With only under $1 million of investment in 2009, Kerrisdale Capital Management was founded. Since then, the firm has grown to its current approximate $ 150 million worth. Behind the firm’s development is its Founder and Chief Investment Officer, SahmAdrangi. Famed for his research published on the firm’s website, twitter, and other public sites, he has been integral in demystifying previously held misconceptions in investment. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University.

Prior to his stint at Kerrisdale Capital, he worked at Chanin Capital Partners where among other things, he advised on bankruptcy restructuring and represented creditors, debtors, and companies. Earlier in his life, he had been an analyst with the Leveraged Finance Investment Group of the Deutsche Bank.

With Mr. Adrangi at the helm, Kerrisdale has recently mooted a plan to invest in a public company. Though the public company is yet to be unveiled, plans are clearly underway to raise the capital required. Kerrisdale Capital Management, through its investors, has raised $100 million that is anticipated to be pumped into the public company. Emails sent to investors by Kerrisdale, confirm the readiness to invest the significant amount. However, the emails are seen by a major media outlet stop shy of revealing the company’s name, only indicating the company’s worth approximated at $10 billion.

Credible reports from Kerrisdale point to mid-May as when the public announcement of the company will be made. Over the years of operation, Kerrisdale’s hedge fund is estimated at $500 million. It’s this fund that has been in use in investment raking in an impressive 28% average annual return. Kerrisdale is known to bet for, and against companies, companies invested in recently include Sage Therapeutics and Satellite Company. This good performance must have contributed to the success of the newly established fund.

The fund is gaining further traction with Mr. Sahm Adrangi and Analyst Shane Wilson collaborating to come up with campaign videos and a website to urge more investors to the fund. It has been reported that Kerrisdale has already started buying stock to strengthen its equity before the major announcement.

All About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Capuchin Consulting . Paul has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years now. He began his career at the Deutsche Bank in the early 90’s. Paul is one of the best when it comes to finical advice and management. He has managed bank accounts with little money in it and he has also managed accounts with millions of dollars in it.

Paul’s finical experience is very diverse. He has managed accounts across the entire world. For example, he has managed accounts at the Royal bank of Scotland. Once he began working with this company, Kinetics International Fund recognized how talented Paul actually was. The company then decided to hire Paul Mampilly as a leader within the company. Under Paul’s leadership, the hedge fund company grew significantly.

Once Paul had his finial career established, he began to start researching different companies to invest in. He found the perfect company to invest in which was Sarepta Therapeutics. At the time, this company was researching different treatments for muscular dystrophy. Not even a year had passed when Paul decided to sale his share of Sarepta Therapeutics. When he sold his share he earned more than two thousand percent in profit. Paul knows all of the ins and outs to investing smartly.

Paul Mampilly also invested in Netflix. After a while of having his share for Netflix he then decided to sale his portion of the share for a large amount of profit as well. Paul is a great entrepreneur because he doesn’t keep his finical secrets to himself. He shares all of his finical wisdom with those people who subscribe to his company. People who subscribe to Paul Mampilly’s readings are actually benefiting significantly. You will basically be subscribing to teach yourself how to become a millionaire.

Paul Mampilly is a very trustworthy individual. He has received several awards for all of his hard work. Some awards that he has received includes the Templeton Foundation investment competition award. Paul has also been featured and interviewed on multiple different major television networks. Some of these networks include Bloomberg TV, CNBC, FOX and other major television channels.

If you are interested in obtaining finical freedom through investing, it would be a great idea to complete some research on Paul Mampilly. He has owned several businesses, won several awards, and he is very knowledgeable. In addition, Paul’s subscriptions are very affordable.

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The Face of Atlanta Medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a well-trained and licensed doctor. He resides in Atlanta, and not only practices medicine but also owns several companies in the region. Mark began his career as a doctor while he was at New Orleans. Since then, he has only worked to improve his skills and experience, and also prominence in both the medical and business industries.

Born in New Orleans, he grew up with his family and went to school like an average kid. At the right age, he progressed to the university. His passion for medicine drove him to not only venture in but also study medicine at the University of Tulane. A few years later, Mark graduated with a degree in medicine. His practicing father became his companion for a few years after graduation.

It is during this time that he launched his first company, and so this became the beginning of his interest and success in the financial industry. The McKenna Venture Investments was more of a real estate firm that dealt with development. This company was the first of the several others that Dr. Mark started.

A natural tragedy in New Orleans made Mark shift to Atlanta. However, nothing was big enough to crash his dreams or blur his future. He went on to launch a medical practice that grew and garnered the interest of several individuals. ShapeMed was started in 2007. This medical practice was specialized in aesthetics, a field that Dr.McKenna had grown a lot of absorption.

A good offer by Life Time Fitness, however, drove Mark to sharing his bright ideas by selling ShapeMed to the fitness company, seven years later. He was subsequently made the director of the firm, and their successes combined, served to blossom ShapeMed.

ShapeMed has won the Black Diamond certification. The award is usually given to companies and individuals who have proven to serve the patients with a lot of compassion and care, and whose products and services are consistently astounding. The pride of ShapeMed was apparently behind the great minds of Dr. McKenna, and the hands that began the practice.

Mark McKenna has also been identified among the most successful “doctorpreneurs.” It has been reasoned out as doctors who not only left their profession there, but went ahead to venture into business, and in that way, not only saved lives but also provided opportunities to many that were lacking. Mark is a compassionate patient advocate.

Michael Lacey: The leading Mathematician in the US

Michael Thoreau Lacey is one of the prominent American mathematicians who was born on 26th September 1959. He joined the Illinois University at Urbana-Champaign and received his Ph.D. in1987 under the supervision of Walter Philipp.

Michael Thoreau Lacey undertook a thesis in the field of probability in Banach spaces, and he solved problems that were related to the law of the iterated logarithm of empirical characteristics functions. During the superseding period, his duty has work in the field of probability, ergodic theory and also Harmonic Analysis.

He held various doctoral posts in various universities such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Louisiana State University. While working at the University of North Carolina, Walter Philip and Michael Lacey displayed their proof of the nearly sure central limit theorem.

He later held a lucrative post at Indiana University from 1989-1996. While serving at the Indiana University, Michael was awarded a national science foundation postdoctoral fellowship.

It is during his tenure of this fellowship at Indiana University that he started a study if the bilinear Hilbert transform. The transform took place the same time when Lacey and Christoph Thiele were solving the subject of conjecture by Alberto Calderón. The duo was given an award known as Salem prize.

From 1996, Lacey has been serving as a professor of math at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In 2004 he was awarded the postdoctoral fellowship award, and in 2012, he was appointed as the member of the American mathematical society.

By the time Michael Lacey joined Georgia Tech faculty in 1996; his research has been acknowledged by numerous organizations comprising the Simons Foundation and Guggenheim. On top of that, Michael Lacey has served as the director of many training grants such as VIGRE and MCTP awards from the NSF that has supported many undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs.

He has offered great advice to numerous students who went on to pursue leading graduate programs. On top of that, the majority of his Ph.D. students have secured lucrative academic and industry jobs. Michael Lacey has mentored over ten postcodes in his institution.

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Jeff Yastine’s Risks of Investing in Value Traps

     According to Jeff Yastine, there are only two types of stocks that one can ever invest in, those that have value and those that are not more than value traps. Yastine goes ahead to provide an illustrative explanation by exploring the differences. For instance, the great debacle of Fairholme can be a good example of what Jeff Yastine is trying to insinuate when talking about risks in investing in any stock without a close evaluation and market analysis.

Great Failure of Fairholme

Bruce Berkowitz, the founder of Fairholme, had assets that had a monetary value of $20 billion. He tried to control the assets in 2011, but today, the fund is barely worth $2 billion. This implies that the investment was done without bothering to consider whether the stock had value as they were valued traps. That said, his bet on Sears Holdings provides an explicit example of how paying attention to the value of the stock can lead an investor over the edge.

Sears Facing Investment Hiccups

Jeff Yastine also reports that the Berkowitz told investors that recently, Sears was worth $90 per unit of share. But that has drastically changed overtime. Within a very short duration, the value of shares has shifted toward the negative, and there is no sign of any improvement shortly. At the moment, according to Berkowitz, Sears is now operating on losses and continues to do so.

Who is Jeff Yastine?

Jeff Yastine, who is also known as JL, has been serving in as the Editorial Director since 2015. The company that he works for is known as Banyan Hill Publishing which is located in Delray Beach, Florida. Yastine is the chief editor of the Total Wealth Insider and hence helping the local and veteran investors in understanding the market and how to gain profits from it. Yastine has a great understanding of how investors should go about understanding how they should allocate resources so that they can maximize their gains at the end of each financial period.

Jeff Yastine has done a great job helping aspiring investors learn the ropes involved in investing in various stocks. It is important, the information he shares that way, investors can mitigate the risks involved in investing in various stocks and the market at large. Companies that have been operating on losses can borrow Yastine’s great skills and advice so that they can get to correct the investment mistakes that they had made earlier.

The American Institute of Architects, The Voice, And Force Behind the Construction Sector

     The American Institute of Architects, AIA, is a membership-based organization that comprises of licensed and emerging architects, as well as allied partners. AIA comprises of over 90,000 members. These members adhere strictly to the organization’s code of ethics and conduct to ensure clients and the public in general experience the highest level of professionalism. The headquarters of the AIA is in Washington, D.C. The organization comprises of about 200 staff members and 300 local chapters.

Every year, the AIA conducts seminars that are aimed at educating architects on how to maintain their licensure. The AIA set industry standards that govern the design and construction sector on an annual basis. They also provide unlimited resources for emerging professional online. Regular market studies are done to provide analysis on the economic factors that impact the architectural sector. The AIA serves an advocate for all its members. They ensure the future of architects is protected by enhancing the value of design to the public. By holding various award programs, the AIA ensures the architects stay motivated in their professions and continue coming up with excellent designs.

AIA is now the voice of all architects. They are able to lobby with policymakers to create a prosperous industry to those who practice architecture professionally. The set policies and values of the AIA have always remained constant. The commitment of the AIA is to ensure the architects create a better future for the country and planet. In the event they encounter any activities that they oppose, they are always ready to call them out.

Given the impact changing climate has on the communities and deteriorating infrastructure, the AIA has been key in advocating for action from policymakers. They advise the country on how to advance the current quality of life and ensure the public health system is protected. AIA has been advising the country for the last 160 years on the safety and welfare of the people.

Robert Ivy is the CEO and Executive Vice President of AIA. He is referred to as a warm, soft-spoken, and wise gentleman by those who work close to him. He is an architect by profession. His passion and focus are in the design and construction sector. He always encourages architects to think beyond their field of study whenever they are in practice. Ivy believes that it is important for architects to work closely with software programmers to ensure urban planning is full of innovative ideas.

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Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Helps Immigrants

The Larkin and Lacey fund has dedicated the settlement money gotten out of their arrest case with Sheriff Arpaio towards funding of various migrant rights organizations within Arizona. The settlement worth $3.75milliion was a result of an October 18th midnight arrest and jailing carried out by Mr. Arpaio, the county sheriff for Maricopa.

This was after the pair revealed grand jury proceedings seeking reporter’s notes on the Sheriff. The Frontera fund seeks to support civil, human and migrant rights groups plus offer support on freedom of speech and participation in civic protests in Arizona including along the Mexican border.

Arrest and controversy

Maricopa county deputies sheriffs had Lacey and Larkin arrested on charges touching on revelation of information of a secret grand jury over investigation of New Time’s feud with the County sheriff, the feud has been long running since 2004 after publishing of the Sheriffs home address in a story run by the New Times, the story had touched on the sheriffs real estate deals that was being investigated by Maricopa’s Attorney office to see if the deals were criminal under Arizona’s state laws.

The two journalists other new paper, Village voice Media, was subpoenaed, with orders to produce all the documents they had in relation to the original article they had published. The order also demanded for information on web site traffic on articles mentioning Arpaio, included IP addresses for all visitors to New Times webpage and those they had prior visitation to since January of that year.

They were arrested after making the subpoena public by publishing it, the attorney dropped charges on the two the following day. In weeks after the arrests, association members of Alternative Newsweeklies to which New Times belongs as a member, provided links to Arpaio’s address in a show of solidarity with New Times.


Phoenix New Times filed a formal claim notice in February 2008 as per Arizona laws when one wants to sue officials of the government, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were awarded $3.75 million by Maricopa County’s supervision Board as settlement for their lawsuit over false arrest by the County Sheriff.

Phoenix new times covers issues in Phoenix and Arizona, providing reviews on theater, art exhibitions and also offers concert listings for various music genres and also features Dan Savage, a relationship advice columnist who is nationally syndicated. It also runs an issue highlighting the best shops,nightclubs etc. in phoenix.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Using Market-Driven Approach to Grow

In the past, one would identify high-value brands based on the price and quality. However, this trend is shifting to accommodate factors such as exclusivity, customer experience, gamification elements, branding, and last-leg services. Fabletics has taken advantage of these factors to build a brand worth $250 million. The company associated with Kate Hudson uses online marketing strategies to push its sales offering customers memberships through subscriptions. The membership approach enables Fabletics to provide customized, trendy, and affordable products and services. As at 2016, Fabletics had 1.2 million members.


Fabletics stands out from other high-value brands in the industry because of its service approach. With the reverse showrooming, Fabletics allows customers to browse online first, and identify a product of choice. Customers can use the lifestyle quiz found on the website to identify clothes that are a perfect fit. Fabletics prioritizes relationship building and is keen on building a brand that is reliable and understands the local market needs. Up to 50% who visit Fabletics stores are already members while another 25% sign up for membership there. Fabletics also uses available online data to understand customer needs and preferences and use it to determine the stock in the physical stores. Other factors that determine the stores stock are the real-time sales activity, social media sentiment, and heat map data. By combining all the above, Fabletics intends to improve customer satisfaction. Even as the Fabletics opens stores in different areas, its focus on consumer experience and education, as well as a balance of lifestyles, enabling the company to penetrate new markets with ease. The year on year growth for the company is 35%. Price, quality, innovation, and excellent distribution models drive the growth and competitiveness of the brand.


Since 2013, the brand’s motto has been to inspire and empower women of all backgrounds, shapes, size, and age to be the best. Founders, Adam and Don, noted the need for an athleisure brand that was inclusive, stylish, affordable, and quality. For the founders to grow the brand as they had envisioned there was the need for a partner. Kate Hudson represented the vision of Fabletics as she has an active lifestyle, is approachable, and can articulate the needs of the primary consumers (women).


Kate Hudson took on the mantle to build the brand from day one. She would actively follow up the Fabletics operations as well as formulate marketing strategies. Kate used social media platforms to reach out to the customers. As one of the consumers, Kate follows the design process closely and collaborates with the team to ensure the end product is trendy and meets the current market needs. When there was a backlash on social media about Fabletics membership approach, Kate focused on making communication a priority, overseeing the implementation of a better data systems and upgrade in the customer service department.


As Fabletics continues to set trends in the market, Kate is optimistic about the brand’s future. Nevertheless, she intends to keep on acting and managing the business.

Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings UK is a global leader for lending services. They specialize in stock-based and margin loans, to help companies or individuals reach their financial potential. They provide the strategic solutions to help people gain the capital they need to grow. The professional team of global experts, are there to assist each lender with their applications from start-to-finish.

Equities First Holdings UK is a global leader who continues to supply equity and provide a borrowing platform to obtain cash. Many of their clients, are also able to become a shareholder, and are able to reach financial solutions for success, and what Equities First Holdings knows.

End Citizens United Aiming To Change The Interference Of Foreign Entities In United States Elections

It is a well-known fact across the United States as well as the world that corporations and billionaires have free access to the United States’ election. It has happened due to the verdict was given by the Supreme Court in 2010 in the ruling for Citizens United Vs. F.E.C. The verdict of this case state that the corporations be treated as people and thus, they can fuel practically unlimited amounts of money to the United States’ elections.

It would mean that the corporations and billionaires who would be spending millions in supporting their political candidates would have the upper hand in deciding the fate of the country or getting political favors when their choice of political candidates come to power. It would demean the idea as to why the elections are held in the first place as the political candidates who were elected to power through the financial support of corporations, and wealthy people in business would be biased in their decision-making process. Their agenda might not have the benefit or the interest of the masses as its top priority, which it should be.

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End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been trying to overthrow the ruling of the Supreme Court that allows unaccountable money from private entities to enter the elections. End Citizens United was started in the year 2015 and is run by the donations made by common people, also termed as the grassroots donors. The election campaign finance system of the United States is highly corrupted or so it seems and End Citizens United want to ensure that it creates enough awareness about it to sooner or later overthrow this decision.

One of the examples of how the elections of the United States are rigged by the illicit use of money is proven recently when the reports surfaced that a Russian entity spent over $100,000 on purchasing Facebook Ads to influence the 2016 Presidential Election. As per the rough estimate, it is suggested by many that as much as $10 million may have been spent in the country’s election.

If the foreign entities start funding the country’s election indirectly, it would put the future of the nation in the dark and make the country’s decision-making apparatus weak. It can even put the security of the nation and its people at stake and thus, the campaign finance system needs to be more transparent and controlled. End Citizens United is backing the political candidates that support the clean legislative elections without the extensive use of money from billionaires and corporations, but instead, bank on the support and trust of the common people to win the election. End Citizens United hopes that by creating awareness on a broader scale and reaching out to more people with time, it would be able to achieve what it aims to make.

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