Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Using Market-Driven Approach to Grow

In the past, one would identify high-value brands based on the price and quality. However, this trend is shifting to accommodate factors such as exclusivity, customer experience, gamification elements, branding, and last-leg services. Fabletics has taken advantage of these factors to build a brand worth $250 million. The company associated with Kate Hudson uses online marketing strategies to push its sales offering customers memberships through subscriptions. The membership approach enables Fabletics to provide customized, trendy, and affordable products and services. As at 2016, Fabletics had 1.2 million members.


Fabletics stands out from other high-value brands in the industry because of its service approach. With the reverse showrooming, Fabletics allows customers to browse online first, and identify a product of choice. Customers can use the lifestyle quiz found on the website to identify clothes that are a perfect fit. Fabletics prioritizes relationship building and is keen on building a brand that is reliable and understands the local market needs. Up to 50% who visit Fabletics stores are already members while another 25% sign up for membership there. Fabletics also uses available online data to understand customer needs and preferences and use it to determine the stock in the physical stores. Other factors that determine the stores stock are the real-time sales activity, social media sentiment, and heat map data. By combining all the above, Fabletics intends to improve customer satisfaction. Even as the Fabletics opens stores in different areas, its focus on consumer experience and education, as well as a balance of lifestyles, enabling the company to penetrate new markets with ease. The year on year growth for the company is 35%. Price, quality, innovation, and excellent distribution models drive the growth and competitiveness of the brand.


Since 2013, the brand’s motto has been to inspire and empower women of all backgrounds, shapes, size, and age to be the best. Founders, Adam and Don, noted the need for an athleisure brand that was inclusive, stylish, affordable, and quality. For the founders to grow the brand as they had envisioned there was the need for a partner. Kate Hudson represented the vision of Fabletics as she has an active lifestyle, is approachable, and can articulate the needs of the primary consumers (women).


Kate Hudson took on the mantle to build the brand from day one. She would actively follow up the Fabletics operations as well as formulate marketing strategies. Kate used social media platforms to reach out to the customers. As one of the consumers, Kate follows the design process closely and collaborates with the team to ensure the end product is trendy and meets the current market needs. When there was a backlash on social media about Fabletics membership approach, Kate focused on making communication a priority, overseeing the implementation of a better data systems and upgrade in the customer service department.


As Fabletics continues to set trends in the market, Kate is optimistic about the brand’s future. Nevertheless, she intends to keep on acting and managing the business.

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