Rocketship Education Ensuring Access to Quality Education to Students from Low Income Families

The students from the low-income families in the United States have a tough time getting enrolled in a quality school and getting a quality education. However, thanks to Rocketship Education network of schools and other such alternatives, students from low-income families across the country have access to high-quality education and are scoring at par or even better than the students from the private schools. The first school of the Rocketship Education was opened in San Jose, California, in 2007. The students of its flagship school have consistently scored better than the Palo Alto School District students, which is a remarkable feat. The Rocketship Education was the vision of John Danner and Preston Smith.

Due to the success of Rocketship Education network of charter school and the recognition, it was gaining from the school fraternity across the country, it expanded quickly, and within five years of its inauguration, five new schools were started. In 2013, the management and leadership of the country went under a major restructuring that led to Preston Smith being named the CEO of Rocketship Education. Due to the massive demand for quality education across the country, many parents grouped to demand the existence of Rocketship Education charter schools in their area. It is how the 400 parents gathered to organize a campaign and demanded to bring Rocketship to the Redwood City, California. Currently, it is operating in the Washington D.C. region as well, where it is also offering preschool programs in collaboration with the Apple Tree Institute.

25 schools are affiliated with Rocketship Education at the moment. One of the most innovative programs at Rocketship Education is that the parents are involved in the process of hiring teachers. It is a program unlike in other schools where parents typically don’t know who would be teaching their kids. The network of Rocketship Education charter schools have been expanding gradually, and it continues to grow to reach out to as many students as possible. Rocketship Education’s CEO Preston Smith believes that every student has the right to dream, discover, explore, and unearth their real potential, and it is only possible with the help of access to quality education.

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