End Citizens United Aiming To Change The Interference Of Foreign Entities In United States Elections

It is a well-known fact across the United States as well as the world that corporations and billionaires have free access to the United States’ election. It has happened due to the verdict was given by the Supreme Court in 2010 in the ruling for Citizens United Vs. F.E.C. The verdict of this case state that the corporations be treated as people and thus, they can fuel practically unlimited amounts of money to the United States’ elections.

It would mean that the corporations and billionaires who would be spending millions in supporting their political candidates would have the upper hand in deciding the fate of the country or getting political favors when their choice of political candidates come to power. It would demean the idea as to why the elections are held in the first place as the political candidates who were elected to power through the financial support of corporations, and wealthy people in business would be biased in their decision-making process. Their agenda might not have the benefit or the interest of the masses as its top priority, which it should be.

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End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been trying to overthrow the ruling of the Supreme Court that allows unaccountable money from private entities to enter the elections. End Citizens United was started in the year 2015 and is run by the donations made by common people, also termed as the grassroots donors. The election campaign finance system of the United States is highly corrupted or so it seems and End Citizens United want to ensure that it creates enough awareness about it to sooner or later overthrow this decision.

One of the examples of how the elections of the United States are rigged by the illicit use of money is proven recently when the reports surfaced that a Russian entity spent over $100,000 on purchasing Facebook Ads to influence the 2016 Presidential Election. As per the rough estimate, it is suggested by many that as much as $10 million may have been spent in the country’s election.

If the foreign entities start funding the country’s election indirectly, it would put the future of the nation in the dark and make the country’s decision-making apparatus weak. It can even put the security of the nation and its people at stake and thus, the campaign finance system needs to be more transparent and controlled. End Citizens United is backing the political candidates that support the clean legislative elections without the extensive use of money from billionaires and corporations, but instead, bank on the support and trust of the common people to win the election. End Citizens United hopes that by creating awareness on a broader scale and reaching out to more people with time, it would be able to achieve what it aims to make.

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