Stream Energy Gives Customer Rewards For Referral Program

Who Is Stream Energy


Stream Energy is a remarkably based renewable energy source focused on sustainable energy for customers who need it most. They’ve been established since 2004 and was founded by the professional dual Roy Snyder and Pierre Koshajki. Together, they understood the benefits of presenting their company at a time when the Public Utility Commission was deregulating energy services in Dallas. Today, they are proudly spearheaded by business professional and president, Larry Mondry. He says, they will never promote their services with pricey ads, but continue to perfect their multi-level marketing strategies for their customers and associates.


How Stream Energy Helps Their Customers


There has been a great initiative put forth about their referral program at Stream Energy that has allowed their company to give away over $1 million dollars to their associates and customers (GazetteDay). Their customers have the option of referring services to their clients for a chance to take part in their rewards program. Customers receive real rewards for referring their family and friends. Their associates can take part in their referral program by receiving a commission for referring additional sales associates to the network or bringing more clients to their reliable renewable energy source brand.


How Stream Energy Has Helped Through Global Warming


There was a need of immediate renewable energy in the Dallas area. Thousands of customers were under the threat of global warming. They were under the threat of above 100 degree temperatures for 70+ days which led to customers being plagued with higher than normal heating costs ( Stream Energy was able to create green energy programs to help with the increased and decreased temperatures occurring during inclement weather. You’re invited to learn more about unique career opportunities with Stream Energy by visiting their website for more informational details today.


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