Eli Gershkovitch Beer Captain of Vancouver

For Decades, mass-produced American beer dominated the beer industry with their multi-million dollar beer campaigns. They have sunk millions on Superbowl Advertisements in order to entice a new generation of beer drinkers.


Recently, crafts beers is a fan favorite among young people worldwide. Budweiser and Miller Brewing declined in popularity over the years as microbreweries are clawing out their own market share. Millenials are crazy over these craft beers which speak to their sophisticated palate. It’s projected by 2020, microbreweries will have a 20% share of beer and wines sales. The Devil’s Backbone and Hardywood are the most popular micro craft breweries in the industry.


In 2017, The US Beer Championship was held, a few Canadian breweries receive awards and honors. Canadian Brewing won awards for One-Eyed Grouse and Captain’s Log lager. This competition is considered to be the most prestigious among breweries.


Steamworks is a micro-brewery looking to claim their market share; Led by Eli Gershkovitch with his down to earth mentality. Prior, EliGershkovitch is an accomplished pilot and lawyer which shows his level of dedication. Eli drives his business with creativity and self-improvement. He lets the beer enthusiast decide what’s next because Eli really listens to the customer. Their strategic business approach focuses on high quality, reasonably priced and dedicated quantities.


In 1995, Steamworks established a charming pub in Gaston, Vancouver which could accommodate 180 beer enthusiasts (BeerMeBC). Wisely, Gershkovitch expanded to increase capacity to 750 beer drinkers its now a tourist destination. Later, Steamworks operates bars and restaurant around Vancouver, and those establishments feature their craft beer.


In Summary, Eli Gershkovitch brings hard work and dedication to aspects of his life. He chooses to run the business with the customer in mind which aids in his success. Steamworks Brewery will continue to grow and challenge the beer industry.

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