How David McDonald Of OSI Group Supports His Alma Mater

David McDonald was born on a farm in Iowa. After having been raised on this farm he attended Iowa State University. He graduated in 1987 with an undergraduate degree in animal science. One of his big college achievements was earning the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Once he graduated he moved to the Chicago, Illinois, area and began his professional career at OSI Group LLC. Over the years he has steadily been promoted into positions of higher authority at this company. For a number of years now he has been its chief operating officer and president, second only to Sheldon Lavin who is the chief executive officer and owner.

Over the years David McDonald has helped out his college alma mater in a variety of ways. He is an active participant in their Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. One of the examples of his participation is when he arranged it so that a group of Iowa State students was able to tour one of OSI Group’s food processing plants in China. One of the students was so inspired by this visit that they got a job at OSI Group.

David McDonald has also financially supported fraternity at this university, Alpha Gamma Rho. He has given generously to a scholarship fund for members of this fraternity and also done fundraising campaigns over the years. He was also instrumental in getting this fraternity’s Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center built.

OSI Group is a global food manufacturer. They supply the food used at a number of fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s Burger King, Starbucks, and KFC among others. David McDonald says that at OSI Group they have the efficiencies of a global supply chain while they also operate locally by having management teams around the world. These management teams know their market best since they’re close to it so they are able to autonomously apply what they know such as local food trends and tastes.

Food safety and environmental responsibility are two areas that David McDonald continuously works on. He says that there is nothing more important to the leadership and employees of OSI Group than to provide food that is high quality and wholesome. They also take great care to limit their business operations negative impacts on the environment. This environmental stewardship has won them many awards over the years, such as in 2016 when the wone the Globe of Honour Award in the UK.

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