George Soros: Ignoring the Hate of Himself

Just to be clear, George Soros is not the one that hates George Soros; Republicans hate George Soros. George Soros loves all the philanthropy he brings to the world. He’s an inspiration to everyone, hopefully, inspiring enough to get people to help with world issues, and

Unfortunately, people don’t want to help because they fear being attacked by people opposite their cause. This is something George Soros knows all too well. Ever since he shorted the British pound and made a billion dollars, he’s had a target on his back. Lately, he’s been letting all the attacks and accusations get to him.

According to JPost, he refers to it as the demonization of philanthropy. Basically, any and every right-wing conspiracy theorists make up horrible stories about Soros, trying to ruin his career and life. They’ve accused him of supporting both sides of the Charlottesville incident between Black Lives Matter the white nationalists.

No one knows what these theorists get out of doing this, but they seem to love doing it. Even Senate candidates get in on the accusing. Roy Moore, an Alabama Senate candidate, accused Soros of hiring his accusers who claim he sexually assaulted them.

Obviously, none of these people have any proof that Soros even remotely did anything of these things, they continue shouting and screaming wrongdoings. It’s sad that they spend their time trying to degrade and belittle an 87-year-old man’s good works. George Soros has been an avid philanthropist since becoming a billionaire over 30 years ago, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Mr. Soros didn’t start out with a brilliant life. He lived in a Nazi-occupied Hungary, which for a Jew probably isn’t the safest place to live. He later dealt with Hungary’s Communistic regime. Eventually, he moved to London before moving to the U.S.

Upon arriving in America, he started working on Wall Street. Now, he’s a billionaire hedge fund manager using his money to make the world a better place. So far, he’s donated $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations. The NY Times reports that he’s donated between $800 and $900 million every year since founding the organization.

Open Society is a worldwide organization with operations in more than 120 countries. Lately, Donald Trump’s reign over the United States has caused many problems, leading Open Society to focus its efforts on America, and more information click here.

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