Ara Chackerian: Proponent of Forest Management, Angel Investor, and Philanthropist

This recaps a Northern California News article on Ara Chackerian. It concludes with a bit about Mr. Chackerian from an IdeaMensch interview.


For Ara Chackerian, forests have three primary virtues: spiritual, recreational, and natural resources. Forest management is a keen interest of Mr. Chackerian and he is described as a visionary. Ara strives to give companies not just the tools to harvest the abundance of the forests, but the tools to preserve them, thus protecting both plant and animal diversity.


The article points out that Michigan mandates custom forestry plans that provide for wildlife protection, and also for the commercial and recreational use of forests. It notes that while old-growth forest may be just the thing for human recreational use, not all animals prefer the open space of old-growth forests, that indeed some need young forest with it’s denser vegetation – for cover and food resources. It notes that good management can ensure the right balance of forest types. The Kirtland Warbler is given as an example of a bird that benefits from Jack Pines planted close together. You can visit their website



Chackerian stresses that public dialogue is necessary, and notes the importance of revenue produced by hunting and fishing permits in Michigan.


Chackerian advocates for management by rotation. Rotation allows Michigan to provide forests of varying ages. Dense, brushy forests are beneficial to rabbits, deer, and elk. While young, closely planted trees benefit some fauna, old-growth forest benefits others. Chackerian states that forest management can provide all necessary forest types.


Finally, just a bit about Ara Chackerian from an interview on IdeaMensch. One is quickly struck by Ara’s humility. A quote from that interview, “I’m smart enough to know that much of my good fortune has little to do with me, but rather the lottery of life.”


You might be tempted to think forestry is Ara’s main thing, but it’s just one of his many areas of endeavor. He is a co-founder and general partner in TMS Health Solutions – a company devoted to helping those whose depression doesn’t respond to standard treatment. He’s also a serial angel investor and a philanthropist.



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