Cancer Treatment Centers of America Continues its Mission on Prostate Cancer Awareness

According to the article on, prostate cancer is known to be the most common cancer that affects men. To increase the disease awareness and early screening benefits, the NFL Alumni Association, LabCorp, and CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) have collaborated to educate men as well as increase access to screenings.

From September 1 through October 15, 2,000 men, who are aged 40 years and above, and meet eligibility requirements, can sign up to be given a free PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) screening by LabCorp (Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings) at any of the companies 1,750 locations all over the United States. After the first free 2,000 PSA screening spots have been filled, eligible men can still schedule a PSA screening at the discounted amount of 25 dollars throughout the sign-up period. Also, screening must be conducted within six months after the sign-up date.

It’s predicted that one in seven men in their lifetime, will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. ACS (American Cancer Society) is estimating that in 2017, there is going to be 161,360 diagnoses of new prostate cancer. Experts are recommending that men considered as high-risk to get screened beginning at the age of 40. Risk factors include race and family history; African-American men have a more than 70% higher possibility of getting prostate cancer.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, Cancer Treatment Center of America is a for-profit network that has five hospitals serving cancer patients in the United States. The hospitals of Cancer Treatment Center of America have received Full Standards Compliance from a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization called Joint Commission, and the Magnet Award.

Also, Cancer Treatment Center of America has been acknowledged for a strong satisfaction score for the patient, with four Cancer Treatment Center of America hospitals (Southwestern, Southeastern, Midwestern, and Eastern earning ratings of Five Star quality by the U.S. CMS plus recognition by several leading healthcare organizations, including the ACR and the ACCC. Another accreditation is from the NAPBC, which awarded three-year full accreditation for breast programs at a total of four Cancer Treatment Center of America hospitals (Midwestern, Western, Eastern, and Southwestern).

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