Reputation Management Firm

If your company has not hired a reputation management firm yet, then there are several dos and dont’s courtesy of that you need to remember.

Do hire a company before a crisis occurs, as they can be a great public relation tool. It often takes a company awhile to learn where your target audience hangs out, the language that they speak and many other factors. Bringing them on board during a crisis requires them to become a trusted authority immediately.

Avoid companies that promise results by tricking Google. One of the most popular things that black-hat online reputation firms may suggest that you do is to employ a thousand links or post content about any topic. When Google chooses pages to put on its first page where they will have the most impact, they choose pages that have great content, are linked to by industry insiders and have an established history.

Once you have narrowed the list down to two or three online reputation firms, then conduct interviews. Each agency should be able to tell you exactly what they think will help you produce the results that you want. If you find an agency that tries to make the process difficult, then run away.

Make the final decision based on quality over quantity. An online reputation management firm can produce thousands of spam sites that will not get you the desired results. Instead, look for companies who will produce great content that will be read by your targeted audience. The other will only waste your money and may make matters worse, according to Ryan Erskine on Fox News.

He recommends that a business person looks at any contract very carefully before signing it. If a company promises that your reputation will be repaired within a set time, usually six months, then you need to run away and refuse to sign.

Look for firms that will allow you to pay them each month. Many firms want a larger payment in the beginning which can be fine. Do not, however, fall for paying for a complete package in the beginning.

If you follow these simple rules, then you will find an online reputation management firm that you can truest.


Equities First Holdings: Making A Difference In Lending

According to a recent online article on, Equities First Holding is having more action in loans that are margin or stock-based. This may be because banks are so strict these days about their lending criteria, says the article. Some borrowers who need loans may not qualify for conventional loans. They are seeking out financial institutions that provide equity lending.

Because the market has been so difficult for a while, banks have less lending options for their customers, says the article. They have increased the qualifications for a loan as well as interest rates. Al Christy, Jr. is the founder and CEO of Equities First Holding. He says in the article that loans can use stocks as collateral for people who need working capital. These types of loans usually have a fixed interest rate and have a higher loan-to-value ratio. It has better terms than a margin loan has.

Christy says that the market will probably fluctuate during the term of a typical three-year loan. However, he says, loans that are based on stocks make a hedge. In a downside market, borrowers are lowering their risk. According to the non-recourse features that are part of stock-based loans, the borrower can leave the loan at any time. It does not even matter if the stock lowers in value, says the article. The borrower can keep the loan and have no more obligation to the lender.

There are differences in stock-based loans and margin loans that Christy explains in the article. They both use securities for their collateral; however, borrowers must be pre-qualified before getting a margin loan. They are usually required to have a certain purpose for the money. Loan-to-value ratios are lower and interest rates are variable. With a margin loan, the lender can suddenly liquidate the collateral without warning the borrower, Christy says.

Stock-based loans have low fixed interest rates., says Christy, and a higher loan-to-value ratio. They lender will not tell the borrower where to spend the money. Also, the borrower is free to walk away from repayment at any time without recourse, the article says.

Christy explains that there are risks with any financial transaction. Because some lenders have failed to do stock loans correctly, these types of loans have not been used as much. Thanks to the integrity of institutions like Equities First Holdings, stock loans are increasing as viable borrowing options. Christy says that the company’s goals are to offer top benefits at the lowest risks possible so their clients can meet their own financial goals.

For nearly 15 years, Equities First Holdings, LLC has given clients the options of different financing solutions. They have used client’s publicly traded stock as collateral for loans. It has allowed their clients to meet their financial goals. Equities has made stock loans to clients all over the globe.

Currently, the company has made more that 650 transactions that total over $1 billion. There loans have low fixed interest rates and high loan-to-value ratios. Equities First Holdings has offices in nine countries, including their base in the United States.

Lime Crime, A Different Type of Makeup Line

Lime Crime is not your typical makeup company. Doe Deere, a Russian national who grew up in New York, started the company in 2008. She was selling colorful clothes online and could not find any makeup colors to complement them so she created her own.

Her first line was called Unicorn Lips. She picked the name Unicorn because it symbolized someone who was different and proud of it. She also uses that name to describe fans of the company.

You probably will not see these makeup colors in the boardroom, but you will find them at the local club or even on campus. Their colors are sure to turn heads, so they are not for the faint of heart. Even their packaging is eye popping. There are no beiges and the only black you will find is for the lips. If you are looking for something different and want to have fun with your makeup, this is a company for you.

They definitely cater to the young and have a very strong presence on social media. All lime crime products are vegan and cruelty free, a definite selling point for younger consumers.

The company sells lipstick, eye shadow and liner. This time of year, Lime Crime even has a special section just for Halloween, but many of their regular colors would work with a variety of costumes.

The products are affordable, most are priced $20 and under on Amazon. The only products more expensive are the collections, which have several colors. For example, the eye shadow collections are $42.

If you feel you need some inspiration, check out They offer advice on how to wear the line. For example if your hair a pastel color a section recommends makeup to go with your color.

In conclusion, if you like color and are looking for a way to stand out, then check out the Lime Crime makeup line.  Also, be sure to visit their Tumblr page for some great pictures of what models, and real Lime Crime fans have come up with.

The Magnises Experience

Imagine having a concierge on speed dial who could provide you with information about the hottest clubs and events in your area at any time of the day or night. Imagine they could get you exclusive benefits not available to just anyone. This is the experience many people are getting through a new club known as Magnises. This club was designed by Billy McFarland as a way for people to gain access to exclusive benefits and VIP experiences. His goal is to take all of their member’s lives “to the next level”.

Having a Magnises club card gives members access to members-only concerts and experiences that non-members don’t have access too. Each card is personalized for the member that holds it. Using this card, members receive benefits such as free upgrades on planes and better seats at sports games. No matter your interests you are certain to find benefits and discounts for the activities and events you enjoy. Magnises gives all members the opportunity to feel like a VIP every night without all the hassle. A complete list of benefits can be found on Magnises website.

Not only are the benefits great, but Magnises is simple and easy to use. Ever spent hours trying to figure out what to do tonight before finally giving up? Have you ever gotten tired of doing the same thing every single night? The Magnises concierge app allows you to find something to do quickly and easily on Crunchbase. The app specifically gives recommendations based on your preferences so there is always something you are interested in doing.

Magnises is more than just a club, it’s access to an elite group of people. By joining Magnises you will find yourself surrounded by other people with similar interests. It’s a great way to meet people when you are new to the city or haven’t yet established a close-knit group of friends. The more events you attend using your Magnises membership card the more you will find yourself surrounded by the same group of interesting people. Magnises also has “hotspots” that are exclusive to members which are a great place to spend time with other members and make plans.

Magnises is your personal ticket to local nightlife on The benefits are numerous and allow you to live the luxurious lifestyle you have always wanted. It is more than just a membership it is a full VIP experience that is tailored to you.

Keith Mann Believes In Education

Attending college to earn a degree or even more than one degree can change people’s lives but even more importantly the lives of their entire family. Keith Mann a local businessman in New York has a deep respect for education. He believes in education and understands how important education can be in people’s lives.


However, Keith Mann understands that everyone is not able to pursue a quality education because of situations that are beyond their control. One of the most common situations is the lack of money.


With a unique understanding of the importance of a quality education and what impact the lack of money can have on a quality education, Keith Mann has made it a personal mission to help people who need assistance to get a quality education. Recently Keith Mann established a scholarship for graduating high school seniors from Uncommon High Schools located in Brooklyn.


The scholarships are valued at $5,000, and the recipients can use the money to pay for expenses at the college they will be attending. In addition, one scholarship per year will be awarded to a graduating senior from a Brooklyn based Uncommon High School.


Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners where he manages the daily business operations for the firm. Dynamics Search Partners is an executive search firm that helps companies find executive talent to fill key roles in their companies.


Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry. Mr. Mann has a rare ability to communicate with the companies that are looking for executives to fill key positions in such a way that he is able to match the best talent to a particular company.


Keith Mann is a strong believer in the power of education and the difference an education can make in the lives of people. This is why he is willing to put forth his time and money to provide opportunities to young people interested in attending college. The scholarship that he recently established for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn is evidence of his support of education.

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