The Oxford Club’s 2018 advice to retirement investing

The Oxford Club is a global private network for investors and entrepreneurs. This club offers outstanding investments for their members that regularly outperform the stock market with bonds, precious and base metals, mutual funds, crpytocurrencies, exchange traded funds, stocks, options, real estate, and commodities. For decades they have helped people invest in a world where a lot of markets are over saturated. Oxford club fins the world’s best investments that have the least amount of risk and the biggest gains. Their mission is to help grow and protect their wealth. The exclusive club strategies that are comprehensive and sound principles. They have a few tips of how to save for retirement in the coming year.


It is important to diversify when it comes to your investments. They say not to put all your eggs in your basket by investing in equities, one type of stock, etc. It is also important to make sure these investments are high profitability and low risk to make sure you end up becoming wealthy in the end. The next tip is to know when to let go or hang on. That means selling and buying stocks when it is appropriate. Don’t marry yourself to one stock or investment because it may not be a good one. Investing any type of stock or such is important to know how much to invest in these stocks. The last piece of advice is to cut down those pesky costs that can really get you in the end. They can really cut into your retirement funds. This includes tax collectors and fund managers that can end up costing you a pretty penny.


Baltimore, Maryland is the headquarters for the independent financial newsletter The Oxford Club. It was Co-founded in 1989 by William Bonner. Funny thing it was originally called the Passport Club. The idea came from wanting to create a private “financial club.” This group of professional investors would connect and find the world’s best investments that would come from people, not what the news and media recommends.


The Oxford Club has over 157,000 members all over the world in 130 countries. The monthly newsletter gives subscribers a variety of information including stock and trading recommendations, investment research services, and so much more. They offer members global opportunities with that beat the market in gains by spades.

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